Lynton & Lynmouth, with Brendon, Scarecrow Festival

Other Locations 2006

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The scarecrows pictured on this page are located within the Lynton & Lynmouth parish boundaries but not within any of the hamlets and villages which comprise it. The location of each is given in its caption.

Click on each of the thumbnail images to see a larger version of the photos.

Other scarecrows in Lynton & Lynmouth parish

Flower gatherer This girl is raking the grass and collecting flowers beside the road from Lynton/Lynmouth to Simonsbath at its junction with the minor road to Brendon at the top of the hill above Hilsford Bridge.





Robocop location The second picture shows Robocop from a distance, standing at the junction of Castle Hill, Lynton, Lynbridge Road and Lynmouth Hill. The camera was in Lynbridge Road, with Castle Hill facing it. Lynmouth Hill is off to the right almost parallel with Castle Hill. Traffic on both Lynbridge Road and Castle Hill is required to stop and give way to the (almost impossible to see from Castle Hill) traffic struggling up Lynmouth Hill.


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