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Psion Web Site Links

Last changed on the 22 December 2008

This page contains links to all of my own favourite Psion related web sites, and also to some other ones too. I hope you find them useful! I've added and changed quite a few of these recently, but I still plan to add more when I get time :-) If you have a Psion related web site and I've not got a link to it yet, please mail me with your details and we can do a "swap" (i.e. I'll add a link to your pages here if you'll add a link to my pages on your site!).

Note: As this page it quite large, please feel free to save it to disk so you can either look through it off-line, or ensure it is saved and ready for use on-line so that you don't have to keep re-downloading it.

Psion Internet Database If you want to find a specific Psion author, program or web site, try using the excellent "Psion Internet Database". This is very comprehensive, updated regularly and is now searchable on-line!!

These are my own personal favourites.... (in no particular order)

Web siteDetails/description
Steve Litchfield3-LIB Stuff, many program reviews and the home of Psi-Mapper, lots of Psion statistics - a must for every Psion user!
PocketInfoOfficially endorsed and sponsored by Psion themselves, this site contains loads of excellent Word, Data and Agenda files of all sorts of information - and in formats for all the EPOC machines
5 Alive (Stefan Smith)The definitive Psion 5/EPOC news site. Updated daily, and packed full of EPOC related news and articles, it's one of the most useful Psion resources on the web!
Start@EPOCAn excellent 'portal' site for EPOC users, providing all the daily news snippets (but not as in-depth as 5 Alive) and numerous links
RMR Software (Alan Richey)Home of (amongst many others) Personal Accounts Suite - the excellent finance and personal accounts program for the Psion 3a/3c/3mx/Siena/S5 and Geofox-One!
PsionKingStarted by the PC software archive Tucows, this new site hopes to become the definitive Psion software download base - give it a try
PDA OnlineThis was a site which housed all the daily news, etc. from the EPOC world. Sadly, that area is no longer being maintained, but the existing pages still provide a useful resource.
Soft Base ComputingAnother cool site dedicated to the Psion 5/EPOC, which is packed with info - visit it...
PsilocybeThe owners describe this site as a "Psion Resource Index", and that's pretty accurate, as it's certainly packed with useful links and info (which is fully searchable)
EPOC Freeware MovementA site dedicated to listing all of the best freeware available for EPOC machines - well worth a visit to get some software links.
PalmscapeLike RMR Software above, Palmscape provide lots of high quality shareware by a variety of authors. Well worth a look if you want some good apps.
John Boyce/JBSoftHome of JBSoft - which includes many of the most essential and useful Psion 3a/3c/3mx/Siena programs availble - such as JBData and JBTree!
Palmtop MagazineThis bi-monthy publication is one every Psion owner should buy! Each issue is packed full of reviews, tips, features and other useful information.
Pelican SoftwareHome of the excellent (and free) "Battery Checker" program, as well as a whole lot more.
The MSN Palmtop ForumQuite a new forum, dedicated to all things palmtop (not just Psion related)! Be sure to check it out sometime, as it could turn into a very useful resource.
John Goss (Planet S5!)Another up and coming info-site, with an ever growing number of links and application reviews of programs for the Series 5.
Daniel PfundAuthor of such programs as "DPBank" and "DPSwitch", his page also has many handy hints for Psion programmers.
Rick AndrewsAlso known as "Chocolate Island Software", this is the author of the excellent drawing/painting app for the Psion - Draw v2.85
Serge ShestopalovHome of the truly amazing PsiZip - a program every Psion user should own, and also the excellent Termit!
Andy ClarksonAuthor of 2 very useful programs - "Plan", a MS Project compatiable project planner, and "OPP", an extended OPL pre-processor
PalmTop B.V.This company have some software that'll amaze and delight you! The Spectrum emulator and Doom for the Series 5 are brilliant for a start.
NB InfoNow here's a clever company - they've produced an IBM XT emulator for EPOC, and that means you can run (albeit slowly) MD-DOS and real PC applications! I've honestly got MS-DOS 6.22 running on my Series 5!!!
Brendan BreedeAuthor of many good programs, of which "PUR" (Power Up Recorder) and "Quick Alarm" are just 2 highlights
Alex WilburAlex is the author of P-Shell, the best and also very useful command line emulator for the 3a/3c/3mx!
Artamedia LtdArtmedia have managed to cram a full-blow football management game onto the 3a/3c/3mx (EPOC copy out soon) - Psi Soccer Manager 98 really is a marvel! Check out their site for details
PalmanacPalmanac produce several card games for EPOC devices as well as an EPOC version of the innovative Dope Wars
Konstantin SaliyHome of "KDBMap", a Keyboerd re-mapper and also "Undelete", a program to recover deleted files from Flash SSD's
Micro Cheng (DVM Consultants)Micro is the author of lots of Psion shareware and freeware - from HTMLViewer (off-line web browser) to the cute, fun "MEGG" (a virtual pet for your Psion!).
Jochen SiegenthalerAuthor of Funzip - a friendly front-end for unzipping on the Psion, WebCis, PsiCode and lots of useful PsiMail Internet programs.
Walter WrightHome of Faxit for the Psion 3a/3c/3mx - an excellent program that allows you to send faxes from your palm!
Arnaud WeilAuthor of the excellent WebSurf and other useful applications for the Series 3a/3c/3mx and older 3
Macsys (Tom Dolbilin)Author of Finder, Charm and the subject of this link, Macsys
EMCC SoftwareProfessional games and utilities, and also a well written and very comprehensive book about programming the whole Psion range!
Steve Godfrey (Zenobyte)Steve's written lots of excellent shareware and freeware games for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena, and is hard at work on Series 5 developments too, including the excellent PhoneMan application.
Taxi_ManiaA site full of hint and tips about using Steve Godfrey's PhoneMan with Nokia phones
Patrick BellAuthor of Lotto - the best (and there are a lot out there!) Lottery analyser you can get!
Ad BoschAuthor of the very useful (and free) Contact Edge, as well as several other programs for the whole range of EPOC-based PDAs.
Thomas NemecAuthor of Filer (as rated highly by me in my Top 15 Psion Programs).
Roger MuggletonAuthor of 3T - the small, efficient file manager which I keep on my Psion "just in case" :-)
Jason KneenAuthor of the very handy "BackLite+" and "Shortcuts" for the Series 5.
Lieuwe de VriesIf you're looking for an Agenda "month" view, check out the excellent BusyView. You'll also find other well written shareware and freeware (eg the excellent MBMView) here too.
Russ SpoonerRuss has written some very useful web related programs including the excellent HTMLEdit for the Series 5, UU Encode/Decode for use with Message Suite, and more!
Pimlico SoftwareHere you'll find "MonthVu" (similar to Busy View as above), Quicknote and some other useful Psion shareware and freeware.
Pete SipplePete has written the very successful and easy to use Bank Plus, and he is also a major contributor to Palmtop Magazine
Paul HargreavesHome of the very neat "PsiOn" which helps control your System password.
Fred BottonAuthor of some of the best free games you can get! Including Greedy (which is like Monopoly).
Neil RobertsAuthor of the very playable "Psionopoly".
Nick DawkinsAuthor of some very nice games for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena.
Adam DawesAnother author of some clever and free games for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena
Matt ThomasMatt is another new author attracted by OPL32 and the Psion 5. Visit his page and check out his latest Hangman game...
Ben VaughanA page with lots useful and fun programs for the Psion.
Ian PinkardAuthor of the excellent Shareware game Ultimate Poker.
Ian WebsterIan has written some excellent card games for both SIBO and EPOC - Montanna and Solitaire are the 2 highlights.
Mark AveryAnother games author, Mark has coded the excellent Battleships and several other top games too!
Psion links pageThis really is the definitive Psion links page!
GB SoftwareSome very useful shareware and freeware programs for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena and the new Psion 5.
Eric HallwachsThis is the 'Austrain Psion Homepage', run by Eric, who is also editor of the excellent Psion Internet Database (see image at top of this page).
Simon BerridgeAuthor of the handy expense tracking programs 5Xpenses (S5) and Xpenses (3a/3c/3mx), and more recently 5Time (To-Do manager for the S5) and "OPPDev" for OPP programming in Windows!
The Psionics FilesThese are very useful for programmers, these files help you to access to some of SIBO's more advanced areas.
Max BisschopAuthor of the neat little application "GBattery".
Fredy OttHouses some useful databases and also a good list of quality shareware/freeware. This site is in both English and German.
Thomas Schmidt Thomas' site has several useful lists and informational pages, including A Top 10 of Series 5 Freeware Programs (in which my own SysBack is placed :-) )
Psionwelt"Psionwelt" (Psionworld) is a site run by Fredy and Thomas. It's got lots of German info, and highlights the best apps which also run in German (like SysBack.
Arnoud GiessenSome very useful, small, fast and free programs, including PsiFile and PsiBank.
David SpoonerAuthor of some useful Psion related Windows programs, as well as Psion based efforts!
Peter CsutoraApart from helping me a great deal with early versions of JWIN for EPOC, Peter has also written the excellent Encrpyt-It! for secure encryption of your EPOC data!
Pascal NicolasAnother new Psion author, Pascal has written some handy 5 utilities, including the freeware SwitchTask
Richard PantonRichard has written some very and useful free Series 5 programs including the excellent Global Find and Hermes, a better VT100 emulator that the built in Comms app - try them!
Jim PollockJim has written some brilliant programs which allow you to exploit the 3c/Siena/Series 5 infrared facilities to their maximum!
Richard WakelinSome useful file managers for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena and also a neat Windows based .PIC file viewer/editor.
Mat RipleyA new author who writes some useful freeware programs for the Series 5.
Julian SamphireNot only does Julian run the Psion 5 Web Ring, he's also written a version of the classic Boulderdash game!
Fatcatz SoftwareFatcatz are to be commended for offering several excellent EPOC games, all of them as freeware, definitely worth a look!
David WildSeries 5 information and a the excellent WildReels (fruit machine game).
Tim Richardson (PsiFi)Tim's the author of the clever little contact program for the 5 ("Contact!"), and he's also converted various OPL manuals to new formats (eg HTML).
Tixy's homepageTixy has written some handy apps to manipulate the Extras bar and other aspects of EPOC file launching.
Richard ReeveRichard's quite new to the Psion scene, but he's already written the excellent "Remapper" which allows you to remap the silk screen buttons (eg Word, Sheet, etc.) of your 5.
Unofficial Siena FAQJames Phillips has setup another useful Psion resource with this Siena dedicated FAQ. Well worth a look for all Siena owners!
MastericoMasterico hosts another site dedicated to Psion's tiny Siena device.
Siena World!Hosted by Peter Johnson, this is yet another Siena dedicated site - who said Psion's smallest beast wasn't popular!?
Paul Law (LHC Software)Paul has written several useful programs across the range of Psion platforms. Check out his new S5 software...
Johannes MartinezAnother author who's arrived with the advent of the Series 5, Johannes has written the neat SpriteEdit program - worth a look for programmers
Le 5ème SiteA site entirely in French. Quite a useful Psion resource if you speak the language.
Gareth AldredHome of PScrawl, which provides fast and effective handwriting recognition on the Series 5!
Gareth BrentwoodHome of some top informational database files in the form of the handy Green Pages application...
Thorsten OttA page devoted entirely to the wonderful little Siena, which features details of all the top software every Siena owner should have
Jean-Philippe's pageJean-Philippe has written a very small, fast and easy to use task switcher for the all the Psion SIBO machines (3 "Classic"/3a/3c/3mx/Siena/WorkAbout)
Richard SmedleyAuthor of several SIBO games (Snake, Blitz) and utilities (eg SafeOPL).
Ron QuelozSome useful OPL32 tools, including the free 'Progress Bar' module, and his famouse VacTrac5 program
Dan RamageLot's of useful projects, including freeware TCP/IP stack and C compiler and more!
Nick MurrayLooking for a free command line program for your Psion 3a/3c/3mx or Series 5? If you are, be sure to check out Nick's Shell programs!
Nick BaileyA new author who is just starting out - his biggest effort to dat is a 3a/3c/3mx Video Tape tracker.
Adam HirstAdam is quite new to the Psion scene, but has already written some very useful EPOC programs including Theslink, Hotkeys and NoMore!
Alan CliffordIf you want some extra alarm facilities for your 3a/3c/3mx/Siena, then check out Alan's clever Alarm Enhancer application
John LinnSome handy Series 3 freeware programs, including List Maker for, err, making lists!
Dave CatlinAnother author of yet more handy Psion Software
Jens KaminskiJens' first EPOC project is a comprehensive hex viewer - and it's totally free!
Marcel BokhorstYet another useful site, with Psion related details and links
Simon FinchSimon has set up a small page with some useful links on it for new Series 5 users.
Fred Bouvry (Palmtime)Author of Frotz, the Infocom interpreter for EPOC!
Colin SwannA shareware author new to EPOC - pop by his site to give him some support and encouragement!!
Erik JohansenThis site houses a huge list of Psion software, web sites and authors. Well worth checking out!
Costantino MuzioThis is the "Books & Psion" site! Books for your Psion 5 in both Italian and English
Filippo ZerboniThe home site of my Italian translator (for JWIN for EPOC and SysBack)
Richard SchmidtHome of the excellent (and now free) Calc3a. Sadly, this site appears to be currently off-line, so you can download Calc3a v1.7 from my site.

Apart from those Psion related pages, you may also like to take a look at these...

Psion's official sites

Psion PLCThe web site of the people that make these wonderful little machines - Psion PLC!
SymbianThe people that make the operating system and built-in software for our favourite machines.
Psion INC.The web site of Psion PLC's brothers across the pond - Psion INC.

And although they're not a Psion company, they do make machines which use Psion's EPOC Operating System, so you may want to visit Geofox and check out their Geofox-One machines.

File archives of the latest Psion Shareware/Freeware

Comp.Binaries.Psion ArchiveYou'll find all the latest file posted here as they come in so it's very useful for new/recent files
NWT's FTP ArchiveNew World Technologies have an FTP server with lots of Psion related files stored there. It's growing fast and the files are logically categorised
NWT's web based archiveThis is NWT's very latest shareware/freeware archive. The files here are all up-to-date and the whole thing is nicely indexed with full details and download links to each file
Frontiernet ArchiveOne of the older archives - used to be very out of date and now appears to have gone off-line. The link remains in the hope that the files may re-appear!
Sunsite ArchiveOnce again, another old archive which is variably up to date.

Psion product/software/peripheral retailers

Clove TechnologyA very well respected Psion retailer who provide friendly, accurate advice and support. Highly recommended!
Widget SoftwareWidget are also well known as quality Psion retailers, stocking everything from the machines themselves to software to usage guides.
d-storeQuite a new Psion retailer, d-store are already very competitive, and offer some of the lowest prices for Psion 5's and Accessories anywhere!
Blaise EnterpriseThis company deals entirely on-line, so has less costs to cover than some others. Consequently, their Psion prices are very competative.
Sagwen CF SuppliesA new (UK based) re-seller of Compact Flash cards for the S5/Geofox-One, who offer some of the best deals I've seen! Go try them.
Dabs DirectDabs are quite new to Psion, but have very attractive prices on a whole range of products.
SystemslinkA company who specialise in cases for a range of PDAs (and laptops), drop in if you're in the market for a some protection for your beloved machine :-)

Well, that's it for now. However, I do plan to keep expanding this page with links to new sites I find, so, please feel free to come back in a few weeks ;-)
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