Nottinghamshire 1891 Census Strays in Lowdham

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folio 4 page 1

Lowdham New St
Thomas HASLAM, 60, wheelwright,joiner,blacksmith,b,Nottingham
Mary, 58, b, Lowdham.
Eliza STOKES, wife's sister, 55, living on own means,b, Lowdham

Lowdham New St,
William HASLAM, 30, wheelwright, b, Lowdham
Rosamund, 28, b, Upton
Thomas, 5, scholar, b, Lowdham
Charles, 3, b, Lowdham
Arthur William, 1, b, Lowdham

Lowdham New St,
George Brentall TRUMAN, 48, lace manufacturer,
b, Leicestershire Loughborough
Mary wife, 46 b, Beeston

White Lion,
George JACKSON, 68, licensed victualler, b, Chillwel
Sarah, wife, 61, b, Sutton in Ashfield
George Grandson, 25, b, Derbyshire Buxton

Manor Farm,
John WOOD, 57, farmer,b,Calverton
Sarah Ann, 50, b, Woodborough
Rosetta, 19, Calverton
John Herbert, 18, grocer assistant, b Calverton
Mollie, 16, milliner dress, b, Calverton
Florence Annie, 15, school teacher, b, Calverton
George, 13, scholar,b, Lambley
Annie, 8, scholar, b, Lambley
Clara COPPER, servant, 18, domestic, b, Calverton.
Reuben KIRK, servant, 24, farm servant domestic, b, Lambley
James COOPER, servant, 15, farm servant, b, Calverton.
Clara PRICE, visitor, 21, milliner, b, Yorkshire Doncaster.
Florence HEISOP, visitor, milliner, b, Nottingham.

folio 4 page 2

Samuel COOPER, 48, farm labourer,b, Calverton
Harriet, 43, b, Calverton
Kate, 12, b, Lambley
Millie, 10, b, Calverton
Alice, 8 b Calverton
Mary Smith visitor 7 b Linby

John Place JOHNSON 36 living on own means b Nottingham
Charlotte Elizabeth 22 b Derbyshire Alfreton
Elizabeth MACKIN servant 27 general servant domestic b South Normanton

Thomas STIMPSON wid 76 living on own means b Nottingham
Josephine PLUMLAT step dau 40 living on own means b ? Southampton
Agnes Plumton step dau 38 living own means b ? Southampton

George D MOSS s boarder 20 Baker b Carrington

Lodge Farm
Elizabeth Ann LIMKINS s 31 living own means b Nottingham
Edward Limkins s Brother 21 farmers son
Frederick Charles CLARKE brother in law m 30 silk merchant b Nottingham
Caroline Clarke dau 4 b Nottingham
Cassandra COOPER 15 servant domestic b Suffolk Afaxby
Emily KIRK or REEK 13 servant domestic Balderton
Henry CULLEN 16 farm servant Upton

? KIRK/REEK 35 m ag lab b Balderton
John 6 scholar b Balderton
George 1 b Lowdham

folio 5 page 3

Thomas SHELTON 34 ag lab b Oxton
Hannah wife 21 b Lambley
Willie 11 scholar b Hucknall Torkard
Olive B 3m b Lowdham

William LEVERTON 52 general labourer b Cotgrave
Charlotte wife 50 b Lowdham
Robert 11 b Lowdham
Edith 8 b Lowdham

William JACKSON 57 joiner b Chilwell
Hannah wife 44 b Bedfordshire Roseton
Alfred 13 b ? Faversham
Elizabeth 12 b Lowdham
Emily 9 b Lowdham
Gertrude grand dau 3 b Lowdham

Charles TAYLOR 36 blacksmith b Luxford
Sarah L wife 34 b Lincolnshire Brant ?
Violet 9 b Lowdham
Charles 4 b Lowdham
Elizabeth ARMSTRONG niece 14 b Lowdham
Robert ARMSTRONG boarder w 60 ag lab b Collingham
Mary J Taylor dau 2 b Lowdham

Samuel SHARPE 56 general labourer b Lowdham
Mary wife 45 b Woodbow
William boarder w 65 formerly hawker b Caythorpe

Samuel SHARPE m 27 bricklayers labourer b Hoveringham
Kate wife 25 b Lincolnshire Grantham
Bernard G 1m b Lowdham

fiche 5 page 4

Plough Inn
Thomas SEARS wid 55 licensed victual b Lowdham
Jennin KNIGHT 38 house keeper Northamptonshire Waldgrave

John W SIMMES 42 Brick maker b Lincolnshire Alford
Emma 40 wife b Lowdham
John W 16 b Lowdham
Frederick 9 general servant domestic b Lowdham
Clare 7 scholar b Lowdham
Lily 4 b Lowdham
Violet 4 b Lowdham
Charles 2 b Lowdham

William JEFFERY 33 farm labourer b Calverton
Annie wife 26 b Lowdham
Gertrude 3 b Lowdham
Hannah 1 b Lowdham

William HOLLAND wid 82 ag lab b Derbyshire Denby
Charles son 44 ag lab Lowdham
Aaron LOVETT 34 farm labourer b Lambley
Eliza 28 b Lowdham
John 3 b Lowdham
Aaron 2 b Lowdham
Charlie 8m b Lowdham

James PITT 54 carpenter labourer b Sussex Lamberhurst
Hannah 47 b Lowdham
Lucy 19 Lowdham
Mary 9 scholar b Lowdham
Agnes 6 scholar b Lowdham

folio 6 page 5

George REEK 49 railway labourer b Lowdham
Mary 48 b Lambley
Eliza 20 dressmaker b Lowdham
George 15 farm servant b Lowdham
Harry 11 scholar b Lowdham
Lom 5 b Lowdham

Henry HOLLOWAY 48 railway labourer b Epperstone
Mary 51 b Ireland Belfast
Ruth 19 servant domestic b Manchester Pendleton

Ann BAGGUTON wid 69 formerly dressmaker b Lowdham
Lettitia FAUKES dau m 40 b Derbyshire Licknall
Martha Faukes g/dau 16 b Derbyshire Newhall
Bertha Faukes g/dau 14 b Notts Lowdham
George Faukes g/son 11 scholar b Notts Flawborough
Samuel Faukes g/son 9 scholar b Notts Bullcote
Lizzie Faukes g/dau 5 scholar b Lowdham
? Faukes g/dau 2 b Lowdham

Henry PALMER h s 65 formerly gardener b Notts Lowdham
Ann M BENTLEY boarder 23 papermill hand b Nottingham
George E Bentley boarder 2 Notts Lowdham
Ann WHITT boarder 48 servant domestic b Burton Joyce

folio 6 page 6

Richard WILSON 54 living on own means b Nottingham
Ann wife 82 b Nottingham
Catherine A 17 b Nottingham

Clarke BROWN 41 ag cottager b Notts Lowdham
Elizabeth wife 39 laundress b Lowdham
Maud ? CHAPMAN niece 10 scholar b Nottingham
Sarah WOOD aunt 41 living on own means b Notts Screveton

George PARR 38 occ? b Notts Lowdham
Emma 33 b Notts Gunthorpe
Florence 12 scholar b Lowdham
Charles 9 scholar b Lowdham
Jane 7 scholar b Lowdham
Emily 2 b Lowdham
Earnest 1m b Lowdham

Mary BREEDON wid 67 shirt seam? b Notts
Wood borough
George L g/son 7 scholar b Lowdham

William JONES 30 occ? b Worcestershire B?
Mary A 29 b Worcester B?
Horace W 4 b Lowdham

Emma FAULKES wid 62 shirt seamstress b Rutlandshire Oakham

William WALKER wid 66 gardener domestic b Lincoln Boston
Lizzie HOLLAND house keeper b Notts East Kirkby

William M KAY 28 occ? b ? Scotland ?
Elizabeth M 32 b Lincolnshire Allington
Thomas KING son 10 scholar b Notts Newark
Frederick W M Kay son 2 b Newark
Edward P M Kay son 11m b Lowdham

This last one is a bit funny.
Certainly looks like Kay but the son is King
Also I wonder if the M should have a small c so it would be McKay but there is no small c.
If you think its yours check the census for your own spelling

folio 7 page 7

John BRAMLEY 49 framework knitter b Nottingham
Lydia 47 b Glostershire Tewkesbury
Ernest H 10 scholar b Lowdham
Florence M 8 b scholar Nottingham
John W 6 scholar b Gunthorpe

Edward B MICHACLSON 45 clerk in ? b Lancashire Barrow in Furnace
Lucy 27 b Notts Mansfield Woodhouse
Annie SANSOME visitor 31 b Mansfield Woodhouse
Emily J WORTHINGTON 19 servant domestic b ? Exeter
Richard ADCOCK age? gardener b Notts Blythe
John O BAKER ?6 general servant b Staffordshire Sadler

John BADDICK 58 saddler b Nottingham
Mary A 47 b Nottingham
Mary PEET niece s 20 b Nottingham
Clara K MEATS niece s 22 b Nottingham
Sarah E Meats niece 22 b Nottingham
Olivia Peet visitor s 28 curtain knitter lace Notts Calverton

Edwin BARLOW 41 manager in lace warehouse b Lancashire Droyleden
Sarah wife 57 b Lancs Droyleden
William D 11 scholar b Lancs Droyleden
Annie M 10 scholar b Nottingham
Herbert 4 b Notts Lowdham
Gerald W 2 b Lowdham
Eliza Barlow sister s 43 living on own means Lancs Droyleden
Annie Wilson 16 general servant b Notts ?

? SPRAY 57 lace maker b Notts New Basford
Eliza wife 56 b Basford
George LOMLIN nephew 39 b Basford

folio 7 page 8

William F KNIGHT 46 postmaster b Derbyshire Cayinton
Mary wife 38 postmistress b Lincolnshire Claypole
Annie 17 clerk b Notts Lowdham
George W 16 telegraph messenger b Lowdham
Sam 14 telegraph messenger b Lowdham
Sarah A 12 scholar b Lowdham
Maria 11 scholar b Lowdham
Charles E 9 scholar b Lowdham

Noah PLUMB 32 hay cutter b Notts Lambley
Sarah E wife 28 b Notts Lowdham
William H 8 scholar b Lowdham
Samuel 6 scholar b Lowdham
Ernest 5 scholar b Lowdham
Albert 4 b Lowdham
Fanny E 1 b Lowdham

James SEDDON 39 publican of paper maker b Cheshire Stockport
Sarah J wife 37 pub b Cheshire Woodley
James A 6 scholar b Woodley
Lilly L 5 scholar b Notts Lowdham
Joseph S 2 b Lowdham
Annie JACKSON 18 general servant domestic b Coddington

John Burton 39 market gardener b B Notts Lowdham
Annie wife 34 b Notts Epperstone
Mary L TAYLOR boarder s 23 assistant teacher b Notts Carlton on Trent

James STANLEY 46 shop keeper b Cart Bridgeford
Elizabeth wife 42 shop keeper assistant Notts Thugarton
Annie E 19 shop keeper assistant b Derbyshire Licknall
Bertha A 15 shop keeper assistant b Thugarton
Frederick L 13 scholar b Thurgarton
Arthur J 8 b Thugarton

folio 8 page 9

John WATSON 66 formerly leather tanner b Notts Lowdham
Elizabeth wife 66 b Notts Muskham
Ethel WILLIES g/dau 5 scholar b Lowdham

Samuel ALLCOCK 27 bricklayer b Lowdham
Hannah M wife 29 b Lincolnshire Alford
John 7 scholar b Lowdham
Ada 6 scholar b Lowdham
James 4 scholar b Lowdham
George 2 b Lowdham
Gertrude 1 b Lowdham

Thomas CLARKE 47 cord wainer b Notts Caythorpe
Sarah wife 44 b Caythorpe
Sarah E 16 b Lowdham
Samuel A 4 b Lowdham
George CARNILL boarder w 75 frame work knitter b Lowdham

John CARNILL 50 frame work knitter b Notts Woodborough
Sarah wife 48 b Lowdham
Samuel 16 general labourer domestic b Lowdham
Richard 11 scholar b Lowdham

Benjamin SMITH 40 farmer labourer b Lincolnshire Caythorpe
Eliza wife 40 b Lowdham
William 12 scholar b Lowdham
Edith B 10 scholar b Lowdham
Thomas 8 scholar b Lowdham
Sarah E 4 b Lowdham

folio 8 page 10

Frances LAWSON wid 66 formerly char women b Notts East Bridgeford
William son 24 general labourer b Lowdham
Mary E NICHOLAS g/dau scholar b Lowdham
Ernest W LOVETT g/son scholar b Lodham

Mary HERRING wid 84 formerly lace? b Notts Carlton
John g/son 10 scholar b Lowdham

Frances WATSON wid 61 dressmaker b Lincolnshire Epworth
Arthur GREAVES son in law m 20 farmers son b Notts Lowdham
Emma Greaves dau m 34 dressmaker b Lowdham
Percivat L g/son 7 scholar b Lowdham

Walter BEECROFT 59 ag lab b Lowdham
Catherine wife 63 b Notts ?
Albert g/son 9 scholar b Nottingham

Thomas REEK s 65 cord wainer b Lowdham
Elizabeth RILEY wid 52 house keeper b Scotland ?

James STRAW 76 formerly framework knitter b Notts Carlton
Mary wife 70 b Lowdham

folio 9 page 11

John CHAPMAN 57 general labourer b Lowdham
Ann wife 53 b Cropwell
William 27 ag lab b Lowdham
Thomas 15 general serv domestic b Collingham
John 13 general serv domestic b Collingham

Charles BREEDON 28 horse carter b Lowdham
Eliza wife 30 b Notts Fullwood
Amos Gratton son 4 b Notts Caythorpe

Leonard PARR 29 Baker b Lowdham
Alice wife b Notts Edwinstowe
Leonard 6 scholar b Lowdham
Lillian 4 scholar b Lowdham
Ernest 2 b Lowdham

Frederick SWIFT 31 joiner b Yorkshire Sheffield
Maria wife 30 b Lowdham
Sarah L 6 scholar b Lowdham
Althea 4 b Lowdham
Sarah GODDARD boarder 36 char women b Lowdham

folio 9 page 12

John STANLEY 33 general labourer b Notts Bridgeford
Sarah A wife 25 b Lowdham
Gertrude 1m
b Lowdham

Mary PALING wid 78 formerly char women b Notts Billborough
? son 31 horse carter b Lowdham

Samuel PARKS 80 retired fwk b Lowdham
Ann wife 77 b Lowdham
Thomas ADCOCK boarder s 22 wheelwright b Derbyshire Long Eaton

Eli DABELL 65 leather tanner b Lowdham
Hannah wife 54 b Notts Selston
Eli 15 bakery assistant b Lowdham
Sarah 12 scholar b Lowdham

William BROWNLOW 61 railway labourer b Lowdham
Sarah wife 62 b Lowdham
Eliza 28 b Notts Burton Joyce
Thomas 24 carpenter b Burton Joyce
Ernest g/son 11m b Nottingham

folio 10 page 13

George ALLEN 64 fwk b Leicestershire ?
Ann wife 64 b Notts Caythorpe
George H 15 scholar b Lowdham
John UPTON boarder s 44 occ? b Notts Hoveringham

Thomas GREAVES 36 butcher b Lowdham
Mary wife 35 b Notts ?
Millie B 15 b Lowdham
Annie B 13 b Lowdham
Ethel J 12 scholar b Lowdham
Ernest A 10 Nottingham
Cecil B 8 b Notts Gunthorpe
Walker B 6 b Lowdham
Amy L B 4 b lowdham
Caton 2 b Lowdham
Nora 1 b Lowdham

Herbert W PRIDE 33 licensed victualler b Derby
Kate wife 33 b Nottingham
Lawrence W 15 b Nottingham
Sep WALTERS s boarder 20 brewer b Nottingham
Rosa SCOTT s general serv domestic b Nottingham

Lois A FOSTER wid 57 living own means b Notts Orston
Hannah MORRIS s 23 serv domestic b Leicestershire Barkston

folio 10 page 14

Marlock House
Henry REYNOLDS m 47 farmer b Notts Church Warsop
Elizabeth dau 11 scholar b Lowdham
Hannah mother wid 81 living own means b Lowdham
Lucy WRIGHT cousin wid 60 house keeper b Lowdham
Frank WILSON nephew s 21 farmer b Lincolnshire Fulnetby
Julia Wilson niece s 17 living own means b Lincolnshire Fulnetby
Fanny BAXTER s 17 general serv b Lincolnshire Bailston
Frederick MILL s 18 farm servant b Notts Gunthorpe
Joseph PICKARD s 18 farm serv b Northamptonshire Pe?

William STAFFORD 33 bricklayer b Notts Remstone
Fanny A wife 33 b Notts Southwell
Frances E 9 scholar b Notts Hockerton
Eveline M 7 scholar b Hockerton
George J 2 b Lowdham
Dorothy W 3m b Lowdham

George SIMPSON 44 market gardener b Notts Newark
Eliza wife 48 b Notts Norwell
Robert BURN boarder m 25 baker b Yorkshire Doncaster

Henry REEK 54 railway labourer b Lowdham
Harriett wife 57 b Nottingham
Beatrice APPLETON g/dau 5 scholar b Nottingham
Walter CARLY 16 general serv domestic b Notts Upton

Thomas HUDSON 59 ag cottager b Notts Ruddington
Jemima wife 52 b Notts Watnall

folio 11 page 15

John MACKIE 35 surgeon general practitioner b Scotland
Agnes 25 wife b Ireland
Mary M b Nottingham
Priscilla COX 30 general serv domestic b Leicestershire Goadley
Thomas H HALES 19 groom domestic b Derbyshire B?

George SANDS 49 steam engine & cycle maker b Nottingham
Fanny wife 45 b Notts Hucknal
Fanny L 22 B Nottingham
John L ASHTON son/law m 23 baker b Notts Shilsby

William FOSTER 57 gardener domestic b Nots Oxton
Ann wife 58 b Lowdham
Eliza 23 basket maker b Lowdham
Samuel 16 general labourer b Lowdham
Violet 12 scholar b Lowdham

William PRIESTLEY wid 60 farmer b Notts Wilford
Ann E Haslam dau m 36 house keeper b Notts Ollerton
Florence M Haslam g/dau 11 scholar b Derbyshire Ashford
George M Haslam g/son 10 scholar b Derbyshire Ashford
Mabel MARTIN boarder 7 scholar b Nottingham
Charles H CARTER 15 servant domestic b Notts Collingham

folio 11 page 16

Robert N Whiston 46 retired farmer b Derby
Edith A wife 30 Leicestershire Worthington
William 14 scholar b Leicestershire Castle Donnington
Noel 12 scholar b Castle Donnington
Gertrude M 10 scholar Leicestershire Worthington
Sarah B 7 scholar b Notts Lowdham
Lizzie REED sister 18 b Notts Lowdham

Thomas HARRISON 48 ret formerly model maker b Derby
? wife 39 b ?
Hannah Harrison mother wid 85 living own means b Notts Burton on the Wolds

Joseph VANN 33 general labourer b Leicestershire Blaby
Eliza wife 32 b Notts Woodborough
Charles 9 scholar b Woodborough
P? 8 scholar b Lowdham
Emma 6 scholar b Lowdham
Arthur 2 b Lowdham

John REED 53 ag lab b Leicestershire ?
Ann wife 57 b Lincolnshire Spalding

Sally TYLER s 28 b Nottingham
Albert brother 18 pork butcher apprentice Nottingham
Helen K sister 13 scholar
Herbert brother 11 scholar b Nottingham

Martha BAILEY wid 55 formerly lace dresser b Lincolnshire Stamford
William son 12 scholar b Notts Newark
Henry son 11 scholar b Newark
Ada Cullen nurse child 10m b Nottingham

folio 12 page 17

W? BLACKBAND 38 carter b Lincolnshire Allington
Lois wife 35 b Notts Lowdham
John 15 carter b Lowdham
Edward 14 brick? labourer b Lowdham
Arthur 12 scholar b Lincolnshire ?
Violet 9 scholar b Notts Lowdham
Mary 3 b Lowdham

Edward BYFORD 30 railway signalman b Berkshire Newbury
Elizabeth wife 29 b Sussex Poling
Maud 1 b Lowdham
Charles 2m b Lowdham

Station House
George BUTLER 39 railway station master b Lincolnshire Doddington
Sarah wife 43 b Lincolnshire Melteringham
George 16 railway porter b Yorkshire Cudworth
Charlotte A 15 dressmaker apprentice b Cudworth
Lucy 13 scholar b Cudworth
Lucy M Butler niece 8 scholar b London Deptford

Thomas HALL 77 formerly fwk b Notts Gunthorpe
Mary A wife 71 b Notts Bulcote

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