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Launch Pad for the EPOC

This page will contain details of my EPOC program called Launch Pad! Work on this is now underway, but it's progessing slowly. Hopefully, the entire coding should only take a few more months.

More details, screen shots, etc. will appear here when I have them! The feature set of Launch Pad v1.00F for EPOC (the first version) will actually be quite different from Launch Pad v2.15F on SIBO. I've decided that a totally different type of interface and operation will be both better suited and more useful on EPOC - so watch this space! If, however, you want more details of this OPL16 version, then:

  1. Visit the Launch Pad page
  2. Download v2.15F to try on a 3a/3c/3mx/Siena

As with all of my other OPL16 to OPL32 "ports", registration codes will be the same! This means registered 3a/3c/3mx/Siena users can use a registered copy of the new program on the Series 5/5mx without paying again.
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