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This page contains a selection of political cartoons by Ken Sprague, some of which have been published in national newspapers in UK. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size images. The copyright is owned by Ken Sprague (© 2001), but he is happy for anyone to republish them for the purpose of improving social justice, provided he is notified of the details. You can notify him by sending an email giving your contact details, and saying which cartoon(s) you have reproduced or intend to reproduce and in what context.

Roll on the day when our hospitals have all the resources they need and the army runs a jumble sale to buy a missile Comment on the lack of sufficient resources in a National Health Service hospital to carry out a life-saving operation on a small girl with a hole in her heart.

It's humanitarian so we have full bellies when they bomb us Comment on the combination of dropping both bombs and food packages on Afghanistan (October 2001).


Blair says they are not targetting Afghan civilians ... only British civilians when it comes to paying the price! Another comment on the same subject (October 2001).



Sir, we're making a great job of running the war ... Railways ..., health service ..., education ..., we're making a great job of running the war (November 2001)



Of course you can't manage on the pension! Don't you know there's a war on? Can't manage on the pension! (November 2001)



I'm not sure if that's the Star of Bethlehem or another Israeli missile                Christmas card version


Star of Bethlehem or Israeli missile? (December 2001). The revised (colour) version is being published as a Christmas card in 2002 by Leeds Postcards, who also have a website.

Four flying forts, three daisy cutters, two jump jets and a cartridge in a hand-gun                 Christmas card version


On the fourth day of Christmas ... (December 2001). The colour version is being published as a Christmas card in 2002 by Leeds Postcards, who also have a website.

Ken's professional brochure

Ken runs psychodrama, sociodrama and art courses in Lynton, Devon. His brochure is reproduced on a separate page.

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