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JENNIFER~JANE Stained Glass has a wealth of experience in the restoration and repair of Stained and Leaded Glazing.  Much of our work on churches, historic buildings from castles and palaces to cathedrals and monuments is carried out under the ęgis of Historic Scotland.  Whilst painted and stained work is our speciality, simple leaded lights also form an essential part of our Studio throughput.

Domestic restoration work is naturally one of our strengths.  Our extensive stocks of glass and other traditional materials, together with specialist techniques, enable us to offer the very best matching available.  Damaged work may be received in extremely poor condition, sometimes a 'kit of parts', but invariably can be brought back to its former glory.

Restoration of Stained Glass is a highly specialized skill.  Our years of experience in this field is invaluable in assessing the right level of intervention, bringing damaged work back to a condition consistent with its historical value and importance.  Whether the work entails the reconstruction of a vandalized church window from a bag-full of tiny pieces or reproducing glass for a clock-face, we can manage the project from removal through to re-installation.


A rose window for St Congan's Church, Turriff, Aberdeenshire ready for installation after restoration and conservation








After refitting - applying the final touches   



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