Tarrant Crawford, Dorset
1841 Census
"As Enumerated" Transcription

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This page gives a transcription of the 1841 census for Tarrant Crawford, which I have personally produced. Attention is drawn to the limitations of this transcription, and to the explanation of the layout, on the introductory page. All were shown as born in Dorset except the two marked otherwise. The PLACE column was blank except for the last household, for which see the note at the end of the schedule.

Reference information

The data below is taken from HO 107 Piece 289/2, pages 1, 2 and 3.

Shaston (East Division) Badbury

Definition of the area

Parish of Tarrant Crawford with Preston

(Preston is included in Tarrant Crawford, but it is not named in the schedule)

The schedule "as enumerated"

Note: The "1"s in the first column indicate the beginnings of new households.


1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Against the last household there were two entries in the PLACE column (which was empty for all other households). The first was a normal entry for the column, which read "Abbey Croft". The second was a note relating to the entries for this household, which were in different handwriting from all the others; this read: "Copied from original now with Tarrant Monckton".

Note that on the 1851 census the name of George FLORENCE's wife is given as Elizabeth, then age 56, so this is probably what was written on this schedule, but I could not read it.

Statistical summary

At the end of the schedule is written the following statistical summary, in three parts, not all of which I understand:

14 inhabited houses
2 uninhabited
29 male
38 female


Fam(?) Res
13 - 5



Females 13
Persons 62

Total of persons 67


Why five people (and thirteen females) have apparently been picked out as in some way different, and which five and thirteen they are, I don't know.

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