Nottinghamshire Stray Marriages in Eakring

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LDS film number 496707 marriage index.

William HERRON p,Maplebeck & Ann REEVE p, Ekeringe 14th Oct 1599

John HOPKINSON p,Kirton [T.Kirton] & Elizabeth PECK p,Eyckring 29th Oct 1634

William MILNES p, of Ekering & Anne CLARK of Westrop p,Southwell 28th Feb 1660

George HIGGIN & Elizabeth WILLAY married at Nottingham 11th Nov 1665 (see St Peters Nottingham register)

Leonard ROBINSON p,Kirby Ravensworth co Yorks esq & Jane dau of Rowland DAND p,Mansfield esq 9th Jan 1671

Adam MARSHALL & Sarah SWAN both of St Mary's Nottingham 22nd June 1716

William MARSHALL p,Sutton on Trent & Mary COOPER 2nd July 1717

Richard FIRTH [ T R Firth ] p.Pleasley co Darby & Elizabeth THOMPSON, of this co 4th Nov 1717

[ T, William COOK p,Maplebeck, & Elizabeth BEEDAM p,South Muskham lic 20th Dec 1718

[ T James GREEN, p, Ragnall & Anne WHITWORTH 20th Feb 1721

SR CHALONER OGLE KT of Copeland Co, Northumberland & Miss Isabella OGLE of Kirkley in the same co with lic by Mr SANDFORD, off Rufford 20th Oct 1737

John NUTHALL p,Heath co Derby & Jane WOLHOUSE lic 5th Feb 1756

James HARDWICK p,Maplebeck & Elizabeth GILL 16th July 1757

Robert MILLER p,Ollerton & Anne ELLIS 21st July 1757

John BRITTLE p,Thurgarton, co Nottm & Grace REDDISH lic 14th Nov 1757

Francis DOBB & Elizabeth WRIGHT of Rufford Liberty lic 2nd Ap 1758

George HURT & Anne WARSOP p,Wellow 26th Nov 1759

William BOOTH p,Wellow & Mary BUNBY lic 28th Nov 1759

Thomas RICH & Sarah FLEEMAN of Rufford 2nd Aug 1760

John BARTRAM & Grace GASCOIGNE of Rufford [T-GASKING] 21st Oct 1760

Joseph RADFORD p,St John's, city of Coventry & Mary KEYWORTH, of Rufford lic 21st Jan 1761

Francis DOBB & Lucy EASOM p,Southwell lic 19th May 1761

Charles SIMPSON p,Mansfield & Mary COULT 4th Oct 1761

Thomas HUMPHREY p,Edwinstowe & Elizabeth BOWMAN lic 22nd Feb 1762

William BARLOW & Anne SMITH both of Rufford lic 4th July 1763

Samuel SANDIFORD p,Southwell & Sarah COOPER 21st Nov 1764

John HURT p,Maplebeck & Anne LEES 11th Dec 1764

John REDDISH p,Ollerton co Nottm & Elizabeth BARKER lic 15th Oct 1765

William KEY p,Maplebeck co Nottm & Jane BARKER lic 15th Nov 1765

Robert RUSTON p,Bleasby & Sarah ELLIS 20th June 1768

John HOLLAND p,Southwell & Anne SADLER 15th Aug 1769

William HIBBARD p,Worsop & Sarah MELLORS 11th Dec 1769

John SIMSON of Ruffed & Mary ROBINSON 4th Dec 1770

Thomas DORE & Mary HURST both of Rufford Liberty lic [T by Banns] 2nd May 1771

James SIMSON p,Mansfield & Grace TIPPING lic 16th Dec 1771

Thomas COWLEY of Rufford & Elizabeth ANSON 6th Sep 1772

John CLAY p,Southwell & Elizabeth PALETHORPE lic 11th Sep 1773

Thomas WHITWORTH & Elizabeth SAMPSON p,Kneesal lic 30th Nov 1773

John SCOFIELD [signed SCOUFIELD] p,Laxton & Mary BLYTON 10th May 1774

John STANLEY p,Noton Cuckney co Nottm & Elizabeth NEWTON lic 19th April 1775

Godfrey SMITH p,West Markham & Mary CULLEN 20th June 1775

Charles BUTLER, of Rufford & Isabell SIMSON lic 2nd Nov 1775

John BUTTERY p,Kelham & Elizabeth CHAPPELL 8th Ap 1776

Samuel ASHMORE p,Tibshelf co derby & Mary BLYTON 2nd Ap 1777

Edward SLACK p,Ashover co Derby & Elizabeth TIPPING lic [T, 25 Ap] 26th Ap 1778

William STRETTON p,St Mary Nottingham & Susanna LYMAN lic 22nd June 1778

Thomas HAWLEY p,Kirklington & Hannah GODFREY 13th July 1778

William JEFFORD p,Mansfield & Anne MATCHITT lic 13th Aug 1779

James DAWSON of Clowns Hills & Elizabeth STRONG of Rufford lic 12th Nov 1780

Gilbert MOREWOOD p,Alfreton co Derby & Mary DOBB lic 1st Jan 1781

Samuel BLYTON of Rufford & Elizabeth MARSHALL 20th Nov 1781

Thomas SARDINSON p,Southwell & Anne BOLTON 25th Nov 1781

John GOODALL & Alice HOLMES, both of Rufford 4th Feb 1782

Thomas PINDER p, East Retford & Jane LYNAM lic 30th June 1782

Samuel BLYTON p, Fishlock, co, York & Hannah HURST, p, Rufford 14th Sept 1784

Francis HURT & Elizabeth CUCKSON, p, Farnsfield 20th Feb 1786

George TAYLOR p, Killermash co Derby & Anne ELVIDGE lic 2nd Dec 1786

John WAINWRIGHT p, Sutton on Trent & Hannah DREWRY 12th June 1787

Nicholas TAYLOR p, Kneesal & Elizabeth PECK lic 27th Mar 1788

Joseph ROBERTS p, Southwell & Anne PURSGLOVE 15th mar 1789

John FREEMAN & Anne HIND of Rufford 8th Dec 1789

James BELFIELD p, Fardon & Mary CHAPPEL lic 30th May 1790

Peter GREEN p, Laxton & Mary BARTHRAM 21st June 1790

George HURT & Elizabeth KEY p, Maplebeck co Nottm lic 7th Jan 1792

John BROUGH p, St Mary's Nottingham & Anne WHITAKER lic 12th March 1792

William KENDAL & Elizabeth MARSHALL [Banns by Ann] 10th July 1792

George HURT of Kirklington & Susanna EATON 18th Dec 1792

Thomas LOWE p, St Mary's Nottingham & Elizabeth HURT 1st Jan 1793

James BROADBENT p, North Scarle & Sarah WATERS 11th Feb 1794

Joseph MACHON p, Skegby & Anne WILLIAMSON lic 10th Feb 1795

Joshua HAYWOOD & Elizabeth SHOROD 23rd March 1795

John ROSE p, Papplewick & Anne TOMLINSON lic 8th Nov 1796

James MARROT p, Farnsfield & Sarah SIMPSON 19th Dec 1796

George WOOLY p, Mansfield & Anne SIMPSON 31st Dec 1798

Matthew MARSH of Rufford & Anne HEROD 4th march 1799

Henry TAYLOR p, Norwell & Mary BOOLE 18th Mar 1799

John COOKE p, Ollerton & Mary WOOD lic 19th Dec 1800

William BUCK p, Bleasby & Mary HURT 13th Jan 1801

John BLANCLIFF [T-Blanciffe] p, Kneesal & Mary WALKER lic 24th Jan 1801

Thomas RICHARDS of Rufford & Anne CLARKE 5th Oct 1801

James BRAMLEY p, East STOKE & Elizabeth RHODES 18th Jan 1802

William SMITH p, Edingley & Mary DONCASTER 22nd March 1802

James PARKER,p, St Mary's Nottingham & Mary GODFREY 11th May 1802

John PAULSON p,Mansfield & Jane LEAH 24th 1802

William WINTERBORNE & Anne HARDING both of Rufford (sorry missed getting the date, but will be between 1802/1803)

Samuel JOHNSON p,Kirklington & Anne LOWE 29th Nov 1803

Joseph HOULDSWORTH & Mary JACKSON both of Rufford 5th Dec 1803

William BARK p,Bilsthorpe & Anne ROBINSON 26th Nov 1804

John HEATH, p,Mansfield & Anne RANDELL 26th March 1810

William GOODWIN p,Staveley & Hannah SIMPSON 21st May 1810

Richard PALEREMAN,p,Thurgarton & Mary MOSELEY 22nd Ap 1811

William FEATHERSTONE, p,Maplebeck & Elizabeth RANDELL 2nd March 1812

Edward PRESSGREAVE, p,Wellow & Anne WHITWORTH lic 29th Aug 1812

Samuel SMITH & Mary BARTRAM both of Rufford with consent of parents 5th Jan 1813

Paul BLOOM & Jane FLEEMAN p,Rufford with consent of parents 5th Jan 1813

John ULYART p,Kirklington Anne HAYES with consent of parents 5th July 1813

Joseph WARD, p,Ollerton & Anne MARSHALL with consent of parents 27th July 1813

William UPTON, p,Cotgrave & Annie HURT lic 28th Feb 1814

John BEAN, p,Edwinstowe & Sarah SURGERY with consent of parents 25th Ap 1814

Robert WINFIELD of Rufford & Eleanor MARSHALL with consent of parents 16th May 1815

Thomas MEAKIN, w, p,Hucknall Torkard & Hannah DOBB lic 8th Sep 1815

Charles SIDEBOTTOM p,Wakefield co York & Fanny CARRINGTON lic 16th Ap 1816

Samuel WEBBERLY [signs Webberley] p,Calverton Co Nottm & Mary DAY 5th Jan 1818

Thomas WHITE p,Radford & Hannah MASSEY lic 7th Feb 1818

Samuel FRYER p,Southwell & Ruth WALKER 5th May 1818

Henry WILLIAMSON p,Ollerton & Mary HURT lic 2nd Dec 1819

Joseph FREEMAN p,Bilsthorpe & Anne TOMLINSON 4th Ap 1820

William RAYWORTH p,Ollerton & Sarah MARSHALL 9th May 1820

John HURT p,Bilsthorpe & Anne BELLAMY 16th May 1820

William GODFRAY p,Worsop & Sarah MURDEN 13th Jan 1821

William TESH p,Bilsthorpe & Mary FREAKER 8th Oct 1821

Thomas COLLINSON p,Ollerton & Anne OSBORNE lic 6th Mar 1822

John CROSS p,St Mary Nottingham & Grace TIPPING 25th Nov 1822

Richard PARKINSON & Susanna BROWN both of Rufford lic 1st July 1824

David HALLAM & Annie FLOWER p,Boughton lic 4th Sep 1827

William ROBINSON p, Worksop, Notts & Anne HUTCHINSON 24th Dec 1827

John ASHLEY p, Blidworth & Elizabeth HAYWOOD 25th May 1828

Henry RATCLIFFE p, Southwell & Ellen WATERS lic 21st Ap 1829

John COPLEY p, Worksop & Anne DAY 14th Ap 1830

George WASS p, Kirton co Nottm & Eleanor Mary Rose with consent of parents lic 20th Oct 1830

Peter LEATHER & Sarah BROOTON both of Rufford 22nd Nov 1830

Paul BLOOM & Elizabeth RENSHAW p, Rufford extra parochial 22nd Jan 1831

John BLATHERWICK p, Blidworth & Anne BULL lic 10th May 1831

James JACKSON p, Oxton & Mary TOMLINSON 10th July 1831

William STOTHARD of Rufford & Jane Wilson ROSE 12th Oct 1831

Richard WARD & Jane THOMPSON of Rufford 8th Dec 1831

John SAMPSON p, Cuckney & Elizabeth PARKER 25th Ap 1832

George Gabbitass HOGGARD p, Walesby & Sarah SHOOTER of Rufford lic 4th July 1832

Thomas CHARLESWORTH p, St John's co York & Mary WALKER 5th July 1832

Charles BROWN p, Elksley & Elizabeth COOPER 1st Oct 1833

John ROW or ROE & Annie WHITE, p, Newark 15th May 1834

James BUTLER p, Bilsthorpe & Jane TOMLINSON 15th June 1835

Henry RYALLS p, Bilsthorpe & Mary Anne WILLIAMSOM of Rufford lic 30th July 1835

John EADSON [signs EADAM] p, Scartliffe co Derby & Margaret Hewett JOHNSON lic 7th Feb 1836

John POOLE p, Thorpe Salvin co York & Elizabeth MORLEY 16th June 1836

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