Nottinghamshire 1891 Census Strays in South Muskham

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South Muskham
Fiche 2708 no 2

folio 77 page 1

Post Office
J? E FLETCHER 56 farmer b Notts North Muskham
Margaret T wife 51 b Notts Newark
Mary L s 21 b Notts South Muskham
Eliza s 17 dressmaker b Notts South Muskham
Edward F 14 scholar b Notts South Muskham
James 7 scholar b Notts South Muskham
Charles J FLETCHER boarder s 35 grocer assistant b Lancashire Manchester
Samuel BARKS servant 16 farm servant b Nottingham Spalford
Fanny MASON servant 14 domestic servant general b Notts Wellow

Samuel H BARRATT 55 farmer b Leicestershire Thorpesalohvill
Charlott A wife 49 b Lincoln Gainesboro
Edith C 16 b Lincoln Willisyhan? ?
Kathleen A 12 b Lincoln Willisyha? ?
Margaret F 6 scholar b Nottingham South Muskham
Lucy TAYLOR governess s 29 governess school b Notts Cromwell
Betsy DANGERFIELD servant 19 cook domestic b Yorks Woodsets
Sarah PLUMMER servant 15 general servant dom b Lincoln Grantham

Railway Gate House
John SPADEMAN 59 railway gate keeper b Notts Balderton
Charlott wife 51 b Lincoln Westborough
Arthur 12 scholar b Notts South Muskham
Annie 10 scholar b Notts South Muskham
Frederick 8 scholar b Notts South Muskham

George HALL 39 working foreman farm b Lincoln Sutton cum Beckingham
Fanny wife 41 b Lincoln Wellourn
Sarah H 17 b Notts Southwell
Alice E 13 scholar b Lincoln Sutton cum Beckingham
Thomas SAUDERS boarder s 20 farm servant b Lincoln Baanden
Thomas OGDEN boarder s 21 farm servant b Lincoln Claypole
Arthur HENTON boarder s 19 farm servant b Lincoln Brant Bronghton
Richard PORTER boarder s 17 farm servant b Lincoln Spittlegate

folio 77 page 2

Nesbit E WILLOUGHBY 36 clerk in holy orders clergy b Lincoln Carlton le Morrland
Florence M ? wife 27 b Suffolk Horringfleet
Mary A LOVETT servant s 50 cook domestic servant b Lincoln Mel? Ross

John S SMITH 32 shepherd b Lincoln South Witham
Ellen wife 33 b Notts East Bridgeford
Maud 9 scholar b Notts Barlythorpe
Annie 7 scholar b Nottingham
Ellen 6 scholar b Notts Ruddington
Frederick 3 b Notts Ruddington
Mary 1 b Notts South Muskham

James C HART 30 ? printers booth keeper b Warrick Bonningham
Harriett wife 34 certificated schoolmistress b Stafford Walsall
Charles L 6 scholar b Notts South Muskham
Leonard M 2 n Notts South Muskham
Mercy CLEWS servant 17 general servant domestic b Stafford Walsall

Thomas BUTTERWORTH 77 thrashing machine owner b Notts South Muskham
Sarah wife 77 b Notts east Stoke

Thomas GOODINAR 58 cottager b Notts Bathley
Ann wife 59 b Notts Bathley

James WHITE 59 agricultural laborer b Lincoln Willingham
Elizabeth wife 57 b Notts North Clifton

Thomas PLUMMNER wid 54 agricultural labourer b Notts South Muskham
Mary dau s 30 b Notts South Muskham

William LAWSON 61 shepherd b Notts South Muskham
Annie wife 41 b Notts Coddington

folio 78 page 3

William REDFERN 52 cottager & dairyman b Notts South Muskham
Elizabeth wife 51 b Notts Elston
William H s 24 joiner b Notts North Muskham
Oliver G s 17 tailors apprentice b Notts South Muskham
Mary R 10 scholar b Notts South Muskham
Frank 9 scholar b Notts South Muskham

Harry L PARLBY 26 wheelwright & joiner b Notts South Muskham
Emma wife 26 b Lincoln Grantham

Joseph LAWSON wid 53 agricultural labourer b Notts South Muskham

Henry FLETCHER wid 58 cottager b Notts North Muskham
Henry H son s 28 railway ? porter b Notts Newark
Samuel son s 27 blacksmith b Notts South Muskham

Thomas BROWN 64 agricultural labourer b Lincoln Fillingham
Jane wife 66 b Lincoln Hack?ham
Jane s 28 b Lincoln Ingham
Walter P g/son 9 scholar b Notts Bathley
Joseph LAWSON boarder s 28 agricultural laourer b Notts Sth Muskham

Charles WILSON 25 agricultural labourer b Lincoln Boston
Sarah wife 27 b Notts Newark
Fred 1 b Notts South Muskham
Jessy dau 2m b notts South Muskham
Alfred HALLAM nephew 9 scholar b Notts Newark

William WATTS m 55 agricultural labourer ? b Notts Upton
William son s 34 agricultural labourer b Notts Normanton
George s 25 farm servant b Notts Upton
Harriett s 17 b Notts Upton

folio 78 page 4

Thomas GRAVES 40 grooms gardener b Lincoln Manby
Eliza wife 36 b Lincoln Long Bennington
George 11 scholar b Lincoln Long Bennington
Mary 9 scholar b Lincoln Long Bennington
Martha 7 scholar b Lincoln Long Bennington
James 5 scholar b Notts Newark
Percy 4 scholar b Notts Newark
Henry 2 b Notts South Muskham
Frank 1m b Notts South Muskham

Edward BARKER 52 farmer b Notts Ruddington
Elizabeth F wife 49 b Notts Cotgrave
Edith M s 18 b Yorkshire Brodsworth
Emily G 15 scholar b Yorkshire Brodsworth
Margaret C 13 scholar b Notts South Muskham
Richard H 11 scholar b Notts South Muskham
Gerigott brother s 50 land agent b Notts Ruddington
Mary J BAGGALEY servant s 23 housemaid domestic b Yorks Brighouse
Mary A ? servant s 21 cook domestic b Leicestershire Redmile

Henry JEHSON 46 agricultural labourer b Notts South Muskham
An? E wife 49 b Leicester Shepshead
Hannah s 22 dressmaker b Notts South Muskham
Frederick H g/son 1 b Notts Newark

Luke PARLBY 68 farmer & cottager b Notts Newark
Ann wife 58 b Notts Newark
Alice 19 b Notts South Muskham

Water Works
Ralph WHITTLE 62 waterworks engineer b Durham ?
Ann wife 61 b Berwick on Tweed
Geogina s 30 dressmaker b Notts South Muskham
Annie DICKINSON g/dau 13 scholar b Notts Newark

folio 78 page 4

Henry KAY 28 engine driver ? b Notts Elston
Martha wife 28 b Notts Branath

George HALAM s 22 engine driver ? b Notts Newark

Signal Box
G.N Railway
James MULSON 49 railway signalman b Wiltshire ?

South Muskham Finished

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