Nottinghamshire Stray Marriages in Oxton

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LDS film number 496689 marriage index.

Thomas PARKER of Wilsworth & Ann LUPTON of O, 11th Aug 1629

Thomas BAXTER of Edingley & Elizabeth STUBBIN of O, 29th Sept 1629

John COWPER,of Calverton & Esther HURST Boughton 7th Dec 1636

Thomas TAYLOR,of Edingley & Jane HIND of O, 21st July 1635

George WARD,miller & Helen RIDGIN of Selston 14th Dec 1637

Thomas PHARRAR [FARRAR] of Kneesall & Ann PEART of O, 31st Jan 1638

Richard SUGAR,of Arnold & Ann BRADSHAWE of O, 13th July 1640

William DIXON of Southwell & Mary HEATON of O, 3rd June 1641

Edmund CROSLAND of Flintham & Dorothy SHEEPSHANK 21st April 1642

Richard BINGHAM,of Mansfield Woodhouse & Frances HEATH of O, 16th Nov 1642

John SCOTHORN,of O, & Ann HALL,of Lowdham 1st July 1654

Nathaniel BODE,of Great Ponton,co Linc butcher & Sarah PARKINSON of O, sp 22nd Aug 1654

William DAWSON,of O, & Mary SHIPMAN of Arnold 18th Jan 1654

Joseph JACKSON,son of Wm Jackson Minister & Margaret RICE,daughter in law of Thomas RIPPEN,of Southwell,married at Stoke,before William Wightman Esquire 30th Sept 1656

William WEBSTER,of Caythorpe & Mary WESTON of O,married at Stoke by Justice Wightman 17th Nov 1656

Richard BAGULEY,of Bingham & Elizabeth WRIGHT,of O, maidservant to Miss Andrews 24th Jan 1658

James JACKSON,minister of Arnall [Arnold] & Ruth GRETTON,of the town of Nottingham were married at Oxton,having first had their purpose of marriage published three several market days at the Market Cross at Nottingham 29th Nov 1659

William DAWSON,of Blidworth,yeoman & Mary CALTON widow 2nd March 1662

Michael HALLAM,of Risley,in p. Saintjacer [Sandiacre] Co.Derb & Elizabeth COWPER,of Calverton 9th Nov 1663

William DAWSON,of O,labourer & Elizabeth ROBINSON of Bingham sp. 24th Dec 1666

Thomas LEVERS,of Edwinstone,labourer & Katherine KNOWELS,of O. 15th June 1666

Samuel WILIMET.of Gunthorpe,p.Lowdham & Elizabeth TRULOVE p.O. 1st June 1671

William NOONE,p.St Mary Nottm & Elizabeth PARSONS of Bilsthorpe,sp 19th Oct 1671

John LEVERTON,of Weston,co Nott & Elizabeth BARKSTON of O. 15th Aug 1672

John HORNER,of Moor Hill p.Edingley & Mary COOPER of Farnsfield 12th Nov 1672

William KITCHEN & Elizabeth GIBSON both of p.Upton 8th Jan 1673

Henry SMALLEY,of Thurgarton & Ann ROBERTS of O. 2nd Feb 1673

Simon RICHARDS,of Thurgarton & Margaret RICHARDS p.O. 15th Nov 1674

Nicolas STENTON,of Kirklington & Ellen WRIGHT,of Westhorpe [p.Southwell] 10th Nov 1681

Joshua DICKINSON & Mary BROOME,both of Farnsfield 16th Oct 1683

John BARNARD of Gonalston & Mary WESTON p.O. 11th Dec 1683

Thomas BLATHERWICK & Mary GREENSMITH,of Watnall 10th Jan 1683

John BIRTCH,p.O. & Priscilla COOKE,of Westhorpe p.Southwell 30th Nov 1684

John SMITH & Ellen LIVESEY,both of Farnsfield 8th May 1686

George HACKET,of Tickhill,co York & Mary WALKER p.O. 2nd Dec 1686

George WHITACRE,of N.Collingham & Mary CLARKE p.O. 19th April 1687

Stephen HARRISON & Elizabeth HEATHCOTE,both p.Kirby in Ashfield 6th June 1699

John BURGESS & Eliz: JENKINSON married at Illskey,Derbyshire by John Willson 2nd April 1700

Christopher CHAMBERS p.Sutton in Ashfield & Elizabeth SPENCER 3rd Aug 1701

Mr,William WALKER,of Matlock & Mrs Frances ESTMATE 27th June 1702

Thomas FLINT of Blidworth & Mary BUSH of Oxton 25th Nov 1702

Nicholas GODFREY & Rachel Wilkinson both of Woodborough 31st Jan 1702

John CRUMWELL,of Edingley & Elizabeth GILBERT 27th April 1703

These few marriages were out of sequence in the film so have posted them on their own. They run between 1705 & 1709.

Richard SMITH & Elizabeth BROOMET,both p.Farnsfield 14th Dec 1694

William JACKSON,of O. & Mary GLEWE,of Thurgarton married in the chapel of Halloughton 15th Oct 1695

Thomas MORE,of Lowdham, & Elizabeth HINDE of O. 2nd April 1696

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