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"Just What I Need" (JWIN) Modules

This page contains details about and download links for add-on modules which have been written for my JWIN program (for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena).

With the release of JWIN v1.5x on the SIBO platform, I added the ability for users to write their own plug-in modules, which could be assigned a menu position and be used from within JWIN itself. It was my intention to write some myself, but sadly time has simply not permitted this yet :-( However, that is no reason to stop 3rd parties writing their own modules.....

Modules available

The following modules are currently available to download: Please click on one of the above links for more information. To install the modules, copy the .OVL file into the \APP\JWIN\ folder on the disk where JWIN itself is stored. You can then use the "Module setup" sub-menu which exists on the "Special" menu to add the module into JWIN. Full details are in the JWIN Help file.


Author:Joachim Fahrner
Current version:1.00.0044
Last updated:17 Feb 1999

This is a module for storing PIN codes for credit cards, cash cards, etc. The data is stored in an encrypted format* on your Psion to prevent easy access to the numbers. From the module you can add/edit/delete entries in the database, and of course view entries which already exist (if you supply the right password!).

Feel free to download the latest version.

* Neither myself nor the author of this module make any guarantee whatsoever over security of the encryption. We cannot and will not be held responsible if the data file holding PIN numbers is cracked or decrypted. You use this module entirely at your own risk


Author:Joachim Fahrner
Current version:1.00.0000
Last updated:30 Jul 1999

In Germany, the Viag Interkom mobile phone network sends the coordinates of the base transceiver stations on cell broadcast channel 221. The coordinates are Gauss-Krueger coordinates in the 3. meridian strip. The first 6 digits of the right value and the first 6 digits of the height value are coded in a 12 digit number. This module can convert these coordinates to geographical "Laenge" and "Breite" in degrees, minutes and seconds, so they can be entered in "EnRoute" or RoutePlanner, or can be looked up in a map.

Feel free to download the latest version.

No other modules are currently available. If you have a module you'd like others to benefit from, please contact me with the details!
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