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apotheosis[n] deification, model of excellence
atavistic[adj] showing characteristics of a primitive ancestor
atrabilious[adj] acrimonious, splenetic
Caliban[n] beastly man (the Tempest)
comport[v] conduct, behave
condign[adj] worthy/deserving (of punishment)
chutzpah[n] effrontary, shamelessness
crepuscular[adj] like twilight
cunctatory[adj] delaying, procrastinating
disingenuous[adj] crafty, false appearence of frankness
dolorous[adj] full of grief
effete[adj] degenerate, exhausted e.g. by childbirth
ensorcell[v] to bewitch or enchant
ersatz[adj] fake
exiguous[adj] scanty, slender, meagre
febrile[adj] feverish, full of nervous energy
flosculation[n] embellishment or ornament in speech
foofaraw[n] excessive ornamentation; a fuss over nothing
galeanthropic[adj] feline
gambrinousfull of beer; pertaining to Gambrinus, legendary king of Flanders
gibbous[adj] humped, convex on both sides, e.g. moon
inchoate[adj] rudimentary
kismet[n] fate, destiny
kittle-pitchery[n] subtle baiting of someone telling a boring anecdote, when the object is to derail the speaker. "What day did you say that happened? Are you sure" etc. Sometimes older people kittle pitcher themselves, derailing their own story with asides, e.g. "It was back in '87 that it happened . . .or was it '88?" etc.
laconic[adj] concise, pithy
lambent[adj] glowing, luminous
limpid[adj] transparent, clear
lugubrious[adj] dismal
mendaceous[adj] untruthful
misanthrope[n] hater of mankind
misogynist[n] hater of women
misqueme[v] to displease or offend
obfuscate[v] make obscure, darken
obloquy[n] censure; reproachful language
otiose[adj] serving no useful purpose; idle, leisurely
palimpsest[n] manuscript rubbed out and reused
panjandrum[n] pompous, pretentious person
pellucid[adj] transparent, lucid
pixilated[adj] eccentric, whimsical; drunk [not to be confused with pixelated]
prurient[adj] lascivious, lustful, craving
quotidian[adj] daily, commonplace
recondite[adj] hidden, obscure
scion[n] offshoot, esp. of family
sententious[adj] aphoristic, full of meaning; moralizing
sequestered[v] secluded, confiscated
shibboleth[n] distinctive word or phrase of a social group. Originally a hebrew password used to distinguish friends from foes who could not pronounce it correctly. A similar test word was "cicera" (chick peas) used by Italians in 1282 to identify the French during the Sicilian Vespers rebellion.
solipsism[n] theory that only one's own existence can be known with absolute certainty; self-absorbed
splenetic[adj] spiteful, peevish
sybarite[n] one devoted to luxury
syncope[n] to cut short: in grammar to shorten a word by omission of a letter, e.g. bos'n for boatswain; in medicine, to feel faint
synecdoche[n] figure of speech where a specific is substituted for the general (e.g. "hand" for sailor), or sometimes the reverse (e.g. "the law" for police officer)
unctious[adj] offensively smug
Termagant[n] a quarrelsome, nagging woman, shrew [a character from Mediaeval plays]
viliorate[v] deteriorate
venal[adj] for sale, corruptly mercenary
venial[adj] easily excused or forgiven
vituperate[v] to berate, revile, rail against abusively
womblecropt[adj] having a rumbling stomach