Tarrant Crawford, Dorset
1841 Census
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This page gives a surname index to the 1841 census for Tarrant Crawford, which I have personally produced. For each name the surname is given in BLOCK CAPITALS, followed by the complete name exactly as on the schedule (to the best I can interpret it). Click on any name to go to that entry on the "as enumerated" schedule to see the details, and scroll to see other members of the same household in the order listed on the original schedule.

Note that spellings can be erratic, both because of my difficulty in reading the film and because of errors by the enumerator. For example, I know that the names listed below as "GERRARD" should really be "CHERRETT", and probably "JERRETT" should as well.

The surname index

BRIAN Henry do
BRIAN Richard Brian
BRIAN Sarah do
BRIAN Sophia do
BROWN Sarah Brown
COUPINS Robert Coupins
DANIELS Ellen do
DANIELS Frances do
DANIELS Hannah do
DANIELS Harriett do
DANIELS Henry Daniels
DANIELS Henry do
DANIELS Thomas do
FLORENCE Elizth do
FLORENCE Elizth do
FLORENCE George Florence
GERRARD Ann Gerrard
GERRARD Charles do
GERRARD Hannah do
GERRARD Sarah do
GOVER Herbert do
GOVER Maria do
GOVER William Gover
HAND John do
HAND Mary do
HAND Richard Hand
HAND Sarah do
HUNT Francis do
HUNT Jane do
HUNT Thomas Hunt
JARVIS George do
JARVIS Hannah do
JARVIS Henry do
JARVIS John do
JARVIS Judith do
JARVIS Sarah do
JARVIS Stephen do
JARVIS Thomas do
JARVIS William do
JARVIS William Jarvis
JEFFERYS Louisa Jefferys
JERRETT Ann Jerrett
OLIVER Ann Oliver
OLIVER Eliza do
OLIVER Elizabeth do
OLIVER John Oliver
OLIVER Mary do
OLIVER Priscilla do
OLIVER Robert do
OLIVER Rosecita do
OLIVER Sarah do
SOPER Ann do
SOPER Benjamin Soper
SOPER Charles do
SOPER Emma do
SOPER Jane do
SOPER Jennett do
SOPER John Soper
SOPER Louisa do
SOPER Matilda do
STEPHENS George do
STEPHENS Henriata do
STEPHENS Richard do
STEPHENS William Stephens
STICKLAND Elizabeth Stickland

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