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Answer Phone Messages

6th Sense          The 6th sense detective agency Karloff
911 Kelly
  Kermit1                  The Frog
Abba Kermit2                  The Frog
Advert Kitty                       Connected to a 5000 volt...
Afterlife Kitty2                     What we have here is failure to....
Alice Cooper  
Alien Leprosy
Aliens L Suit Larry
Altzheimers Lion                        The Lion Sleeps Tonight Parody
Angry Looking Marv           Hello Darling....
Answer Message Macarena                Yes that Song - Parody
Anxious Madonna
Arnie Maid
Austin Powers Mail hell
  March                     Left, Left, Left Right Left
Baby Marvin The Martian
Baby Print M Bolton
Bart M Jackson
Bathroom M Jagger
Beast Mexicall
Bee Gees            Bee Gees Parody     Mike
Big bopper Military                    I don't know who you are...
Bogie Mission                   Mission Impossible
Borg Mission2                 Mission Impossible
Britney Spears 1 Money
Britney Spears 2 Monty Python 1
Britney Spears 3 Monty Python 2
Bruce Mother Nature
Budweiser Mr Sandman
Bugsy Mr Spock
Busy Mygirl                     Barbershop
B Walters
  Nobody                   Barbershop
Cant Find Not Short                Don't you just hate it....
Cheech               Cheech and Chong Obscene
Choices Opera
Christmas Online
Clary Operator                All Lines are busy...
Clem Orgsmtrn
Clint                    Clint Eastwood
Clint2                  Clint Eastwood Pencil                   Hang on while I get a Pencil....
Clone Peta
Cluck Pink                      Inspector Clueso
Crabby Pms Line
Craig David 1       Fill me In Police
Craig David 2       Fill me In Post Office
Cruel                   Elvis Parody Pres                      Presidential Chat line
Cultured Prozac
Dadada                As you can see we are not home....
Dame Edna Queen (the)           HRH
Deck                   Deck the Halls.... Queen                   The Rock Band
Delboy                 Only Fools and Horses
Dial An Ass Racing
Digit                    Fully Integrated, State of the Art.... Radio                   Easy Listening
Disorder Rap
Dog                     Please leave a message for my Dog.... Reason                The Osmonds Parody
Dont Hang Up Recipe
Dont Worry          Be Happy..... Ren & Stempy
Drinking               I'm down at the Pub..... R Dogs
Dude                   Were not home, bogus.... Ricky Martin
Dumb N Dumber   Good day mate.... R Nixon
  R Reagan
Earth                   Earth Angel.... Robin Williams
Easervice             Emergency Test Message  
Englishman          In New York Parody.... Santa                 Thank you for calling the North Pole....
Erotic Theatre Screen
Far phone            Echo Service               The Answering Services Service
Fart                     Thanks for Calling.... Sex lies              Thank you for calling the White House
Fat Fingers          The fingers you have used.... Sexy
Fawlty Towers S Lambs
Fever                   Another Bee Gees Parody S Temple            Shirley
Fiction                 Pulp Fiction Parody Sining
Fifties Sly
Flanders              The Simpsons Space                Space Station Mir
Flight Space Shuttle
Flying                  Barbershop Speak
Fone tag              Telephone Tag Time.... Special
Fox                     Film Trailer Spice                 Spice Girls Parody
Fridge Splitper
Friends                TV Parody Spooky
  Star Trek
Garfield 1             Calling Story Time
Garfield 2             Ignore Sven                  Helga's House
Garfield 3             Jello
Gazza                 Ex-Football Player Talkshow
George                TV Show Teenager
George Bush        Snr Tell Me Why      Barbershop
Groovy Texan
Harry Connick Jr Tippy                Pet Turtle
Heaven               God Speaking.... Toilet                There he sits...
Hello                  Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello.... Tone                 At the Tone...
Hepburn Toy Co
Hesitant Trailer               Movie Trailer Style
Homer               The Simpsons
Horror Vampire
Hotel                 Speak your mind.... Warning
How Dare WC Fields
  Wincar             Just won a car!!!...
Igor Wind                Gone from the Phone...
I Hear                Barbershop Witches
Insult Workout
I Wish               Barbershop You Got To Be    Good...
J Stewart
Jack                 Jack Nicholson
Jack 2              Jack Nicholson
Jack 3              Jack Nicholson
Japanese          Learn Japanesse in 20 sec
Jim Rockford  
John Wayne


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