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Piers, an alchemist living in a remote village, is on the verge of a most marvellous breakthrough in his lifetime search for the Elixir of Youth.

Piers took up the work which had been carried on by his father until the latterís untimely death at only 26 years of age in mysterious circumstances.

I do not pretend to understand the full analysis of the astrological signs and portents nor of the guidance he has received from the angels, but he has explained to me just a little in laymanís terms of the logic of how this elixir was discovered.

He was led first to the well-known fact that human tastes are such that we find pleasant to consume those things which are good for us, and unpleasant those things which are harmful. The theory is that if we consume certain of those pleasant things while they are still young and unripe, then they will develop their full ripeness and benefit after consumption, and in doing so convey their youth to us - after all, it has to go somewhere!

Piers has researched along these lines for many years, as his father did before him, and he now believes he has reached the conclusion which his poor father had also reached but carried with him to the grave. I understand that the exquisite flavour of almonds, that rare fruit of the tree which only develops fully in more southern climes than ours, is the key to the whole thing. What is particularly thrilling is that, since the almonds should be consumed when unripe, they can be grown to this state right here in England!

Care must be taken, however, since the straightforward consumption of unripe almonds will not achieve the desired effect. First they must be processed in ways which he did not explain, in order to release and enhance the necessary flavours and airs. I believe he did mention some use being made of crushed laurel leaves. I do not know the details, but we all know laurel has special properties, for which reason the ancients, we are told, made victory wreaths of it.

So how can you obtain a supply of this wonderful elixir?

Piers believes he has perfected the process and now seeks only to try it on some gullible old fool wise old man whose longevity will be of great benefit to us all!

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All applications (with suitable bribes) to:

Treasurer, NUFSED

who will forward them (the applications that is) to his friend Piers

No responsibility accepted for any untoward results which may come from using this product

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