Inland grinders are well-known for their reliability and excellent value for money.  We've been selling these for over 15 years.  These are the latest European models that we now stock

Stock no 5GR1k  Kristall 1 Diamond Grinder..

Kristall 1 glass grinder

This gimmick-free power tool features a large (11 x 9" - 280 x 235 mm) working platform and sturdy 1/18 HP ball-bearing brushless motor.  The ideal model for hobbyists.

The work surface is removable for easy cleaning and the sponge coolant feed is simple to use and effective.  Supplied with


Inland Contour glass grinder


We may from time to time supply the

similar Inland Contour model (left)

in lieu of the above.


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Stock no 5GR2s  Kristall 2000s Diamond Grinder..

This grinder is a professional studio model - our replacement for the Wizard (no longer available for the European market).

Inland Wizard IV glass grinderThe Kristall 2000s is a much more powerful unit than the Kristall 1 featuring an efficient integral coolant pump and the capability of accepting larger 1" (25mm) grinding heads ... and even a band saw attachment!  This is a real workhorse for the busy studio or enthusiastic amateur.

The work surface is the same large area (11 x 9" - 280 x 235 mm).  The motor is a robust and very powerful 1/8 HP ball-race thermally protected unit.   Supplied with


There is a wide range of accessories available from protective face shields to drill bits (1/8" - 3/8") and a complete range of grinding heads to complement both the above.

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