The 15th UN Climate Change Conference (COP-15) will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 7th-18th December 2009.

The international community might now get serious... ...and there may be a real opportunity to decide if we have a future, or not...
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We at Rugby FoE are keen that everybody does as much as they can locally to prevent catastrophic climate change.

'The Age of Stupid' is a feature-length film in which an archivist (played by Pete Postlethwaite) who is isolated on a future, water-logged earth, shows images from our time; he asks why we did not act when we were still able to prevent the changes to the climate which had such devastating consequences. The film is neither dull nor didactic in delivering its message that action is needed, but is a fast-paced, funny, engaging and entertaining tool for raising awareness of the factors in global heating.

The film is available from the distributor, Indie Screenings, on DVD or DigiBeta, the licence fee varying with circumstances; the fee can be calculated on the distributor's website (book now, select film and generate quote links will do this without any commitment being made).

Rugby FoE hope that interested groups will consider showing it to their own members, or to the public if they can get access to venues with suitable playback and projection facilities. We do hope that you will consider showing the film. The Wave is coming on Saturday 5th December 2009. Rugby FoE would be very pleased to hear from you if you plan to have a screening, and will of course endeavour to support you in this wherever possible.

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