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Membership Incentive Scheme

The Union's officers, always mindful of their duty to provide members with as many benefits as possible, have devised a scheme to enable members to earn a little additional pocket money while also helping the Union to increase its membership and funds.

We have decided to allow new members to pay their initial year's subscription in a different way from the standard, provided they are recruited by an existing member. This system, as you will see from the details below, is in keeping with our decentralised, friendly, local-community nature. This is how it works:

Members are encouraged to collect the first year's fees from friends they invite to join. The fee in this case will, to keep things practical, be in cash form. In recognition of the often low wages our members get paid, the membership fee in this case is to be means-tested, and set to be a maximum of only 1% of the new member's annual wages per week (so if he/she earns, say, 100 per year, then the membership subscription will be only 1 per week, which anyone can easily afford).

The incentive for the existing member who recruits his/her friends in this way is that they then retain 10% of all they collect as a commission and pass the rest on to the Treasurer (thus bringing forward the time when we can open our proposed Rest Home for retired members, and maybe even pay some of our creditors). Everyone benefits!

When the intial payment is forwarded to the Treasurer for a new member, some proof of his/her income will be required and the sum of money being forwarded should be recorded (forms will be provided for the purpose on request). However, members who use this scheme are advised that if they record their own percentage that they retain, then they are liable to be subject to Income Tax on it, whereas if they don't, who will know?

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