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The History of TimeMan

To keep the size of the .ZIP file down, I left the history section out. However, for those of you who are really interested, I've made this page specially!
  1. v2.7a released on 22/04/1996

  2. v2.8 released on 28/04/1996

  3. v3.0 released on 03/05/1996

  4. v3.2 released on 23/05/1996

  5. v3.3 released on 29/06/1996

  6. v3.41F released on 20/09/1996

  7. v3.42F released on 12/10/1996

  8. v3.5F released on 26/10/1996
    Not really a major release, more "cosmetic" and "hidden" changes...

  9. v3.42S released to Clove Technology only on 19/11/1996

  10. v3.6F released on 18/01/1997
    This release was a HUGE step forward from all previous versions. There were so many things re-written or added that I can't remember them all! Here are the highlights!

  11. v4.00F released on 12/07/1997
    Well! I honestly don't know where to start! v4.00F is a great improvement over all of the prior versions. When I wrote v3.6F, I was sure that was excellent. Now, I think (although I may be biased of course ;-) that v4.00F puts it to shame!

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