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Explanation of the Ludicrous Background - How This Stupid Trade Union Came to Be Invented

This little page gives a sort of explanation of how the idea of such a union developed, but names have been removed to protect the (not so) innocent.

Two small companies, which we shall call Company A and Company B, have a business relationship. Company A designs and sells equipment, while Company B does much of their manufacturing on a sub-contract basis. The individuals conducting this relationship get very facetious with each other at times, and this whole thing started with a business fax from Company A to Company B.

We are not concerned here with the business content of the fax, but the introductory part said:

To: Anybody @ [Company B] who's prepared to respond to a fax or phone message of mine without sniggering.
From: Her at [Company A] whose belief that miracles do happen is positively touching. (Believing that there's anybody at [Company B] who answers to the above description is a bit like believing in fairies - not that I'd describe anybody at [Company B] as remotely resembling a fairy.)

This was followed by a telephone discussion as to which of Company B's employees most resembled a fairy, culminating in a male employee (a keen motorcyclist with an impressive collection of tattoos) being facetiously selected. He accepted the designation, and after a few days announced that he should have a trade union to protect his interests. The writer of the above fax described the whole thing, and requested help with finding a name and creating a constitution, to someone who just happened to run his own consultancy, giving access to some fairly appropriate headed notepaper, VAT number, etc. The "consultancy work" followed to get it off the ground, and the rest is history (or applied anthropology).

The reference in one of the items of correspondence to blow-up guitars and information barrier uprights refers to an incident when the "fairy" mimed the actions of a member of a music group (Status Quo), and the reference to transport relates to motorcycling interests.

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