Nottinghamshire Stray Marriages in Tithby

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LDS film number 496689 marriage index.

Wiliam CLARK of Ratcliff upon Trent & Rebecca BOOT 23rd Nov 1757

William LEVERTON & Mary WILSON of Harby, Leicestershire Lic 4th April 1759

John FOSTER & Jane BAILEY, of Langer 24th July 1762

Joseph GIMPSON of Plumtree & Ann MOULT 30th Oct 1770

Isaac ALLWRIGHT of Cropwell Bishop & Ann WINTERBOTTOM 24th April 1770

William DRING of Granby & Elizabeth MAY lic 15th Nov 1773

Richard MORLEY of East Bridgford & Elizth NEWTON lic 28th April 1774

John COOPER, of Cropwell Bishop & Rebecca KETTLEBURnE 23rd Nov 1778

William WRATH, of Kinolton, & Elizth MEE lic 16th Feb 1780

William NEWHAM of Gedling & Ann BARLOW 8th May 1780

Daniel SOUTHWELL, of Kettering Northampshire & Sarah WALLIS lic 15th May 1783

Robert MARRIOTT, of Lambley, widower & Sarah ROPER lic 17th May 1783

Samuel BAGGULEY of Cotgrave & Hannah SMITH lic 28th July 1783

William MEAKIN of Elton & Bethiah NEAL 23rd May 1785

John MOUNTAINER, of Langer & Mary CARRINGTON 17th April 1786

James PARROT of Arnold & Elizabeth CLARK 5th Nov 1786

William HORSPOOL of Bingham & Elizth BEECROFT lic 20th Nov 1787

John WALL of Bingham & Mary BRETT 27th Nov 1787

William ELSTON of Screveton & Ann BEECROFT lic 24th March 1788

William BEET, of Bingham & Jane MORLEY 31st May 1789

John SKINNER, of Granby & Susannah WIFORTH of Cropwell Butler 10th Feb 1792

William RANDELL, of Ratcliffe upon Trent & Sarah DERRY of Tithby 1st July 1794

Samuel HAMPSON of Ratcliffe upon Trent & Elizabeth MARRIOTT 27th Sept 1796

Samuel MORLEY, of Shelton & Elizabeth DERRY 24th Nov 1796

John WRIGHT, of Hickling & Elizabeth THRAVES lic 22nd Nov 1797

William GRETTON & Dorothy FLOWER of Radcliff 11th Dec 1797

Richard PLOWRIGHT, of Radford, Notts & Rachel CLARKE 12th Nov 1798

Richard HICKLING of Shelford & Ann COOPER lic 10th Dec 1798

William NEWHAM of Gedling & Hannah WILLEMOT 28th April 1800

John MARRIOTT of Colston Bassett & Ann PORTER lic 30th Oct 1800

William HENSON, of Cropwell Butler & Sarah BARNSDALE of Whatton lic 10th July 1802

John MARRIOTT of Wiverton & Mary Frances HANCOCK of Wiverton lic 21st July 1802

John PRICE of Stoke Bardolph & Ann CLATOR lic 6th Aug 1802

John SPENCER, of Elton & Ann ATTENBOROUGH 25th Oct 1802

Lanke BREWIN of Brunsley & Sarah BARRATT 8th Feb 1803

William PORTER, of Bingham & Mary BARNS 13th Feb 1804

Thomas MARRIOTT of Fardon & Mary Spencer 21st May 1804

John WHALLEY of Ratcliff & Ann THURMAR 16th April 1805

William HORSPOOL of Bingham & Ann PORTER lic 10th Oct 1808

Robert HICKLING of Granby & Ann WRAGBY lic 17th April 1809

John HARRIS of Bottlesford & Mary THURMAN lic 7th Aug 1809

James STACK, of Bingham & Mary PORTER lic 20th Nov 1810

William SKEAVINGTON, of Ilkeston Derbyshire & Mary BEECROFT lic 5th Dec 1810

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