Map of Tarrant Crawford Parish, Dorset

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Tarrant Crawford Parish Map

Parish boundary is shown: Key to map

The thin wandering brown line is in most places the 50 metre contour, although at the top the 75 and 85 metre contours are also shown. (They don't occur anywhere else.)

The dark red road shown running diagonally across the bottom left through Spetisbury is the main A350 road from Blandford Forum to Poole.

The most significant other road runs parallel to it for some way (marked in yellow-brown) from Blandford Forum to the old cross in Tarrant Crawford, where it swings sharp right over Crawford Bridge to join the A350 at Spetisbury.

The lane shown in yellow continuing from the cross towards the bottom right of the map leads to the next village of Shapwick.

The road, again marked in yellow-brown, leading to the north east from near Keynston Mill and through Tarrant Keynston continues up the Tarrant valley through the other Tarrant villages, crossing the main Blandford Forum to Wimborne road just beyond Tarrant Keynston.

The only other road open to public vehicles (so far as I know) is the small lane running north east to Tarrant Abbey Farm and the village church. Beyond the church it is only a footpath.

The total width (and height) of the map represents about 2.85 kilometres (just under 1.8 miles)

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