Nottinghamshire Stray Marriages in Lambley

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LDS film number 496689 marriage index.

George HODGKYN, p Worsoop, husbandman, & Joane MARSHALL 26th May 1571

Jhon MARTYN, p. Gunthorpe & Izabel LUPTON 16th Jan 1571

Willm DERILL p. Bulcote & Eliz ? ? May 1572

Robert HALL, p. Clifton & Dority COWP[ER] 2nd Nov 1572

Robert STAFFORD & Eliz HATHWAY, of Woodborough 30th Nov 1573

Robert BLAGG, of Woddborou' & Joane BLADDERIK 4th June 1573

Thomas MARSHALL, p Collon [colston] Bassett labourer & Anne BLADDERIK 29th Jan 1575

Richard SMITHE, p. Lackson [laxton] & Izabell MYCHELL 1st July 1577

Richard SKOLES, p. Carleton & Agnes GOWE 7th August 1580

Peter TEYLOR, p. Garton Co York, clerk & Eliz RAGG ?

Willm SPIBIE, p. Bingham, weaver & Christabell BLADDERIK 6th Oct 1583

Henry P'KYN gent, p. Fishlake Co York & Isabell WOOD 7th Feb 1583

Benjamyn LASYE, of Adenburge & Margaret WALKER 7th July 1588

Jhon STOWLE, w, & Agnes SYLLS of Colson Basset 30th April 1598

Jhon CARPENDALE, b, p, Ratcliffe-on-Trent & Anne SOMERS, w, p. L 6th May 1600

William ATKYN, p. Lambley & Joane HICK[S] p. Gonallston, virgin, 31st Jan 1600

Richard COWPER, p. Epston [Epperstone] & Izabell [S]ELFORTHE 7th Aug 1603

Jhon WALKER & Doretye ROO, p. Illson [Ilkeston] Nov 1603

Christopher [Forman P[arson] of Gedling & Mary JAMES 25th June 1605

Thomas WRIGHT, of Gunneston & Anne KARRINGTON 20th Dec 1634

Edward [---KENSON] & Margaret RICKITT of [ Epperston] 21st Sep 1661

John [HATHERE] of Oxton & Elin S[ALIN] of [Knighton] i.e Kneeton 14th Dec ?

William KIRKE of Arnall & Elizabeth ? of Oxton 12th ?

Thomas BRETT & Mary BARKER, both of Arnold 8th Nov 1663

Anthony WHITEHEAD, p. Harlaxton & Mary HEAP, p. Burton Jorsce 16th Feb 1663

Thomas WORTHINGTON & Mary HALL, both of Arnold 26th Jan 1664

John ADBROOK, p. East Stoke & Catherine HALL, p. Arnold 10th June 1665

John STEEL, p. L & Anne WILKINSON, p. Calverton 24th March 1667

Henry KEALE, p. Epperston & Anne SPRIGG 15th April 1672

Samuel CLARK & Anne WATSON, of Nottingham 25th Aug 1672

John WORTHINGTON, p. L & Dorcas WILKINSON, p. Calverton 22nd April 1673

Gilbert HERRING, p. L[owd]ham & Eliz MAFIELD 5th Nov 1673

William SIMPSON, p. Hucknall & Frances LEESON, p. {sninton] 25th Aug 1677

Joseph ALVEY, p. Burton Joyce & Dorcas SPIBY 26th Jan 1677

William PARNHAM, p. Greasley & Mary MORE, p. Lowdham 7th April 1678

Richard BENET, p. Greasly & Eliz BENET 4th May 1681

Robert SQUIRE [minister] of Epperston & Eliz [O----], p. Bingham 17th July 1688

Willm GODBER, p. Baseford & Anne [SWIFT], p. Bullwell 18th Nov 1688

Jonathan BENET & Eliz WRIGHT, of Nottingham 3rd Sep 1699

John STOAKES & Mary MARFITT, both of Newton, p. Shelford 2nd Jan 1699

Thomas BROWN, p. Bingham & Alice TOMLINSON of [Gunthorp] 16th April 1701

Henry MORE & Alice B[RITTAIN] of Thurgarton 15th Sep 1701

George CARTER, p. Calverton & Mary ? 26th Oct 1702

Richard BE[ARNSLY p. Calverton & Margaret SHAW of Nottingham ?

Thomas CULLY, p. Bulcote & [Ellen PLUMB] 13th Nov 1703

Richard MARSHAL, p. Ratcliff & Mary CROPPER 26th June 1725

Thomas TAYLOR, p. Bunny & Sarah FORMER 26th Dec 1730

Richard HOLLIS, p. Sibthorp & Ann BENNET 15th Jan 1732

John BRAWNELEY, p. Basford & Eliz SMITH 31st Dec 1743

Mr Jonathan TRUEMAN & Miss KIRBY both of Nottingham lic 17th Oct 1749

William WILLSON, p. Arnall & Sarah BURTON 24th Sep 1754

Samuel PEPPER, p. Gedling & Sarah BROWNELEY 6th Jan 1756

John ALLCOCK, p. Woodborough & Eliz NEWTON 23rd Nov 1756

William SMITH, p. Ruddington & Mary TURNER 30th Nov 1757

Roger HALLUM, p. Carcolston & Eliz LEADSTONE, w, lic 12th Jan 1758

James PEARSON, p. Epperstone & Hannah DERNELEY 20th Oct 1760

Samuel SAXTON, p. Calverton & Mary IELLAND 16th Feb 1762

John WIDESON, p. Bulcote & Eliz PARLEY 22nd Feb 1762

William MARSHALL, p. Bulcote & Mary PENDLEINTON 18th Oct 1762

Gervase LOVET & Mary BURGESS, p. St Peter in Nottingham 6th Mar 1764

Joseph DARBY, of Cathorpe, p. Lowdham & Ann NEWTON 19th Sep 1765

Thomas OLIVER, p. Burton Joyce & Jane LOVAT 15th Oct 1765

William ADKIN, p. Arnold & Mary NEWTON 2nd March 1767

Robert GREENFIELD, p. Gedling & Eliz LEALAND 13th May 1773

William SCRETON, p. Epperstone & Sarah BURTON 21st Oct 1777

Robert PEPPER, p. Grantham Co Lincoln & Catherine MELLOWS 14th July 1778

Henry ATTENBOROUGH, p. Beeston & Mary BURNHAM lic 5th Jan 1779

Robert MARRATT, p. Woodborough & Catherine HUTHCHINSON, w, lic 25th Feb 1779

Joseph BRIERLEY, p. Gedling & Martha BURTON 2nd Oct 1781

William BEACROFT, p. Titheby & Mary EDWARDS 27th Apr ?

Joseph BALL, p. Calverton & Mary CHAPPEL lic 10th March 1785

Samuel SLEIGHT, p. Gedling & Sarah NEWTON lic 4th Jan 1786

Thomas UPTON, of Toton, p. Altenborough & Sarah BURROWS, lic 14th May 1786

John HEATHER, p. Bleasby & Mary EDWARDS 1st Jan 1788

William SWAIN, p. South Normanton Co Derby & Pheby HUTCHINSON lic 15th July 1790

Robert COLLISHAW, p. Woodborough & Ann BURTON 26th May 1791

Henry LEE, p. Woodborough & Dorothy NEWTON lic 17th Apr 1793

John SPENCER, p. Bilborough & Eliz EDWARDS 1st April 1793

Richard LANE, p. Bucote & Mary RAGSDALE 24th Sep 1794

Jonathan HARDY, p. Lowdham & Hannah FOSTER 28th Sep 1795

Samuel BUTLER, p. Gedling & Eliz TOMLINSON lic 11th Jan 1796

Francis MOUNTAIN, p. L & Eliz WHYLER, p. Bassford 5th April 1796

Samuel HOFFEN, p. L & Sarah GODBER, p. St Nicholas Nottingham 23rd Nov 1802

Luke CLIFF, p. Woodborough & Eliz MOUNTAIN lic 25th April 1804

William GADSBY, p. L & Eliz LEE, p. Woodborough lic 11th April 1805

James SPIBY, p. Lambley & Eliz SIMS, p. Nuttall lic 11th Jan 1808

William BEECROFT, p. Bulcoat & Eliz TOMLINSON lic 29th Feb 1811

John COPELAND, p. L & Hannah BAGSHAW, p. Gedling 3rd Oct 1811

Benjamin WIGGINS, p. Hucknal & Eliz PLUMB 2nd March 1812

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