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"Just What I Need" (JWIN) for EPOC

This page contains details of my JWIN program for EPOC machines. The current .zip file for v2.10F is only about 190K, so why not download it and take a look? It won't take long and, until you try it, you never know! Before you do download anything though, please read my disclaimer. And if you want an imparital opinion, please see Steve Litchfield's combined review of JWIN for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena v1.41F and JWIN for EPOC v1.10F.

Please note: This page applies only to JWIN for EPOC. If you want details of the Psion 3a/3c/3mx/Siena version, please visit the JWIN page.

About JWIN for EPOC

The first thing to note is a little bit of history. JWIN for EPOC was originally "ported" (transfered) from the tried and trusted code of JWIN v1.52F (for the Series 3a/3c/3mx/Siena), and has even had some extra features put it. The platforms which this version of JWIN will run on are:

* = Data tables are by default disabled on these machines. To 'port' them would require a major amount of work and, although possible, would be very time consuming. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I would want to get every pixel right (like they are now on the 5mx for instance). Sadly, I simply do not have the time for this at the moment :-( I am definitely not ruling it out for future versions though. If you are really desperate to see them on your Revo/Osaris then there is a 'back door' which will enable them - create a folder called \System\Apps\JWIN\Tables\ on the drive JWIN is installed on and they will become available. They'll still be too big for the screen though....

In terms of language support, JWIN v2.10F currently works totally in the following languages:

The screen shots on this page are taken from the Series 5/5mx version of JWIN, otherwise this page would just be too big due to the extra Geofox/Series 7/netBook screen sizes. JWIN provides 2 'views' with which you can work. The first of these is the 'Information' view

Main Screen (Information)

This shows lots of useful information about your machine - it's especially handy for keeping an eye on those battery levels. The second view (below) is the new Scribble Pad. This is for jotting down anything from reminders to conversion results. There are several settings you can specify for this, including the pen size and colour....

Main Screen (Scribble)

JWIN is a small utility designed to be there "Just when you need it", and its main feature is the ability to convert between all common (and many obscure) unit values, but it also houses a host of other useful modules and utilities that people seem to need but can never find. It has been designed to be small enough and use as little memory as possible so that it can be left running all the time and switched to just as you need it! This is done via the use of a user definable hotkey (e.g. Ctrl+Fn+J).

The conversions available fall under several categories, and these can be accessed either by normal shortcut keys, the toolbar, or menu:

Convert Menu

One of JWIN's other key features is Data Tables. These plug-in modules display all sorts of useful information:

Currency Menu 2

To make your life easier - and to ensure JWIN works in a way to suit your own personal tastes, there are a wealth of preferences which can be set within the program:


Although JWIN is very easy to use and get to grips with, there are bound to be times when certain functions may require more detailed explanation. So if you're ever unsure, there is a full (but optional) help file included. This covers all of JWIN's most important features in easy to understand language.

Help Database

As you can hopefully see from all these shots, JWIN conforms (as far as possible) to all the layout and design guides of the "real" built in EPOC programs. Using JWIN, will feel just like using one of the machine's own programs!

Registration Information

Does all the above sound good? Well, I can assure you it is! However, there is a small price to pay for this - JWIN is Shareware. This means that you have a trial period of 25 days in which you test JWIN to see if you like it and want to use it. If you do want to keep it, you MUST register with me (the author). Full details of how to do this are in the help file/readme file, but the most important thing you need to know is that the fee is a mere 10 UK Pounds or 15 US Dollars (or the equivalent in a different currency plus 10% extra).

RegNet If you want to register this version right now, then you can do so by using the excellent RegNet service! Geofox users click here, all other EPOC device owners click here. Secure forms are available.

Downloads & Other Information

JWIN now only comes inside a SIS file. This is an automatic installation system for EPOC, written (and also used by) Psion themselves.

Important note: If you have a version of PsiWin/EPOC Connect prior to v2.1, or you don't have a copy of Message Suite (any version) installed on your machine, then you will need to download INSTEXE.EXE. This program will install some essential components (i.e. the 'Add/remove' icon in Control Panel) onto your machine which you need to have in place before you can use SIS files. Once you have downloaded it, copy it across to your EPOC device and then (from "System") double tap on it.

And before you leave, there are a couple of other things which you may be interested in. Firstly, you could visit my Reviews Index Page to see some of the glowing reviews people have written about JWIN. And if you're an existing user who is upgrading to the latest version, you may like to take a look at JWIN for EPOC's history, so you can find out what has changed.
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