Nottinghamshire Stray Marriages in Calverton

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LDS film number 496689 marriage index.

John BOOKER of Norton p. Cuckney & Elizabeth, widow of Richard CLARKE of Calverton 2nd July 1617

Jeffrey RELF of Sneinton & Ales STUBBIN of C 14th April 1618

Edward SINGLETON of Oxton & Mary SHERBROOK of C 28th April 1618

Gualter [Walter] GARTEN, of Bridgeford & Alice SARGINSON of c 24th Nov 1618

John RAWSON of Southwell & Anne Wilson of c 27th April 1619

Thomas JALAND of Scarington p. Orston & Elizabeth COWPER of C 25th May 1619

Wm MARTIN, of Oxton & Margery ASSIN of C 6th June 1619

William HUTCHINSON of Bilsthorpe & Isabell COWP[ER] of C 20th June 1620

John BETTINSON of Gonalston & Anne LEIGHSO[N] of C 23rd Oct 1620

John LABREY of Oxton & Ann STRUIVANT 16th Jan 1620

James BROADBOTTOME of Woodborough & Elizabeth HALMON of C 23rd Oct 1621

William BLATHERWICK of Gunthorpe p.Lowdham & Ellen HOOSE of C 12th Feb 1621

Michael NORTH of Epperstone & Elizabeth EATON of C 29th June 1622

Francis MIE of Arnold & Dorothy JEB of C 24th Sept 1622

Thomas WRIGHT of Hallam & Mary PEPPER of C 22nd Oct 1622

Robert HOLLAND, of Lowdham & Isabel DOB of C 26th Nov 1622

William STUBBINGE of Woodborough & Ann BULL 20th Nov 1623

Thomas HARDMEATE of Hallam & Mary COWPER of C 31st Jan 1625

John LUPTON of Lambley & Alice KAIE of C both wydoes 31st July 1627

John LAMB of Epperstone & Isabel PEPPER of C 14th Aug 1627

Francis LEESON p.of St Mary in Nottm & Margaret ASHTON of C 3rd Sept 1627

Christopher JOHNSON,of Woodborough & Alice WILKINSON of C 20th Nov 1627

John NEWTON of Rotherham co,York & Elizabeth HITHERSEY of C 22nd Jan 1627

John SYDOWNE of Mansfield & Alice COWP[ER] of C 5th Feb 1627

Luke MARTIN,of Woodborough & Elizabeth BARROW of C 10th June 1628

Thomas COWPER s,of Robert Cowper & Joan PLIGHT of Edwalton 17th Jan 1631

Christopher WILDE of Woodborough & Katherine HITHERSEY of Calverton 5th June 1632

Richard CAUNT of Screveton & Joan CLARKE of Calverton 12th June 1632

William BRADLEY of Flintham & Elizabeth HARMAN of Calverton 1st July 1633

Joseph STOWE of Stoke by Newark & Mabel DOD of C lic 17th Nov 1633

Nicholas MARTIN p.Gedling & Anne CHADWICKE of Calverton 1st May 1635

Marke BAGGULEY & Anne KNIGHT were married at Lowdham 11th Sept 1647

Thomas WHALLY & Issabell BULL were married by Mr Robert MALUM at Radford the 11th Nov 1647

Henry SHIPMAN of Thugarton & Isabel MARTIN 19th Feb 1651

William EATONNE of Southwell & Elizabeth WILKINSONNE 26th Feb. 1651

John RICHARDSONNE of Sutton in Ashfield & Grace AYER 29th June 1651

Francis CROPPER of c & Alice MARSHALL of Halton [Halloughton] 22nd Aug 1654

Francis STUBBINS of c & Isabell BUNBY of Eakring 28th May 1655

Thomas MARTIN of C & Mary HATFIELD of Edingley 21st Sept 1655

Henry BULL of Calverton & Mary OUSELL of Woodborough 20th May 1656

Richard COWPER of Farnsfield & Margaret MOTTRAM of C 9th Sept 1656

John STURTEVANT of C & Elizabeth DRAPER of Hennington co.Leic 4th April 1657

William NOBLE of C & Anne BRAWDERS of Nottingham 16th July 1657

Francis COLE & Elizabeth SHEPPARD both of Oxton 12th Jan 1657

William ELIOTT of Edingley & Alis BERKET of Westthorp p.Southwell 19th Jan 1657

Richard HOLME & Mary HALL both of Lowdham 22nd April 1658

John GODFREY of Oxton & Elizabeth BUTTON of Calverton both in the county of Nottingham 10th July 1658

John ? of Epperstone & Dorothy YOUNG of Gonalstone 20th July 1658 (there was no surname for this John)

Nathaniel WILKINSON of C & Elizabeth MOORE of Lowdham 31st July 1658

Henry MARSHALL of C & Bennett BRUFF of Hucknall 24th Aug 1658

William ERNESHAW of C & Alice CHADWICKE of Lowdham 28th Sept 1658

Thomas GREAVES of Derby mercer & Sarah WALKER of C 4th Oct 1658

Henry CONEYBOROW & Ann HUTCHINSON both of Bassingfield p.Holme in the county of Nottm 18th Oct 1658

Henry WATTS & Anne SIBSEY both of Hallam 8th March 1658

John HUTCHINSON of Oxton & Grace BAGGELY of C 4th April 1659

John HEARSON of Shelford labourer & Mary RAVELL spinster of Woodborough 23rd May 1659

John LABOURER of C & Ann WRIGHT of Pinxson co Derby 17th May 1659

John WILSON of C & Ellen DAY of Arnold 5th April 1660

Thomas BOSTOCKE of Calverton & Jane CHETHAM of C elson [Selston] 4th Dec 1660

Robert BAGULEY of C & Isabell RICHARDSON of Hucknall Torkard 5th June 1661

Matthew EARNSHAW of Bulcott & Isabell CHADDOCK of Lowdham 15th Oct 1661

Christopher CLARK & Jane DEAVILL both of Woodborough 26th July 1666

John PECK,of Knighton [kneeton] & Hannah MARTIN of C, 4th Sept 1666

George AUSBORNE p.Arnold & Elizabeth GERMAN of C 28th Jan 1667

John MARTIN,of C & Mary WORTHINGTON p.Arnold 16th Feb 1667

Luke MARTIN,of C & Tace BRIGHT p.Arnold 2nd Feb 1668

Jonathan SOARSBY & Jane JOHNSON both of Woodborough 18th May 1669

Thomas HUTCHINSON,of Knisall [Kneesall] & Anne OLDHAM of C 13th July 1669

Mathew PAYLTHORPE & Jane WESTON of Burton Joyce ? Nov 1669

William FROST,of Blideth [Blidworth] & Mary WILKINSON 5th Oct 1670

William LOCK,of Southwell & Mary STUBBINS 26th Jan 1672

Thomas WATSON,of Oxton & Elizabeth BIRCH 11th Feb. 1672

John THORP & Mary CLARK both of Woodborough 18th Aug 1696

Nicholas BIRCH & Elizabeth CHAPMAN,of Epperston 9th Aug 1697

John PLUM [Plummer] of Lambley & Mary ALVIE,of Woodborough 7th Sep 1697

Michael BAGGULLEY,of Nottm & Frances STURTEVANT 3rd March 1697

Thomas SAWELL,of Whatton & Sarah SCOTHERN of Woodborough 17th April 1699

Richard WHEELER & Eliz SORESBY,both of Woodborough 2nd May 1699

William COOPER,of C & Mary JALLAND of Woodborough 2nd Jan 1699

John DOLBYE,of Edingley & Mary WILSON of C. 3rd Nov 1700

Thomas HOARSON,of Arnold & Martha MOTTERAM 10th June 1701

Joseph OVERTON & Margaret CHALLENS of Edingly 29th July 1701

Geo GLAZEBROOK,of Heanor & Ann THORNTON of Morton 25th March 1702

John WILKINSON,of Nottm & Ann ASTLIN of Halloughton 15th Oct 1702

Rich FISH,of Hucknal & Elizabeth REDGATE of C 2nd May 1703

John BOLD,of SWARSON & Mary LEE of Woodborough 6th Dec 1705

Willm BLANKLEY of Epperstone & Margaret CROPPER 24th Dec 1711

William [KEMP] of Shelford & Ann FROGNORTON 13th Nov 1712

John BRAD [Bury] of Arnold & Mary MARTIN 8th July 1713

George ROBBINISON of Southwell & Lydia COOPER 12th Jan 1713

Thomas LAMB,of Oxon & Ann TALBOT 25th Oct 1714

Samuel ROE,of Hexgrave & Elizabeth WILKINSON 7th April 1716

Henry STRUT,of Oxton & Elizabeth SAVIDGE of C 29th Dec 1716

Francis SMITH of Nottingham & Mary HARVE of C 21st Aug 1717

John MOTTERAM & Alice SLEEFORD,of Rampton 15th Oct 1717

John REY,of Mansfield & Heling [Helen] DAWSON of C 2nd Feb 1718

Jon SHAW,of Selson [Selston] parish & Mary WILKINSON of C 2nd Feb 1718

Joseph FRITH,of Farnesfield & Mary HALLAM of c 4th Aug 1719

Thomas SUMMARS,of Nottingham & Ann BARRATT of C 31st Jan 1719

Amos BALL,of Blooworthe [Blidworth] & Sarah AVERY of Pleasby 21st April 1720

Garvice [gervas] PARR,of Shelford & Sarah GREENE,of Southwell 1st Oct 1720

William LAMBLAY & Mary SIMMONS of Woodborough 5th Oct 1721

William THORP & Elizabeth DUKE both p.Houghton [Halloughton] 5th April 1723

Richard RAWORTH of Mansfield & Ann HARVE of C 30th July 1723

Joseph BAGULEY,of Mansfield & Ann BARKER of c 8th Feb 1723

Henry HUTCHINSON,of Southwell & Mary SCOTHORNE 11th April 1726

John WILSON & Elizabeth SALMON both of Blidworth 11th April 1726

Charles DOLBY,of London & Dorothy WILLSON of Arnold 9th July 1728

John SCRIMSHAW,of Criftin Mill & Margaret MORELEY of C 16th Nov 1728

Bartholomew DAVISON,of Westthorpe [p.Southewell] & Mary WARSOP of C 20th April 1729

Thomas MARSH p.S.Nicholas Nottm & Elizabeth HACKIT 26th May 1729

Benjamin SMITH,of C & Sarah SCHOTHERN p.Woodborough 20th April 1730

Thomas HALLAM & Sarah ROOBOTHAM,both of Oxton 6th July 1730

Stephen BOWLER & Sarah NOBLE,both of Oxton 5th Feb 1730

Isaac MARSHALL & Margaret WILLKESON both of Oxton 4th May 1731

William DOOR & Winifred HULLOTT,of Hockerton 24th Nov 1733

James MARTIN,of Carlton & Elizabeth LEE,of Woodborough 5th Feb 1734

John BURTON,officer in the Excise & Ann CLIFF,p Woodborough 7th Aug 1737

John KNOWLS,of Blidworth & Mary SMITH of C 2nd April 1738

Thomas COOPER,of C & Mary WILKINSON p.Allestree,co,Derb 2nd May 1738

John GLOVER & Elizabeth CRESSWELL both of Woodborough 24th Sept 1739

Robert LAMB p.Arnold & Margaret SCRIMSHAW,wid 30th March 1741

Richard FARNSWORTH,heelmaker,p.Papplewick & Rebecca WILKINSON,wid of C 19th May 1741

Thomas ADAMS & Elizabeth BENNET p.Woodborough 4th Jan 1741

William COLLESON & Elizabeth WILSON both Blidworth lic 1st Nov 1742

Edward WAINE,traveller & Mary MILLER p. Blidworth lic 14th Dec 1742

John HANDLEY,of Carlton,labourer & Mary WRIGHT of C 1st may 1742

William WATTS,shoemaker & Mary SORESBY both of p.Woodborough 17th April 1743

John PILKINGTON & Elizabeth SMITH p.Cropwell Bishop 16th April 1743

Robert WHEELER & Alice LEE both p.Woodborough 21st Dec 1743

Robert RABOTHAM p.Cropwell Bishop & Anne HEINSON 3rd may 1743

John WINFIELD,of Nottm & Jane COKAYNE of Southwell 16th May 1744

Daniel CLIFF,of Woodborough & Ann NEEDHAM 17th May 1744

John FUKEES,of Flintham & Elizabeth ABBOTT 17th June 1744

Henry GADSBY,of Woodborough & Dorothy GREAVES 25th Nov 1744

RICHARD MOORE,of London & Ann PAINTER of C. sojourner 9th Feb 1744

William RHOADS p.Oxton & Mary BINKLEY 18th Oct 1745

William WAKEFIELD p.Blidworth & Mary BINCH of Mansfield 1st Nov 1745

John BRONSON,of Gunthorpe & Ann WEBSTER of C 26th May 1746

John SAVAGE,of Carlton,labourer & Mary SIMKYN of C 1st June 1746

John BARKER,of Carlton,labourer & Elizabeth HITHERSHAW of C 13th Dec 1746

Johnathan HUTHWAIT p.St Peter Nottm Shoemaker & Mary REYNER p.Arnold lic 27th April 1747

James TOWNSEND,of Basford & Sarah POTTS of Woodborough 8th June 1747

Matthew DRINGE & Mary LEE of Woodborough 8th Nov 1747

Bartholomew GREATHEAD,of C & Sarah NEAD of Arnold 9th Oct 1747

John WEBSTER,of C & Elizabeth LEE of Woodborough 26th Jan 1748

Robert SOUTHERN,p Lambley & Elizabeth RICHARDSON of C 7th Feb 1747

William WADE,shoemaker of Southwell & Ann DAVENPORT of the same place 19th Jan 1748

Thomas NAILER p.Chilwell servant & Hannah CLAY of C 9th March 1748

John CULLEN,of Upton,yeoman & Alice BRODHEAD of the same place 3rd Feb 1749

George CLARK p.St Peter Nottm stockiner & Hannah WOOD 27th Oct 1755

Oatley CLARKE,p.Oxton labourer & Sarah CARNELL lic 3rd May 1756

John DUFTY,wid,carpenter & Elizabeth MARTYN p.St Mary Nottm lic 30th June 1756

Samuel THORPE,wid,farmer p.Woodborough & Mary BLACKNALL,wid 26th April 1758

Andrew BAGULEY p.Arnold,servant-man & Ann CROSLAND 8th May 1758

Benjamin LANGLEY p.Papplewick,servant-man & Hannah LEES 24th May 1758

Samuel MORLEY p.Woodborough,stockiner & Elizabeth BUCKLAND 23rd Aug 1758

Thomas GASKIN p.Mansfield,wid carpenter & Ann HALHER lic 27th April 1759

Samuel, son of Henry & Sarah HOLMES of C. stockiner & Ann RUDIMAN p.Epperstone 26th Nov 1759

John KNUTTON p.Blidworth,stockiner,aged above 24yrs & Ann LAWRENCE lic 17th Nov 1760

Thomas CLIFTON,servant-man b.& Mary THOMSON,of East Stoke sp.lic. 15th Jan 1761

Charles son of James HALLUM,weaver,of C & Sarah dau of Edward WARREN warrener,of Rufford 13th May 1761

Bartholomew WIGHTMAN,baker p.Arnold & Mary HIND lic 14th Oct 1762

John WING,yeoman p.Oxon,co Nottm b. Elizth GREAVES lic 10th April 1765

Thomas HIBBARD,of Edingley co of Nottm & Elizabeth WATTS 5th July 1768

Thomas BARKS p.Norton co Leicester & Mary GILBARD 11th June 1770

John DOWN p.Muston,co Leicester & Sarah TAYLOR 31st Jan 1771

William WHEELER,p.Woodborough & Margaret LEE lic 13th June 1771

John BRULKS,of Lynby co Nottm & Hannah Taylor 3rd Dec 1771

John BEESTON,of Radcliff on Trent & Jane SMITH lic 28th Dec 1773

John TAYLOR of c & Elizth BALL of Hucknall Torkard lic 4th Sep 1774

John GILBERT of Wellow,co Nottm & Joanna CHAPELL lic 6th Oct 1774

John AUDIS of Southwell & May LEE lic 31st Oct 1774

Thomas PALMER of Mansfield & Ann HAYES 22nd Oct 1775

Thomas KEYWORTH,of Stoke in p. of Gedling & Hannah COOPER 14th Oct 1776

John CLAY,of Woodborough & Elizth LEE 18th Nov 1777

Nathan HURST of St Mary Nottm & Mary MORLEY 12th May 1778

Thomas MORLEY,of Lowdam & Mary STEPHENSON 2nd May 1779

Henry SMITH,of Tickanall,co Derby b. & Mary BARRATT s. lic 28th Oct 1779

William COOK,of Maplebeck b. & Sarah BECKIT,of C s. lic 7th May 1780

William REDGATE of C tanner & Hannah DOWNING of Oxton w. lic 22nd Feb 1781

Samuel LEE,of Arnold F.W.K w. & Mary BAGULEY s. lic 14th April 1784

Joseph KNOWLES of Lindby,labourer b. & Elizabeth ROSE s. lic 19th July 1784

Wm FLEWETT of St Mary Nottm baker b. Cordelia BARRETT s of C lic 20th Aug 1786

George BEARDALL w. of C & Mary WARD of Oxton s. 11th Dec 1786

John TRUMAN,of Hucknall Torkard,farmer b. & Martha BECKIT spinster lic 11th Feb 1787

John COPELAND,of Edingley & Eleanor STEVENSON 17th May 1787

Martin WATSON,of Gonalston & Elizth HINDE 30th July 1787

George CRICH of Balderton co Nottm & Elizth DRURY 26th Nov 1787

Richard Bidwell NUNN of Arnold,surgeon & Catherine POTTS w. lic 4th Oct 1791

John DAVILL,of Burton co Nottm F.W.K & Ann TAYLOR 14th Nov 1791

John WILSON,of Blidworth,farmer,b. & Sarah BARRATT s. lic 24th July 1792

Robert HOLMES,of Woodborough labourer w. & Phoebe TAYLOR w. 2nd Oct 1792

Wm CAUNT of Newstead labourer b. & Rebecca HEATH of said parish lic 23rd Jan 1793

John GREEN of Burton & Gartharuder RAYNOR 29th March 1796

Robert OSBAND,of Woodborough & Mary BINCH 9th feb 1797

Wm HATTER of Oxton & Maria CLARKE lic 29th March 1797

Thomas FOSTER of Mansfield F.W.K & Mary BLACKNER 19th Aug 1798

Thomas SIMPSON p.Bilborow & Sarah FROG 18th feb 1805

Joseph ANDREWS of p of Woodborough & Anne HILL lic 14th Oct 1805

James BEESTON of St Mary Nottm & Mary CHADWIN lic. 26th June 1806

Matthew BEARDALL p. Papplewick & Phoebe FROG 26th Oct 1807

Richard GLOVER p. Woodborough & Hannah WRIGHT 29th Feb 1808

Samuel HATTON p Nuttall & Sarah TAYLOR 13th Feb 1809

Wm HILL of C & Mary HIND of oxon 31st Aug 1809

Thomas SMITH p Farnsfield & Maria HALLAM 2nd Oct 1809

Thomas SMITH of c & Mary RICHARDSON p Woodborough 30th Oct 1810

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