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This page gives a transcription of the Tarrant Crawford burials as listed in the Bishop's transcripts, which has been transcribed and kindly supplied for use here by Christine Crawford. Attention is drawn to the limitations of this transcription, and to the explanation of the layout, on the introductory page. Where the "name" NONE is shown, this indicates that there was a specific note that there were no burials in the year concerned.

Note that many of the earlier entries refer to "Antioch" or "Antiock". This refers to the parish then known as Tarrant Antioch, now Tarrant Rawston, which did not have a church at that time, so all baptism, marriage and burial ceremonies for that parish took place at Tarrant Crawford instead, and are consequently included in this transcription.

The transcription

1732 Nov-16 LACEY John 1732 NONE this year 1733 Aug-01 CUTTLER Martha 1733 Feb-07 CUTTLER Anne 1733 Apr-16 HANCOCK Chas? 1734 Apr-11 HYNE John 1734 Mar-10 CUFF Mary Jnr. 1734 Mar-02 CUFF Mary Snr. 1735 Feb-07 PETTY Mary 1735 Jul-14 TUBBS Mary 1735 Jul-21 KENT Samuel 1743 May-20 HOMES Alice 1743 May-22 LANNING Anne 1743 Jun-06 INKPEN Thomas 1745 Nov-24 MAYBY Sus. 1745 Dec-25 WHITE Mary 1745 Dec-28 INCMAN Eliz. 1745 Feb-19 HOMER Martha 1751 Oct-08 FRY Mary 1752 May-09 CROCKER Joseph 1753 Jan-13 CROCKE Joseph 1753 Apr-29 .. . 1753 Oct-20 AYLES John 1753 Oct-26 DAVIFS George 1755 Apr-13 DEABON Elizabeth 1756 Mar-28 HINE James 1757 Dec-29 MAIBER Susanna 1757 Sep-29 DAVICE Mary 1758 Feb-16 TANNING William 1760 Mar-15 RAWLONS William 1760 Mar-29 RAWLONS Sarah 1764 Mar-12 HINE Elizabeth 1765 Jan-03 HIND John 1765 Jan-29 HIND .. 1767 Oct-09 DAVIES Jane 1767 Nov-12 DAVIES John 1767 Dec-31 LANNING Ann Possible records missing from BT's ?? 1775 Feb-23 MAIDMENT Francis 1775 Mar-09 CRITCH Ann 1778 Aug-28 GOVER Ann 1778 Oct-18 SOPER Ann 1780 Apr-19 BROWNING Susanna 1780 May-26 CUSTARDS Elizabeth 1785 Feb-06 CUSTARDS Elizabeth 1785 Mar-13 CUSTARDS Susannah 1785 Jun-22 FREEMAN Robert 1785 Oct-02 CREECH Mary 1785 Nov-08 SOPER Ann 1786 Jan-16 SEYMOUR Jane 1786 Jan-22 ADAMS Ann 1786 Mar-08 MAIDMENT Ann 1786 Mar-08 LACY James 1786 Jul-09 FRY William 1786 Oct-15 ANDREWS John 1787 Jan-08 SPINNEY Jane 1788 Aug-06 BULL Thomas 1788 Sep-28 MAIDMENT Elizabeth 1788 Dec-14 TURNER Mary 1789 Jan-07 HAYNE Susannah 1789 Apr-29 BROWNING John 1789 May-04 STERNEY Susannah 1789 May-26 PRINCE Thomas 1789 Jun-09 BARNES George 1789 Oct-08 BROWNING William 1790 Dec-21 SPINNEY John 1790 Dec-29 SUTHEFS Ann 1791 Dec-14 COLLIS James 1791 Dec-16 BROWNING Rachel 1792 May-06 ANDREWS Wm. 1792 May-19 LACEY Hannah 1794 Jan-22 HINE Henry 1794 Feb-21 LACEY George 1794 Mar-28 LACEY James 1795 Jan-30 FRY Mary 1795 Jun-05 HINE Catherine 1795 Jun-29 PITMAN Ann 1795 Aug-14 STINEY Sarah 1797 Jan-29 LACEY Susannah 1799 NONE 1799 Sep-01 BULL Mary 1800 Jan-13 SHEPHERD Giles 1800 Apr-14 PITMAN Ann Possible records missing from BT's ?? 1807 JARRETT Maria 1807 MAIDMENT Maria 1809 Apr-11 ANDREWS Mary 1810 NONE 1811 Mar-10 HAYWARD John 1812 NONE 1813 Aug-06 JARRETT Margarett 1813 Sep-15 BAINE Henneeriette 1813 Nov-29 JARRETT Elizabeth 1814 May-15 HUNT Harry 1815 Mar-19 SOPER George 1815 Dec-10 GOVER Robert 1816 Dec-19 MAIDMENT David 1817 NONE 1818 Jun-21 WARR Matilda 1819 NONE 1820 Mar-19 ADAMS Thomas 1821 NONE 1822 May-08 CUSTARD Elizabeth 1822 Sep-15 LACEY Henry 1823 Feb-09 HUNT Ann 1823 Oct-14 HAYWARD W. 1823 Oct-19 GOVER Sarah 1824 NONE 1825 NONE 1826 Jan-05 HAYWARD Rebecca 1826 Sep-03 HUNT David 1827 Jul-15 MAIDMENT Mariah 1827 Oct-26 GERRETT Charles 1827 Dec-02 SOPER James 1828 Nov-14 CHRISTOPHER Mary 1829 Apr-27 CHRISTOPHER Ann 1834 Aug-14 BOPER Elizabeth 1834 Sep-29 ROBERTS Reuben 1842 Jul-15 JERVIS Judith 1843 Apr-26 GERRETT Ann 1844 NONE 1845 Aug-14 CLARK Levi 1846 NONE 1847 NONE

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