Nottinghamshire Stray Marriages in Thurgaton

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LDS film number 496689 marriage index.

George GILL p.Bingham & Isabell TOWNSEND 5th July 1654

Robert CLEATON of Upton, Sherman [shearman] & Eleanor GASKIN 27th Oct 1655

John BRETTLE, son of Thomas BRETTLE of T. & Mary LOUNDE,of Carlton p. Gedling 10th Nov 1655

Robert HEATON p.Baseford & Ann WEBSTER of Mansfield Woodhouse 1669

James SLACKE of Woolaton & Sarah BIRCH of Hoveringham 6th May 1681

James HARVY of East Stoke & Mary SORGY of Hoveringham 24th April 1688.

Edward BRIGGS of Epperstone & Jane HALL 25th May 1701

Dainel BEAKLEY of Bingham & Mary BEESTON 5th Oct 1710

John KEAWORTH & Elizabeth SIMSON of Hoveringham 5th July 1713

John BROWNE of Caunton & Sarah NICOLSON 25th Jan 1714

William HARVEY of Gibsmere p.Bleasby & Dorothy HOBKINS of Hoveringham 30 th Jan 1714

John BAKER of Caunton & Mary UPTON 6th Dec 1715

John PALMER of Caythorpe p.Lowdam & Ann ALSYER 24th Jan 1720

John CHAPMAN p.Lowdham & Agnes UPTON 29th July 1723

William HIND p.Bleasby & Anne SALMON 5th April 1724

Henry TURVEY & Anne MAN p.Hoveringham 1st Sep 1724

William BARKER p.Gedling & Elizabeth WALEY 28th Oct 1724

William HORSEPOOLE p.Bleasby & Mary PINDAR lic 20th Aug 1726

Matthew SURGY p.Hoveringham & Hannah HALLAM 12th Nov 1727

John ASLIN p.Epperstone & Elizabeth RICHARDSON 18th Aug 1728

John GLAZEBROOKE p.Hoveringham & Sarah BOSTOCK 16th Nov 1730

Richard JANSON p.Mansfield-Woodhouse & Sarah DUTTON lic 28th Jan 1730

John WORTHINGTON & Elizabeth FOREST both of Gunthorp, in the parish of Lowdham lic 19th April 1732

John HUCKNAL,of Westhorp [p.southwell] & Elizabeth FILLINGHAM 23rd April 1734

John PENKINSON [or Jenkinson] p.Southwell & Anne DRING 30th Dec 1736

William WILSON p.Flawborrough & Alice BRETTLE lic 16th May 1738

William HALL & Elizabeth CLARKSON p.Hoveringham 14th Nov 1738

George HUDDLESTONE & Susannah MOORE p.Hoveringham 22nd July 1739

George PARKER,p.Epperston & Mary STRAW 20th Nov 1745

William KIRKHAM & Alice KADMAN [Cadman] both of ye Parish of Hoveringham 13th June 1746

Thomas KIRKHAM p.Hoveringham & Anne TORVEY 1st Nov 1748

William CAUNT p.Hoveringham & Sarah PAWSON 15th Nov 1748

Thomas SPOUGE p.Hoveringham & Anne BLATHERWICK 15th Nov 1748

John SAVIDGE & Hannah NEWTON both of Hoveringham lic 7th Dec 1748

Richard BARROWCLIFFE & Elizabeth GUNDAMORE both of the parish of St Mary's in Nottingham lic 4th Oct 1750

Thomas PEARSON p.Eaton co Leicester & Mary WARD 31st Oct 1753

Thomas DIXON & Mary BOTTOM, both of the parish of Bleasby 17th Feb 1754

John ROSE p.East Bridgford & Ruth HUDSON 19th Nov 1754

Mark DAVIDSON p.Screveton & Hannah BEESTON 7th Sep 1757

William JACKSON p Elston & Anne FILLINGHAM 1st Jan 1759

George WHITE p. Bingham & Mary DOUGHLY lic 14th May 1759

Thomas ELSON [Elston] & Mary ADKYNSON lic 13th Nov 1759

John CROPPER p Morton & Annie PALFRAMON 10th Aug 1760

William WITHERS p Halloughton & Sarah GRAVES 7th Sep 1761

John TURNER & Mary GIBSON p Epperston lic 22nd July 1762

Robert JACKSON p Caythorpe co Lincoln & Mary WYER 14th Feb 1764

John SELBY p Lambley & Anne BLANKLY lic 9th April 1765

William SIMONS p Bleasby & Mary GREEN lic 8th April 1766

John REYNOLDS p Bleasby & Elizabeth BAGULEY 8th July 1766

John MALTBY p.Hoveringham & Elizabeth BRETTLE lic 20 th April 1767

Henry DODD p. Hoveringham & Agnes TOMLINSON 2nd July 1767

Thomas SAXBY p Kirklington & Mary BROUGHTON 4th Jan 1768

Thomas BAGGALEY p.Mansfield & Elizabeth WOOD 4th June 1770

Edward DRAPER p Castle Donington & Anne ALLWOOD 16th Dec 1770

John TYSON p Staveley & Mary WRIGHT 31 Jan 1771

John RAGSDALE p Hoveringham & Catherine TURVEY 2nd April 1771

John WOODCOCK p Swinderby & Anne WOOD 17th May 1773

Mark LOWE p Edingley & Sarah CAUNT p Hoveringham lic 12th Aug 1773

Joseph HARRISON p Ilkeston & Ann SMITH 27th March 1774

Thomas KIRHAM p Woodbrough & Anne WILSON 2nd May 1774

John ASTLING & Mary Gee p Muskham 5th Jan 1775

John RAWSON p Lambley & Hannah PALFREYMAN 29th Aug 1775

Robert HIND & Hannah PARR p Southwell 5th May 1778

Gervas BEECROFT p Tithby & Sarah SMITH 2nd Feb 1779

John NEWHAM & Martha NEEP lic 16th June 1780

William TUTBERRY p Bleasby & Anne RARNHAM 28th Jan 1782

John MILLINGTON p East Bridgeford & Mary CLAY 17th May 1785

James GODFREY p Fiskerton & Mary RICHARDSON lic 14th March 1786

William MARSHALL p Upton & Mary ARAM 22nd Jan 1787

Thomas DUFTY p.S Mary Nottingham & Ann BRETTLE lic 14th Jan 1788

Joseph KAY p.Newark & Mary GREESLEY 6th April 1790

William TEYDY p.Stoke & Ann ALDRIDGE 1st Aug 1791

James PARR p.Burton Joyce & Betty Baker HANDLEY 29th Jan 1792

William RIMINGTON p.Houghton (Halloughton) & Sarah MANNER 2nd May 1797

Thomas LAMB p.Southwell & Ann GREEN lic 1st Feb 1798

Joseph KIRK p.Lowdham & Martha SMITH lic 6th Feb 1798

John PARR p.Ratcliff & Mary SAXTON 24th Dec 1798

Thomas BOLGER p.BRANT-Broughton co Lincoln & Mary BRETTLE lic 10th Nov 1800

John SPOLDING p.Bracebridge,co Lincoln & Mary WEST 19th July 1803

Thomas TAYLOR p.Arnold & Hannah HEROD 27th Nov 1803

Richard GODSON p.Ossington bach & Dorothy CROSSLEY spinster lic 13th Feb 1804

Nathan HURST p.St Mary Nottingham bach & Sarah BEECROFT spinster 21st Nov 1804

Thomas DICKINSON p.Gonalston bach & Mary MASON spin 21st Nov 1804

John THORN p.Torksey co Linc & Rebecca DALBY p.Edingley 19th Feb 1806

Samuel GODDARD p.Woodborough bach & Elizabeth PACEY spin 24th Nov 1807

Thomas RAGSDALE p.Lowdham bach & Winifred DOORE spin 20th Nov 1808

John HOLMES of Fiskerton in p.Rolleston & Ann CARNELL 18th June 1810

Thomas DAILEEY p.Bleasby bach & Sarah SAXTON spin 12th Feb 1811

William HALL p.Oxton bach & Sarah BOWMER [signs Bomer] spin 30th Dec 1811

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