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Rippingale in Norfolk, England (and elsewhere)

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This page was originally devoted to the RIPPINGALE ancestors of my mother - the origins of the name, who they were and where and when they lived. I am now adding other data about this unusual surname as it becomes available.

The genealogical data in these pages is accurate to the best of my (and other researchers') current knowledge at the time of writing. This means it is of very variable reliability, since sources at one extreme are 100% certain (e.g. I know who I married, where and when, and the identity of my parents) to the mere rumour level, such as LDS data extracted from the IGI and Ancestral File, and reminiscences of elderly relatives, some now deceased. Anyone wishing to make any use whatever of this information is therefore strongly advised to contact me (or the other originator) for source details.

Please note that the email links to other researchers will work only if you have Javascript enabled in your browser. This is a precaution to defeat spammers' robots trying to harvest email addresses.

My thanks to all the people who provided much of the data which appears on this page, especially to the LDS and Jean Greenwood who provided transcriptions of baptisms and marriages which I have used as a basis for some of the transcriptions shown below.

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Origins of the name

Neither the surname RIPPINGALE nor any of its variants is mentioned in either Hanks and Hodges: Dictionary of Surnames or in Reaney and Wilson: A Dictionary of English Surnames, but the much smaller (and cheaper!) Cottle: The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames says it is derived from a place of that name in Lincolnshire. This is born out by the fact that in the mid-13th century the Lord of the Manor of Rippingale, Lincolnshire, was Sir Hugh Rippingale, who was also for a time Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

There is also a story, of unknown provenance and reliability, that the name was given to all orphans housed in an orphanage in the village.

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Variants of the name

I have personally found the following variants (most not yet known to be related to me), all in Norfolk: Ripengale (1), Ripengill (0), Ripingale (0), Ripingall (0), Rippengale (15), Rippengall (1), Rippengill (3), Rippingal (0), Rippingale (11) and Rippingall (5), Rippingell (0), Rippinghall (0), Rippingille (0). I have also been informed by another researcher of the variant Ripongale (0). Another has mentioned one Ripingill (0) present in Sunderland in 1800 and another emigrating to USA from there in 1913 (my thanks to both correspondents). The number in parentheses is the number of people with the name in the 1851 census for Norfolk. I have stuck to the form Rippingale for my own relatives on this page, even when other variants appear on documents (although I do mention the latter), but transcriptions, unless stated otherwise, show the original spellings.

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Index of Rippingale names on this page

Abigail, Adam, Alexander, Amelia/Amelie, Ann, Ann, Anna, Arabella, Armust?
Caroline Emma, Charles, Charles, Christiana Jane
E? William, Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward Baily Burns, Edward Villiers, Edward Villiers, Eliza, Eliza, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Ellin, Emma, Emma
Frances, Frances, Francis
George, Grace Todd
Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Henry, Henry, Henry George, Henry Michael
James, James Frederick, Jane, Jane Olivia, Joan, Joane, John, John, John, John, Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph Hamilton
Margaret Stewart, Martha, Mary, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Anne Frost, Mary Margaret, Marye, Michael
Robert, Robert, Robert, Robert, Robert John, Rose, Rose
Samuel, Samuel, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah Horatia, Smith Samuel Garrington, Stephen Frost, Stephen Frost
Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas Neale
William, William, William Henry

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My Rippingale ancestors

Eliza Rippingale

On 14th September 1839 my maternal grandfather's maternal grandfather David DYE married Eliza Rippingale at West Newton Parish Church, Norfolk. The handwriting on the certificate makes it impossible to determine if the spelling is Rippingale or Rippingall, but their daughter Emily's birth certificate on 15th October 1845 definitely gives the spelling Ripengill, which I have found nowhere else.

She was baptised at Middleton, Norfolk on 16th March 1817, daughter of John Rippingale, labourer and his wife "Honora".

The 1851 census shows Eliza as being 34 years old, and born in Myddleton, a village not far from both West Newton, where she married, and Kings Lynn, where the family were living at the time of the census. The 1861 census for the same address in Southgate Street, South Lynn, confirms both age and place of birth (but spells the place name Middleton).

The census shows that she bore David Dye at least three children, Eliza Hannah (age 11 at the 1851 census), Martin (age 9) and Emily (age 5), all born in West Newton. The 1861 census shows two of the children, but Martin is missing. It could be that he had left home to earn his living elsewhere by then, when he would have been 19.


John Rippingale

Eliza Rippingale's marriage certificate says her father was a labourer named John Rippingale, and this is confirmed by the baptism record quoted above. The Fring, Norfolk parish register shows he was baptised there in April 1771 (no precise date is given), son of Edward and Elizabeth.

He married Honour Nailer of "Hitcham" at Flitcham, Norfolk on 16th June 1794. Whether this really means Heacham, a nearby Norfolk village, Hitcham near Stowmarket in Suffolk or is a miss-spelling of Flitcham I do not know, but the last seems most likely because the 1851 census shows this as her place of birth. That census record is for Hillington and shows her as a widow living with her son William and his wife Sarah, both recorded as born in Hillington and aged 38 and 40 respectively.


Edward Rippingale

Edward is named as the father of John in the Fring parish register, and his wife's name was Elizabeth. An Edward is shown as being baptised in Fring in 1732. Since the name is rare, and this is the same parish, it seems almost certain this is the same man despite his age (39) when the first child is shown as being baptised. This could be the result of a late marriage, the late baptism of John (unlikely, since his brothers were baptised in 1773 and 1775, or because earlier children were baptised elsewhere, such as in his wife's parish. An Edward Rippingale married Elizabeth Barker at Fring on 9th October 1760, which seems very likely to be this couple and fits with the latter theory. Edward appears to have died in 1783 and his widow in 1795.


Thomas Rippingale

The parents of this Edward were Thomas and Elizabeth. I do not know their origins. A Thomas was buried in Fring in 1782, but there was at least one other that this could have been. Elizabeth seems to have died in 1774.

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Other researchers' Rippingale interests

Other Rippingale researchers are invited to send their data, queries and problems on the family for display here, in the hope that we may be able to help one another, to establish links between our families, and perhaps eventually link all the Rippingales back to their original founder(s). If you would like to contribute either data or queries, please contact me. To contact other researchers, click on their name below (Javascript must be enabled in your browser for this to work):-



My mothers maiden name was Rippingale. I have traced back to my 4th Great Grandfather. His name was Robert Rippingale (a tanner). His wife was Mary Anne Griffiths. My research shows he had a son called Robert John Rippingale who was born in 1820 at Moulsham Essex England.

Robert John Rippingale married a Mary Ballard in London (Middlesex). Robert John migrated to Australia around 1866. He had a brother called John Griffiths Rippingale and three sisters.

I would appreciate any information anyone may have. If you do have some information could you please put rippingale in the subject line, for spam reasons.



Some basic information on my mom's side:
Mother's maiden name---Doris Rippengale Swan---born in Toronto,Ontario, Canada 1922
Her Father---Henry Michael Rippengale (Swan-he was adopted by Robert Swan-don't know at what age) born in 1883
He was the son of Henry George Rippengale, born 1843
His father was Michael Rippengale, born in 1825.
They were all born in the London area as far as I know.

Henry Michael Rippengale (1883) married Mildred Ellen Kingdon Hookey on August 17, 1915.


is trying to identify positively his ancestor Hannah Brockes, born about 1809 in Foulness, Essex.

The approximate year of birth is taken from age (32) on 1841 Census and (42) on 1851 Census (recorded for Hannah Murrell).
IGI record shows 'Hannah Brockes, born 1809, Foulness'.
Age at death shown as 72 so date of birth may have been about 1807.

The only Hannah found on the Foulness records for 1809 Baptisms was 'Hannah, bastard child of Hannah Rippengale'. Is this the same person?

She married John Murrell. Marriage details show:-
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of Prittlewell in the County of Essex in the year 1825. John Murrell, bachelor. Hannah Brockes, spinster. Married by Banns 12 Oct 1825.
Information taken from 'Prittlewell marriages 1813 to 1837, fiche 2, page 65' at Southend Records Office.



In researching my family tree, I have come across a birth certificate for Charles Alfred Scrutton, born Liverpool Q3 1881. His parents are Richard Scrutton and Martha Ripongale. 1891 census records show Martha, age 50, birthplace Ireland. I've drawn a blank so far in tracing any reference to the name Ripongale as such. The writing on the birth certificate is fairly clear, but it could be another variant of Rippingale etc. etc.



I am currently researching Edward Villiers Rippingill and his descendants. He is my husbands 3x Great Grandfather. Some sources have his birth date as 1798 and others have his birth date as 1789/90 and of course born at Lynn, Norfolk. Edward died in 1859 aged 70 years so this would mean the year of birth was 1789. I am trying to find a baptism for him and also find out who his parents were. His father is recorded as a Farmer.



Amelia ,or Amelie, Matilde Rippengal/e born 1832/3 in Sydenham, Kent and probably died before 1864. A daughter Mary Eliza Sturgess was born in 1857/8 in Northampton. The family are found on 1851 census staying with Edmond Kent family in Lewisham. Was Amelia the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Rippengale. Does anyone have any links with Sydenham Rippengales?



My Rippingale ancestors (all in Gestingthorpe, Essex) are:

Charles Rippingale m. Frances Cant 3.6.1777.
Their daughter Frances (bp 1778) m Joseph Finch on 8.3.1801 - this couple were my great great great grandparents. (My father's paternal ancestors).
My father's maternal ancestors (Downs) include a Jonathan Rippingale m Hannah Chapman.
Their son John (bp c1771) m Elizabeth Harvey 14,6.1791.
Their daughter Hannah (12,7.1795 - 1825) m Samuel Downs 8.6.1813.
I have not yet discovered the relationship between Charles and Jonathan.



My 4xGreat Grandmother, Mary Ripingal married my 4xG Grandfather, John Blanchflower at Narborough 1 August 1786.

She was christened at Necton 2 March 1766, daughter of Thomas & Mary, and on IGI appears to have sisters Ann & Elizabeth.

Across the 3 christenings on IGI the surname is variously Rippingale/Rippengale and she married as Ripingal.

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Some Rippingale births and baptisms

This index shows the years in which each Rippingale given name occurs in the following baptism records. Where the same year occurs twice, the parent's given name is the same as the child's:

Abigail: 1787
Adam: 1766
Adre: 1560
Alexander: 1770
Allse: 1590
Andry: 1587
Anna: 1619
Anne: 1592
Arabella: 1724
Armust?: 1772
Bridg: 1639
Bridget: 1636, 1636, 1637
Bridgett: 1634/5
Caroline Emma: 1845
Charles: 1882
Christiana Jane: 1848
E'bth: 1738
Edward: 1579, 1586, 1587, 1592, 1597, 1597, 1732, 1762, 1775, 1784, 1771, 1773, 1775
Edward Baily Burns: 1817
Edward Villiers: 1817, 1818
Edwarde: 1590
Eliza: 1817, 1824
Elizabeth: 1592, 1736, 1738, 1764
Emma: 1822
Grace Todd: 1884
Hannah: 1787
Henry: 1867
James: 1851, 1853, 1884
James Frederick: 1828
Jane: 1871, 1871
Jane Olivia: 1818
Joan: 1579
John: 1560, 1563, 1583, 1583, 1586, 1586, 1587, 1590, 1593, 1593, 1597, 1625, 1771, 1604, 1625, 1626, 1817
Jonathan: 1634/5
Joseph: 1795, 1823, 1824, 1826, 1828
Joseph Hamilton: 1851
Lake: 1779
Mara: 1590
Margaret Stewart: 1853
Marie: 1637
Mary: 1587, 1776, 1823
Mary Anne Frost: 1816
Marye: 1604
Robarte: 1582
Roberd: 1563
Robert: 1597, 1879, 1619, 1639
Roberte: 1634/5
Robt: 1636, 1637, 1639
Rose: 1784
Samuel: 1845, 1848
Sarah: 1882
Sarah Horatia: 1827
Smith Samuel Garrington: 1815
Stephen Frost: 1818, 1826, 1816, 1818, 1820, 1822, 1826, 1827
Thomas: 1582, 1768?, 1724, 1732, 1736, 1762, 1764, 1766, 1768?, 1770, 1772, 1776, 1779
Thomas Neale: 1820
Thos: 1738
Ursely: 1586
William: 1626, 1773, 1826, 1839, 1867, 1839

Note 1: Where the surname is in square brackets [ ], this indicates the spelling in the original document has NOT been preserved.
Note 2: Dates in parentheses are birth dates

4 Aug 1560 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Adre RIPPENGELE, daughter of John the Elder
12 Oct 1563 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Roberd RIPPINGALL, father John the Elder
7 Jun 1579 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Joan REPINGALE, father Edward
25 Mar 1582 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Thomas RIPPINGALE, father Robarte
2 Jun 1583 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: John RIPPINGALE, father John
28 Mar 1586: at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Ursely RIPINGALE, daughter of Edward
25 May 1586 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: John RIPPINGAL, father John
2 Jul 1587 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Andry RIPPINGALE, daughter of John
15 Oct 1587 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Mary RIPPINGALE, father Edward
12 Apr 1590 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Allse RIPPINGLE, daughter of Edwarde
5 Jun 1590 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Mara RIPPINGLE, daughter of John (N.B. Mara is a form of Demaris which also occurs in this parish!)
24 Dec 1592 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Anne + Elizabeth RIPPINGAL, daughters of Edward
2 Sep 1593 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: John RIPPINGLE, father John
17 Apr 1597 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Robert RIPPINGALL, father John
1 May 1597 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Edward RIPPINGALL, father Edward
25 Nov 1604 at Healing, Lincolnshire: Marye RIPINGALE, father John RIPINGALE
16 Mar 1619 at Hartford, Huntingdonshire: Anna RIPPINGHALL, father Robert RIPPINGHALL
12 Oct 1625 at Hameringham, Lincolnshire: John RIPPINGALE, father John RIPPINGALE
4 Mar 1626 at Hameringham, Lincolnshire: William RIPPINGALE, father John RIPPINGALE
20 Feb 1634/5 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Jonathan RIPPINGAL, father Roberte, mother Bridgett
5 Jun 1636 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Bridget RIPPINGALL, father Robt, mother Bridget
3 Oct 1637 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Marie RIPPINGALL, father Robt, mother Bridget
30 Apr 1639 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Robert RIPPINALL, father Robt, mother Bridg
29 Mar 1724 (25 Feb 1724) at Westminster, London: Arabella RIPINGELL, father Thomas RIPINGELL, mother Jane
10 Jan 1732 at Fring, Norfolk: Edward [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Elizabeth
2 Jan 1736 at Fring, Norfolk: Elizabeth [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Elizabeth
27 Aug 1738 at Belchamp Walter, Essex: Elizabeth RIPPINGALE, father Thos, mother E'bth
18 Feb 1762 at Fring, Norfolk: Edward [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Mary
Jan 1764 at Fring, Norfolk: Elizabeth [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Mary
24 Feb 1766 at Fring, Norfolk: Adam [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Mary
24 Jul 1768? at Fring, Norfolk: Thomas [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Mary
Jul 1770 at Fring, Norfolk: Alexander [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Mary
Apr 1771 at Fring, Norfolk: John [RIPPINGALE], father Edward [RIPPINGALE], mother Elizabeth
26 Dec 1772 at Fring, Norfolk: Armust? [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Mary
12 Apr 1773 at Fring, Norfolk: William [RIPPINGALE], father Edward [RIPPINGALE], mother Elizabeth
4 Jun 1775 at Fring, Norfolk: Edward [RIPPINGALE], father Edward [RIPPINGALE], mother Elizabeth
5 Oct 1776 at Fring, Norfolk: Mary [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Mary
24 Jan 1779 at Fring, Norfolk: Lake [RIPPINGALE], father Thomas [RIPPINGALE], mother Mary
24 Nov 1784 at Fring, Norfolk: Edward RUMBLES, father Robert RUMBLES, mother Rose RIPPINGALE
15 Jan 1787 (12 Jan 1787) at Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire: Abigail RIPPINGELL OR GRAY, mother Hannah RIPPINGELL OR GRAY
1795 at Ilford, Essex: Joseph RIPPENGAL
19 Mar 1815 (10 Feb 1815) at Southminster, Essex: Smith Samuel Garrington RIPPINGALE
15 Aug 1816 (22 Jul 1816) at Aylmerton, Norfolk: Mary Anne Frost RIPPINGALE, father Stephen Frost RIPPINGALE, mother Sarah JOHNSON
16 Mar 1817 at Middleton, Norfolk: Eliza RIPPINGALE, father John RIPPINGALE, mother Honora
8 Dec 1817 at Sherston Magna, Wiltshire: Edward Baily Burns RIPPINGILLE, father Edward Villiers RIPPINGILLE, mother Jane
13 Dec 1818 (27 Sep 1818) at Aylmerton, Norfolk: Stephen Frost RIPPINGALE, father Stephen Frost RIPPINGALE, mother Sarah JOHNSON
18 Dec 1818 at Sherston Magna, Wiltshire: Jane Olivia RIPPINGILLE, father Edward Villiers RIPPINGILLE, mother Jane
13 Aug 1820 (16 Jul 1820) at Aylmerton, Norfolk: Thomas Neale RIPPINGALE, father Stephen Frost RIPPINGALE, mother Sarah JOHNSON
14 Jul 1822 (9 Jul 1822) at Aylmerton, Norfolk: Emma RIPPINGALE, father Stephen Frost RIPPINGALE, mother Sarah JOHNSON
13 Apr 1823 (22 Mar 1823) at Beckenham, Kent: Mary RIPPINGALE, father Joseph RIPPINGALE, mother Elizabeth
17 Oct 1824 (24 Sep 1824) at Beckenham, Kent: Eliza RIPPINGALE, father Joseph RIPPINGALE, mother Elizabeth
5 Feb 1826 (12 Dec 1825) at Aylmerton, Norfolk: Stephen Frost RIPPINGALL, father Stephen Frost RIPPINGALL, mother Sarah JOHNSON
27 Aug 1826 (5 Aug 1826) at Beckenham, Kent: William RIPPINGAL, father Joseph RIPPINGAL, mother Elizabeth
25 Nov 1827 (21 Oct 1827) at Aylmerton, Norfolk: Sarah Horatia RIPPINGALL, father Stephen Frost RIPPINGALL, mother Sarah JOHNSON
21 Sep 1828 (25 Aug 1828) at Beckenham, Kent: James Frederick RIPPINGALE, father Joseph RIPPINGALE, mother Elizabeth
18 Nov 1839 at Beelsby, Lincolnshire: William RIPPINGALE, father William RIPPINGALE, mother Elizabeth
26 Oct 1845 at Hertford: Caroline Emma RIPPINGALL, father Samuel RIPPINGALL, mother Ann
20 Feb 1848 at Hertford: Christiana Jane RIPPINGALL, father Samuel RIPPINGALL, mother Anne
9 Feb 1851 (17 Jan 1851) at Dunscore, Dumfries: Joseph Hamilton RIPPINGALE, father James RIPPINGALE, mother Jane HAMILTON
22 May 1853 (17 May 1853) at Dunscore, Dumfries: Margaret Stewart RIPPINGALE, father James RIPPINGALE, mother Jane HAMILTON
15 Mar 1882 (17 Nov 1861) at Waltham cross, Hertfordshire: Sarah RIPPINGALE, father Charles RIPPINGALE, mother Elizabeth
(31 Dec 1867) at Tralee West, Kerry, Ireland: William RIPPINGALE, father Henry RIPPINGALE, mother Frances PARKER
(28 Mar 1871) at Wexford, Ireland: Jane RIPPINGALE, mother Jane RIPPINGALE
22 Jun 1879 at Leyton, Essex: Robert RIPPINGALE, father RIPPINGALE, mother Ellen
17 Nov 1884 (23 Sep 1884) at Glencairn, Dumfries: Grace Todd RIPPINGALE, father James RIPPINGALE, mother Janet LEE

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Some Rippingale marriages

This index shows the years in which each Rippingale given name occurs in the following marriage records. Names of fathers are not included in this index:

Adry: 1609
Ann/Anne: 1572, 1807, 1823
Cisliee: 1602
Eliza: 1839, 1858
Elizabeth: 1624, 1775
Ellin: 1605
Emma: 1903
Frances: 1610
Henry: 1579, 1822, 1854, 1882
Jane: 1679
Joan/Joane: 1604, 1688
Johane: 1567
John: 1580, 1580, 1604, 1626, 1794, 1809, 1839, 1871
Jonathan: 1837
Joseph: 1730, 1816, 1824, 1835, 1866
Mary Ann: 1839
Mary Margaret: 1859
Robert: 1633, 1750, 1840
Rose: 1782
Samuel: 1821
Sarah: 1884
Stephen Frost: 1815
Susan: 1574/5
Thomas: 1760
Ursely: 1602
William: 1802

The marriage records themselves have been extracted from a variety of sources (mostly parish registers, including some from Phillimore's transcriptions), a few of which contain additional data (especially such things as occupation and parents' names in the later records):

12 Apr 1567: John RISE (or RICE?) married Johane RIPPINGALL at Belchamp Walter, Essex
14 Sep 1572: John UMPHRYS married Anne RIPPINGALL at Belchamp Walter, Essex
12 Feb 1574/5: Richard CRAMENFILDE (CRANFIELD?) married Susan REAPINGHALL at Belchamp Walter, Essex
24 Nov 1579: Henry RIPPENGALL married Jane PREISTON at Hawton, Nottinghamshire
17 Jun 1580: John RIPPINGALLE married Joane NUMAN at Belchamp Walter, Essex
2 Oct 1580: John RIPPINGALE married Alse WAYFORD or MAYFORD at Belchamp Walter, Essex
26 Nov 1602: Richard PETTITE married Cicliee (or Ursely) RIPINGALE at Belchamp Walter, Essex
29 Jul 1604: John POOLE married Joan RIPPINGAILE at Belchamp St. Paul, Essex
23 Sep 1604: John RIPINGALL married Margaret KEY(E) at Healing, Lincolnshire
14 Jan 1605: Richard WHITSEA married Ellin RIPPINGALE at Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire
29 Mar 1609: Thomas STEEALE married Adry RIPINGALL at Belchamp Walter, Essex
15 Oct 1610: Robert DAWSON married Frances RIPPENGALE at Alconbury-cum-Weston, Huntingdonshire
6 May 1624: Robert BUTCHER married Elizabeth RIPPINGAILE at Belchamp St. Paul, Essex
2 Jul 1626: John RIPPINGALE married Elizabeth DENT at Haltham-upon-Bain, Lincolnshire
78 Nov 1633: Robert RIPPINGALL married Bridget CLERKE at Belchamp Walter, Essex
29 Apr 1679: William FOOTTIT married Jane RIPPINGALL at Staunton Chapel (part of Orton parish), Nottinghamshire
2 Oct 1688: Francis JENKINS married Joane RIPPINGALE at Winchelsea, Sussex
24 Jul 1730: Joseph RIPPINGALE of Gestingthorpe married Elizabeth STEBBING otp at Belchamp Walter, Essex
2 Jul 1750: Robert RIPPINGALE married Marry HERRING at Tydd, Lincolnshire
11 Feb 1760: Thomas RIPPINGALE married Susanna KENDAL at Fring, Norfolk
1775: Elizabeth REPPINGAL married Thomas BRADFIELD at Heacham
11 Nov 1782: Robert RUMBLES married Rose RIPPINGALE at Fring, Norfolk
16 Jun 1794: John RIPPINGALE married Honour NAILER at Flitcham, Norfolk
11 Jan 1802: William RIPPINGALE, of Grantham, co. Linc., married Ann NEWSTEAD at Newark, Nottinghamshire
6 Aug 1807: James HARVEY married Ann RIPPINGALE at Cavendish, Suffolk
21 Mar 1809: John RIPPINGALE married Elizabeth Ann FLINDERS at Bingham, Nottinghamshire
26 Sep 1815: Stephen Frost RIPPINGALL married Sarah JOHNSON at Runton, Norfolk
14 May 1816: Joseph RIPPINGALE married Mary WARSOP at Navenby, Lincolnshire
15 Feb 1821: Samuel RIPENGALE married Martha SHORTEN at Bulmer, Essex
22 Jan 1822: Henry RIPPENGALE married Mary CULLUM at Yarmouth, Norfolk
18 May 1823: William ROBINSON married Ann RIPPINGALE at Newark, Nottinghamshire
9 Jan 1824: Joseph RIPPENGALE married Sarah CHITTOCKS at Foulness, Essex
1835: Joseph RIPPENGALE married Elizabeth GENT at Ilford, Essex
27 Mar 1837: Jonathan RIPPINGALE married Mary TROWELL at Bulmer, Essex
28 Jul 1839: John FROST (father William FROST) married Mary Ann RIPPINGALE (father James HUBBARD) at Suffolk (note: wife previously married)
14 Sep 1839: David DYE (father William DYE) married Eliza RIPPINGALL (father John RIPPINGALL) at West Newton, Norfolk
18 Sep 1839: John RIPPINGALL (father John RIPPINGALL) married Martha HAZELGROVE (father Thomas HAZELGROVE) at Brighton, Sussex
29 Jun 1840: Robert RIPPINGALE full age bach labourer of Orston married Mary (x) HOLLOWELL full age spin of Orston at Orston, Notts.
11 Feb 1854: Henry RIPPINGALE (father Henry RIPPINGALE) married Frances PARKER (father John PARKER) at St Mary's, Kilkenny, Ireland
25 or 28 Nov 1858: John CROFT (father John CROFT) married Eliza RIPPINGALE (father Joseph RIPPINGALE) at Bardney, Lincolnshire
6 Sep 1859: John GILBERT (father William GILBERT) married Mary Margaret RIPPENGALE (father Henry RIPPENGALE) at St Patrick's, Wexford, Ireland
24 May 1866: Joseph RIPPINGALE (father Richard RIPPINGALE) married Martha RUST (father William CHAMBERS) at Nettleham, Lincolnshire (note: wife previously married)
26 Jun 1871: John RIPPINGALE (father Joseph RIPPINGALE) married Ann MILLS (father Samuel MILLS) at Humberstone, Lincolnshire
12 Aug 1882: Henry RIPPENGILL (father Martin RIPPENGILL) married Ellen Sophia CRINGLE (father Robert CRINGLE) at Great Walsingham, Norfolk
12 Feb 1884: Charles CARR (father John Arten CARR) married Sarah RIPPINGALE (father Charles RIPPINGALE) at Waltham cross, Hertfordshire
21 May 1903: Edward BELTON (father John BELTON) married Emma RIPPENGALE (father Joseph RIPPENGALE) at Lincoln

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Some Rippingale burials

This index shows the years in which each Rippingale given name occurs in the following burial records:

Ane: 1586
E? William: 1827
Edward: 1586, 1596, 1783
Elizabeth: 1774, 1795
George: 1823
Joan: 1561, 1633
John: 1561, 1565, 1567, 1571, 1578, 1633, 1637
Margarit: 1567
Mary: 1617, 1774
Robert: 1774
Thomas: 1732, 1774, 1774, 1782

20 May 1561 Joan RIPPINGALL, daughter of John at Belchamp Walter, Essex
11 Aug 1565 John RIPPINGALL the elder at Belchamp Walter, Essex
3 Apr 1567 Margarit RIPPINGGALE, wife of John at Belchamp Walter, Essex
30 Mar 1571 John RIPPINGALE at Belchamp Walter, Essex
19 Apr 1578 John RIPPINGALE at Belchamp Walter, Essex
3 Apr 1586 Ane RIPPINGALL, wife of Edward at Belchamp Walter, Essex
19 Sep 1596 Edward RIPPINGALL at Belchamp Walter, Essex
3 Jun 1617 Mary RIPPINGGALE at Belchamp Walter, Essex
19 Jun 1633 Joan REPPINGALL, wife of John at Belchamp Walter, Essex
8 May 1637 John RIPPINGALL at Belchamp Walter, Essex
17 Dec 1732 Thomas at Fring, Norfolk
22 Feb 1774 Elizabeth, wife Thomas at Fring, Norfolk
14 Aug 1774 Robert, son Thomas/Mary at Fring, Norfolk
5 Jan 1782 Thomas at Fring, Norfolk
29 Jan 1783 Edward at Fring, Norfolk
24 Apr 1795 Elizabeth, widow at Fring, Norfolk
27 Dec 1823 George aged 4 years 7 months at Newark Wes Meth Chapel, Notts.
29 Nov 1827 E? William Rippingale aged 5 months at Newark Wes Meth Chapel, Notts. (in same grave as George in 1823)

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Rippingale entries in the 1881 UK census

On a separate set of pages I have included details of all the households in which anyone named Rippingale (or variants) was recorded in the 1881 census, with an index in alphabetical order of given names (and age order within that).

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Miscellaneous Rippingale data

I propose to put here any Rippingale entries I come across in resources of all kinds, other than births/baptisms, marriages, and burials which will be added to those above. Some will be odd entries from, e.g. directories, while others will be transcriptions of all the Rippingale entries in whatever documents become available. All contributions of Rippingale data and ephemera welcome. I shall initially simply add new items to the end, but if the quantity grows too much I shall probably organise it by county and/or date and/or type of material.

Registers of Burgesses of Newark, Nottinghamshire

The registers contain the following Rippingale entry:

1867-68 Francis Rippingale, ? House, Castlegate

Registers of Electors of Newark, Nottinghamshire

The registers contain the following Rippingale entry:

1912-13 William Henry Rippingale, Bank House Tenement, Stodman Street, Market Place

White's Directory of Norfolk 1845

The following entry is in the list of principle residents of Flitcham:
Martin Rippingall, vict., New Inn.

The following entry is in the list of tradesmen in Hunstanton:
Rippingale John, gardener

The following entry is in the list of master mariners in King's Lynn:
Rippingale Benjamin, Purfleet street

Marriage Allegations of the Registry of the Vicar General of The Archbishop of Canterbury

The list of licences issued contains the following entry:

28 Apr 1665 Robert Houlding, of Perrivell, Middx., Yeoman, Bachr, abt 26, & Margaret Rippingall, of the same, abt 20, with consent of her father Edgin Rippingall, of Herringsworth, co. Northamp., Victualler; at St. Sepulchre's or Christ Church, Lond.

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F.G.W. Rippingale of Retford, Notts.

F.G.W. Rippingale was a wildlife photographer in Retford, Notts. in 1950. I have passed on a bronze plaque presented to him for a prize-winning nature photograph to one of his descendants, and will display a photo of it here when I get a few minutes.

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If you are interested in Rippingale research, why not join our group? This will give you access to various files (GEDCOMS, photos, etc.) which are being put on-line for members only, as well as the chance to send queries to other members and to receive copies of all queries and replies. You will also have access to the archives of past messages. To join the group for current messages only, send a message to or visit the group's Yahoo web page. To access the files and archives you also need to have a Yahoo ID (available free by registering from that web page). The Yahoo group was formed in June 2004, and is still very small and does not impose a significant email load.

When you join, you will be asked to tell us your Rippingale interests, so we can weed out time-wasters and spammers before they get access to the mailing list. Attachments cannot be sent to the mailing list, so there is no possibility of receiving a virus from it.

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