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There is a paradox concerning time which seems to pass unnoticed by most people, yet it seems to me to be in urgent need of resolution. Consider the following facts:

  1. In a few minutes time, it will be true to say "It is now."
    It is therefore at this moment nearly now, and now is in the future.
  2. A few minutes ago it was true to say "It is now."
    It is therefore at this moment a few minutes after now, and now is in the past.

Now therefore occurred a few minutes ago and will occur again in a few minutes time!

We are in the anomalous situation of not currently being in either the past, the present or the future, so when are we?!

Does this offer an explanation for some people's occasional experience of déja vu?

Am I really here at all (or somewhen else)? After reading the above, do you wish I wasn't?

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