Nottinghamshire Stray Marriages in Bilsthorpe

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LDS film number 496707 marriage index.

William RUSSELL & Mary BLYTON both of Rufford 19th Aug 1783

George FELGATE & Millicent BRAILSFORD both of Rufford 10th June 1784

John CARTLIDGE & Catherine ALLEN both of Rufford 22nd June 1784

Robert CLARKE [signs Clark] p,Blidworth & Mary COLLINSON lic 16th Oct 1786

William BOLER & Ann WHITEMAN both of Rufford lic 13th Nov 1787

Samuel HAINES p,Mansfield & Mary THOMPSON of Inkeral Rufford 8th Jan 1791

John ROYAL p,Eakring & Elizabeth REYNOLDS lic 19th May 1795

William BULLARD,p,Mansfield wid & Sarah LENNEY of Rufford lic 31st Jan 1796

Francis TURNER, p,Grantham co Lincs & Margaret TURNER, of Rufford lic 9th Aug 1797

Luke WARD of this parish & Ann STACEY p,N Wingfield co Derby lic 4th Feb 1798

Robert STOREY p,Eakring & Mary HAGE lic granted with consent of her Guardian 30th Apr 1804

Edward HARVEY p,Kirklington & Rebecca BROWN lic 8th May 1805

William HURST p,Wellow & Elizabeth HALLAM of Rufford lic 1st May 1807

James, third son of Charles NORTHAGE, of Hexgrave Park & Mary the only, and good daughter of me Ricd BERKS, rector & of Mary my late wife, 11th Oct 1732

Richard BERKS junr & Eliz OTTER of Welham 11th Sep 1733

Francis TAYLOR p,Clayborough & Eliz CHAMBERS of b 12th Apr 1737

Edward CAPPS & Sarah BLOOM of Rufford 10th Oct 1754

William COOUP [or COAP] p,Warsop & Mary STURTIVANT of Rufford 10th July 1755

John STEANS & Hannah REYNOLDS both of Rufford 30th Mar 1758

Thomas HOPKINSON p,Farnsfield & Mary HUDLESTONE 14th Jan 1760

Richard NORRIS [MORRIS in Banns] p,Mansfield & Alice WARD 5th Jan 1761

Thomas PYBOURN p,Mansfield & Ann BLYTON 8th Oct 1763

Benjamin TURNER, of Ollerton & Ann FLOWER lic 6th Jan 1766

William FLETCHER, this parish & Hannah BOLTON of Rufford 27th Apr 1770

William RUMFORD p,Kirklington & Hannah BOLTON of Rufford 27th Apr 1767

Robert WATSON p,Farnsfield & Amy HORNER 22nd Nov 1773

Richard WOOD p,Eakring & Mary BUCKLES 27th Sep 1774

Edward ROYALL & Ann HENSHAW, both of Rufford 23rd Nov 1776

William RUSSELL & Sarah SHIPSTON, both of Rufford 10th July 1776

Park GLAZEBROOK & Elizabeth KEMP both of Inkersal Rufford 17th June 1779

William VESSEY of Gateford p,Worksop & Elizabeth FLETCHER 29th June 1780

William WALLACE p,Sheffield & Mary FLINT lic 25th Apr 1782

Thomas BARTRAM, of this p & Mary WARD p, Eakring 5th March 1808

John JOHNSON of Beskwood Park p, Lenton & Elizabeth SURGUY 22nd May 1809

Edward WERGE p,Warkworth co Northumberland & Elizabeth REYNOLDS lic 6th June 1811

William HOLLODAY servant in Husbandry p,Southwell & Ann TESH, consent of parents 5th Jan 1813

Thomas ELSE, servant in Husbandry p,Kirklington & Sarah ARSHER consent of parents 22nd Mar 1813

Luke WARD wid this p, & Hannah FOX of Hexgrave lic 8th Dec 1813

John TURNER this p & Ann BAUSOR p,Edlngley lic 27th Oct 1814

Henry CHADBURN p,Blyth & Mary JACKSON lic 1st May 1816

James BLACKWELL p,Sheffield & Mary TESH lic 28th Nov 1816

Robert CLARKE p,St Mary Notts wid & Sarah REDMAN lic 20th may 1817

George WOODHEAD & Isabella GREAVES, both of Rufford 4th Aug 1817

Edward PEET, p,Mansfield & Hannah GREAVES of Rufford 27th Oct 1817

Charles HARDWICK, of Hault Hucknall co Derby & Hannah ROBINSON 18th may 1818

John HOLMES p, N,Muskham & Sarah WOODWARD 28th Sep 1818

William WARRINER p,Farnsfield wid & Ann KEETON 4th Jan 1819

George DRABBLE p,Farnsfield & Eliz RAWORTH 24th Nov 1819

Samuel ROBINSON p,Farnsfield & Sarah WAINWRIGHT 3rd April 1820

John GREAVES of Rufford & Mary BUTLER lic 19th Dec 1820

Thomas NELSON p,Canwick,co Lincs & Ann PASHLEY of Rufford lic 2nd April 1821

Richard HALLAM p,Mansfield Woodhouse & Rachel WASTER 1st April 1822

James DAVIS & Mary SHOOTER, both of Rufford lic 20th June 1822

William MILES p,Abbotsleigh co Somerset & Catherine GORDEN lic 12th Sept 1823

William FLOWER p,Tuxfrod & Elizabeth Amelia SHARPE, of Rufford lic 8th Feb 1824

William GREEN p,Lambley & Mary WIDDOWSON of Rufford 18th Sep 1826

George MITCHELL p,Linby & Ann SURQUAY [SURGERY] 6th Jan 1827

Henry BUCKLES p,Eakring & Hannah LOWE 19th march 1827

Richard HINDE of Clipstone & Elizabeth TESH 1st may 1827

Thomas NEALE p,Newark & Mary HAGE lic 21st June 1827

William GILBERT p,Oxton & Rebecca CHARLESWORTH of Rufford 27th Nov 1828

Edward COCKAYNE p,Market Drayton co Salop & Frances JACKSON lic 3rd March 1829

Samuel BOWER p,Pinxton [co Derby] & Martha SHARLEY 23rd June 1829

Robert BUSH p,Oxton & Ann STOCKS 21st Dec 1829

John DICKINSON wid p,Edwinstow & Ann BUCKLOW lic 22nd Aug 1830

John BILBIE p,Kirklington & Maria BUCKLES lic 4th Nov 1831

Richard THOMPSON p,Blidworth & Frances SURQUAY 12th Jan 1832

Thomas BALL p,Warsop & Ann SMITH lic 14th Feb 1833

Thomas TAYLOR p,Wellow & Mary HOLMES 8th July 1833

James BRELSFORD p,Blidworth & Sarah Ann HOPKINSON 5th Aug 1833

George HAYES p,Halloughton & Ann HILL 23rd March 1835

Joseph HUTCHINSON p,Mansfield & Sarah BUCKLES 9th June 1835

John JENKINSON of Morton & Maria BILBIE 5th Jan 1836

George WHEELDON p,Blidworth & Harriet BUCKLOW lic 31st Oct 1836

William RENSHAW p,Edwinstow & Sarah CHAMBERS 1st Dec 1836

William WAIN p,St Peters Nottingham & Harriet NUTTAL of Rufford lic 10th Jan 1837

Thomas RICKETT p,Kirklington & Ann THOMPSON 7th Feb 1837

George HOMAN p,Edwinstow & Grace SCREECH lic 2nd June 1837

End of Bilsthorpe.

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