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Sadly, Ken Sprague passed away
at 11:30p.m. on Sunday, 25th July 2004.

The remainder of this page was created earlier, and contains Ken's words and links to some of his work.


Who is Ken Sprague?

I am a pensioner who has been there, done that, couldn't afford the T-shirt, but knows that creative change is possible and never more needed.

A founder member of the British Psychodrama Association, I studied with Marcia Karp, Zerka Moreno, Merlyn Pitzeli, and many others of Dr Moreno's original band of students. I gained the Holwell diploma, was the designer, builder and later co-director of the Holwell International Psychodrama Centre. Ken studied sociodrama with Warren Parry in Australia. I was Europe's first qualified sociodramatist and is an assessor for psychodrama and sociodrama students. I am also an external trainer.

I have drawn since I was four, and had my first engraving published when I was eleven. I studied for the National Diploma of design on an ex-service grant, and later won many awards, including the British Council of Industrial Design Prize for his Martin Luther King work. I was designer of Britain's first Trade Union tabloid newspaper and its first editor, doing much to modernise labour movement journalism. I have been cartooning for progressive journals for 64 years. I travel the world, and find that people are more alike than different. I think of myself as an Internationalist, proud of my English heritage. I want to see Britain's subservience to the United States government replaced by true friendship with the American people.

I am available for talks and workshops for your own organisations and community projects.

Political cartoons

I draw cartoons, mostly of a political/satirical nature, many of which have been published in UK national newspapers. Click here to see some of them.

Courses and workshops

I run a number of courses and workshops on psychodrama and sociodrama, as well as art classes. This page gives details.

Biography of Ken Sprague

A biography has been written by John Green and has just been published. Please see this special page for details.

Contact me

You can contact me by email at: Please be patient if I am a little slow to reply - I am still learning how to use computers and on-line facilities.

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Courses and workshops

Biography of Ken Sprague

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