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This set of pages gives a transcription of the Bishop's transcripts of baptims at Tarrant Crawford, transcribed and kindly made available by Christine Crawford as a part of the On-line Parish Clerk project. I have added separate surname indices for both brides and grooms. It has not been independently checked, and it should therefore be treated with caution, particularly with regard to names, which were at times difficult to decipher. I hope nevertheless that it will be of some help to people researching ancestors in this parish.

Introduction to the Bishop's transcripts

Most parishes were required to supply their bishop with an annual list of baptisms, burials and marriages, but in Dorset this did not start until 1731. In theory the transcripts should be exact copies of the parish register entries, but differences arise from several causes. In addition to the loss of records of both types at different times, some incumbents were much more meticulous than others about carrying out this task. In consequence there are many differences in both names and dates recorded, and sometimes events were recorded in one but not the other. Errors were often made in making the copies for the bishop, but in other cases corrections were made at that stage, so it is not possible to assume that either record is more accurate or reliable than the other - difference must be checked, if at all possible, with other independent sources, or be regarded as unresolved.

About this transcription

This transcription was carried out from film of the Bishop's transcripts by Christine Crawford, who kindly made them available to the On-line Parish Clerk project, and hence to me for inclusion here. As the transcriber has noted within the detailed entries, there appear to be numerous records missing, because there are none between September 1828 and February 1841.

Note that many of the earlier entries refer to "Antioch" or "Antiock". This refers to the parish then known as Tarrant Antioch, now Tarrant Rawston, which did not have a church at that time, so all baptism, marriage and burial ceremonies for that parish took place at Tarrant Crawford instead, and are consequently included in this transcription.

In order to make this data available even to those with very old browsers, I have avoided the use of tables in its presentation. By using indented lists with bullet points I have also avoided the need for horizontal scrolling, which would make for difficult viewing.

The presentation here consists of two parts, the grooms' surname index, the brides' surname index and the details as transcribed.

The surname index shows each personal entry with the surname in block capitals, followed by the forename exactly (or as near as the transcriber could interpret it) as on the original record, and the date year as recorded. Clicking on the name leads to the corresponding entry in the transcription of the details.

Each detailed entry consists of the date and parish (Antioch or Crawford) followed by three groups of data, all indented. The first group of lines gives details of the groom, the second details of the bride, and then follows other information about the marriage, if available such as witnesses.

The marriage details

The marriage details are on a separate page.

The grooms' surname index

The grooms' surname index is also on a separate page.

The brides' surname index

The brides' surname index is also on a separate page.

The witnesses surname index

The witnesses surname index is also on a separate page.

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