Tarrant Crawford, Dorset
1861 Census
Surname Index

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This page gives a surname index to the 1861 census for Tarrant Crawford, which I have personally produced from the transcription which an anonymous contributor has kindly made available. For each name the surname is given in BLOCK CAPITALS, followed by the complete name exactly as on the schedule (to the best the transcriber could interpret it). Click on any name to go to that entry on the "as enumerated" schedule to see the details, and scroll to see other members of the same household in the order listed on the original schedule.

Note that spellings can be erratic, both because of the transcriber's difficulty in reading the film and because of errors by the enumerator. For example, I know (they're my family) that the names listed below as "GERRET" should really be "CHERRETT" or possibly "GERRARD" from which it was derived in this instance.

The surname index

ADAMS Fred Adams
ADAMS Sarah Adams
ADAMS Jane Adams
ADAMS John Adams
BARTLETT Rosanna Bartlett
BARTLETT Mary J? Bartlett
BRINE Richard Brine
BRINE Sarah Brine
BRINE Harry Brine
CLARK Ann Clark
CUFF Emma H Cuff
DANIELS Henry Daniels
DANIELS Percilla Daniels
DANIELS George Daniels
DANIELS John Daniels
DANIELS Charles Daniels
DANIELS Stephen Daniels
DANIELS James Daniels
FLORENCE Elizabeth Florence
FLORENCE Mary Florence
FRIEND Jane Friend
GALE William Gale
GALE Anna Gale
GALE Charles Gale
GERRET Ann Gerret
GERRET Hannah Gerret
GERRET Isaac Gerret
GERRET Mary A Gerret
GERRET Sarah Gerret
GOULD Mary Gould
GOVER William Gover
GOVER Maria Gover
GREEN James Green
GREEN Elizabeth Green
GREEN Mary E Green
GREEN Sarah A Green
GREEN Henry J? Green
HAYTERHAIN? Robert Hayterhain?
HAYTERHAIN? Arrabella/Annabella Hayterhain?
HAYTERHAIN? Cornelius Hayterhain?
HAYTERHAIN? Henry Hayterhain?
HAYTERHAIN? Elizabeth Hayterhain?
HAYTERHAIN? William Hayterhain?
HAYTERHAIN? Emma P? Hayterhain?
HILL James Hill
HUNT Jane Hunt
JAMES Joseph James
JAMES Jane James
MARSH Robert Marsh
MARSH Mary Marsh
MARSH Edwin Marsh
MARSH Charlotte Marsh
MARSH Susan Marsh
MITCHELL John Mitchell
PAINE Charles Paine
PAINE Mary A Paine
PAINE Mary J? Paine
PAINE Thomas Paine
PAINE Robert Paine
PENET? John Penet?
PENET? Barbara Penet?
RIGGS George Riggs
RIGGS Elizabeth Riggs
RIGGS Sarah A Riggs
SAMPSON William Sampson
SAMPSON Sarah Sampson
SAMPSON Richard Sampson

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