Nottinghamshire 1891 Census Strays in Gonalstone

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Fiche 2708

folio 33 page 1

Gate House
William SELBY 45 m.r. plate layer b Notts Lambly
Hannah wife 32 gate keeper b Notts Newark
Annie 11 scholar b Newark
Emma 8 scholar b Newark
William Henry 6 scholar b Lincolnshire Lincoln
Isabella 4 b Notts Lowdham

Ann SHEPHARD wid 73 mangle keeper b Notts Mansfield

William FAULKS 71 carpenter b Notts Colston Bassett
Mary wife 70 b Notts Beuperstone
Emmeline HUTCHINSON dau m 31 b Gonalstone
Annie E Hutchinson g/dau 1 b Notts ?
Emma FOSTER servant 16 general servant domestic b Notts Bulcote
Ada M Hutchinson g/dau 3 b Gonalstone

Mark BAKER 27 blacksmith b Lincolnshire Hartsgound
Sarah wife 27 Lincolnshire Harlaston
Sarah B 4 b Notts Hawksworth
Alice M 1 b Notts Hawksworth

folio 33 page 2

Manor Farm
Charles GUNN 35 farmer b Notts Ruddington
Margaret wife 34 b Derby Stanton by Dale
Arthur C 14 weeks b Notts Gonalstone
Edith A DOAR visitor 26 b Derby Stanton by Dale
Thomas BLAGG boarder s 53 living own means b Notts Searvington
Herbert BLAGG servant s 19 farmer waggoner b Notts East Bridgeford

The Cottage
Edwin PATCHING 36 farmer & bricklayer b Notts Woodborough
Millicent wife 28 b Notts Lambley
Harry 5 b Notts Lowdham
George E 1 b Gonalstone
James HOPCROFT servant s 23 farmers waggoner b Notts Lambley
Martin JONES servant s 20 bricklayers labourer b Radnorshire Wales Knighton
Ellen LEVERTON servant 13 general servant domestic b Notts lowdham

George WAREHAM 45 gardener b Dorsetshire Child Okefors Blandford
Susan wife 44 b Lincolnshire Shirbeck Boston

George CROSS 34 coachman domestic b Huntingdonshire Spaldwick
Mary wife 35 b Notts Oxton
Annie 9 b Gonalstone
Sarah E 6 b Gonalstone
Alice M 2 b Gonalstone

Ann SHEPHARD 39 formerly cotton doubler b Notts Carlton
Emma 15 b Gonalstone
George 13 farmers boy b Gonalstone
Theresa A 7 scholar b Gonalstone
Thomas 3 b Gonalstone
Elie 2 b Gonlastone

Ann CHALLAND s 72 living own means b Yorkshire Atwick
John J brother s 70 formerly farmer b Yorkshire Atwick

Folio 34 page 3

Francis SHEPHARD 66 road man b Notts Caythopre
Jane wife 66 b Notts Carlton on Trent
Harry s 29 woodman labourer b Gonalstone

Car Holt Farm
George W LOWE 44 farmer b Derbyshire Loades
Annie wife 42 b Derbyshire Basslow
Charles JUBB servant s 25 farm labourer b Notts Clifton

The Hagg Farm
John CLARKE 61 farmer b Notts Blidworth
Ann wife 56 b Blidworth
Thomas 30 s farmers son b Notts Newstead
Charles s 27 farmers son b Notts Eakring
George s 23 farmers son b Eakring
Jessie L s 20 farmers daughter b Eakring
Samuel K 15 scholar b Eakring
Lillie MILNER g/dau 3 b Oxford Kirklington
Hannah E BLOUNT visitor s 39 dressmaker b Oxford Newthorpe
Herbert GREEN servant 18 farm servant b Notts Newark

Hall Farm
Francis WOODWARD 47 farmer b Derbyshire Stanley
Elizabeth wife 47 b Derbyshire Skirland
Mary 17 b Derbyshire Brampton
Francis C 15 son b Derbyshire Wingeworth
Catherine A 11 b Wingeworth
Elizabeth 9 b Wingeworth
James 3 b Wingeworth
Richard Woodward father wid 81 living own means b Derbyshire West Hallam
James HADFIELD brother in law wid 50 living own means b Derbyshire Shirland
George W SHORT servant s 22 farm servant b Notts Middle Rason
Harry WORMWELL servant 16 farm servant b Notts Westthorpe Southwell

folio 34 page 4

Sarah ALVEY wid 50 dressmaker b Notts Newark
Arthur son s 17 news agent b Notts Hoveringham

The Hall
John L FRANKLIN 46 J P for Notts ? b Gonalstone
Honble Alice M wife 42 b Cheshire Wittington Hall
Richard son s 19 land agent b Berkshire Kentbury Vicarage
Mary 14 b Notts Gonalstone
William R 12 b Gonalstone
Flora M 11 b Gonalstone
Edith E 4 Gonalstone
Hannah DICKENS servant s 25 servant domestic b Gonalstone
Sarah WOOD servant s 24 domestic b Staffordshire ?
Mary DICKEN servant 21 domestic b Derbyshire Stanley
Emily GREENSMITH servant s 19 domestic b Leictershire Brant ?
Maria E BARNSLEY servant s 20 domestic b Warwickshire Atherstone
James W BATER servant s 18 servant b Norfolk Crimplesham

The Rectory
Francis H PALEY s 64 rector of Gonalstone b Yorkshire Easingwold
Emily ROSTER servant s 27 house & parlour maid domestic b Staffordshire Acton ?
William JALLAND servant s 23 gardener domestic b Notts Lowdham

Glebe Farm House
William WOOD s 21 farmer b Notts Calverton
Eliza Wood sister s 26 housekeeper b Calverton
Frank SHEPHARD servant 17 farm servant b Gonalstone
Harry PARKES 17 farm servant b Lowdham

Spittle Cottage
Thomas HOLLOWAY 53 superannuated police serg b Gonalstone
Charlotte wife 60 b Nottingham

Spittle Farm
Joseph HERNINGTON 67 farmer b Nottingham
Hannah wife 65 b Notts Burton Joyce
Ann Hannah dau s 44 b Notts Carrington
Eliza dau s 33 b Burton Joyce
Lavinia dau s 30 b Burton Joyce
Joseph A son s 26 b Burton Joyce
Selina dau s 21 b Burton Joyce
William WHITE servant s 31 farm servant b Notts Edingley

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