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This little page is specifically for you if you are about to request an entry on one of my surname interests lists. Please read this page carefully and follow the simple rules, so as to save time and effort for both of us. I maintain surname (and other) interest lists to help family and local historians concerned with (at present) eight different places, and have a web site with approximately 300 web pages, the majority of which are concerned in one way or another with family history, so I need to know which of those pages to put your details on.

  1. Please make it clear that you are requesting an entry on one of my surnames lists - some people don't even say that!
  2. Please make clear which list you would like your entry to be added to (i.e. which of the eight places). The places are:
  3. In order to increase your chances of getting a response from someone looking at the list, give as much relevant information as you can to help people recognise who you are talking about. Dates, even if only approximate, are particularly useful.
  4. If possible, give the wording, with proper attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar, exactly as you would like it to appear on the web page, so I can simply copy/paste your material and format it with the necessary HTML codes. Please note that I insist on correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and use of capital letters. I am prepared to correct the odd typo, but if your request in all in lower (or all in upper) case it will be returned to you for correction - I have better things to do with my time than correcting the result of laziness of others wanting my help. The use of all upper case for surnames is, however, optional (e.g. "SMITH" or "Smith", but not "smith").
  5. Don't send attachments or use HTML formatting - I need plain text to go on the page.
  6. If you have relevant web pages of your own you are welcome to include the URL, which I will make into a clickable link.
  7. It is generally not a good idea to include your home address or phone number, for your own security.

Please note that I always include at the beginning of your entry a clickable link for people to be able to email you direct. I code this so as to make it a little more difficult for spammers' robot programs to harvest your email address, although it still looks normal to people.

When I have set up your entry I will send you a standardised message to inform you it is done and how to find it. Please check the entry and let me know of any errors or of any changes (especially any change of email address) that may occur later.

Please now click on this link to send your message to me, and read the additional instructions on that page to ensure your message is not mistaken for spam.

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