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B5#1 Voices CoverBabylon 5 Book #1 Voices
by John Vornholt
Boxtree, 1995
ISBN: 0-7522-0644-3
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Mind Games of the Deadly Kind

Telepaths to the left of them. Telepaths to the right of them. And danger is all around Commander Susan Ivanova and Security Chief Michael Garibaldi when a Psi Corps convention is held on Babylon 5. Someone will turn this meeting of mind readers into a real blast ... as a bomb makes Babylon 5 a death trap.


The prime suspect is resident telepath Talia Winters. With Talia's old foes, thought-cops Bester and Gray, calling for her head, Ivanova and Garibaldi can't openly help her. Now she's running for her life through a perilous universe, and her psychic talent is her only weapon when her path is blocked by staggering intergalactic horrors: psi cops closing in ... and a killer waiting.


 Book1 : Voices Book2: Accusations Book 3: Blood Oath Book 4: Clarks Law Book 5: The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name
 Book 6: Betrayals Book 7: The Shadow Within Book 8: Personal Agendas  Book 9: To Dream In The City of Sorrows  Dark Genesis - The Birth of the PSI Corp

Babylon 5 Book 2: Accusations
Written by Lois Tilton
Boxtree, 1995
ISBN: 0-7522-0649-4
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Friends Like These

He came to Babylon 5 from out of Commander Susan Ivanova's past. His cryptic, urgent message asked for an immediate meeting, but when Ivanova arrived to meet her old friend, Ortega was dead -- murdered -- and the word from Mars Colony was that the man had been a terrorist.


Dealing with an outbreak of hijacked shipments of morbidium ingots, Ivanova is caught by surprise when EA investigators accuse her of being in league with Ortega,then strip her of her command and threaten Security Chief Garibaldi as well. Now the once and future Babylon 5 loyalists must unravel a mystery of corruption and murder. Fail, and the price will be their careers, or their lives....


Babylon 5 Book#3 Blood Oath
Written by John Vornholt
Boxtree, 1995
ISBN: 0-7522-0654-0
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Running from Death

Having narrowly escaped assassination, proud, ruthless Ambassador G'Kar knows he is marked for death. A rival family from his Narn homeland has taken the Shon'Kar, or Blood Oath, to kill him. And when a fiery explosion destroys his transport ship, it looks as if they have succeeded...

Blood Oath

Security Chief Garibaldi and Commander Susan Ivanova join an enraged Na'Toth, G'Kar's aide, in a search for the culprits. Journeying to the Narn Homeworld, they find themselves enveloped by a chilling alien environment. And in this place of deadly traps and cruel disguises, the Narn Blood Oath is turned against them all. Now as strangers on the strange Narn planet, the best and brightest members of Babylon 5 are hunted by an enemy only a daring deception can stop!

 Book1 : Voices Book2: Accusations Book 3: Blood Oath Book 4: Clarks Law Book 5: The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name
 Book 6: Betrayals Book 7: The Shadow Within Book 8: Personal Agendas  Book 9: To Dream In The City of Sorrows  Dark Genesis - The Birth of the PSI Corp

Babylon 5 Book #4: Clark's Law
Written by Jim Mortimore
Boxtree, 1996
ISBN: 0-7522-0153-0
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Death Before Dishonor

The Tuchanq, a newly discovered humanoid species, can be an important ally for the Earth Alliance commanded by President Clark. So Captain John Sheridan welcomes their ambassadors to Babylon 5, not knowing that among them is D'Arc - a mass murderer on the run hoping to escape into the unsuspecting worlds of the galaxy....

Clark's Law

But the unforgiving rules of space have a different fate in store for D'Arc. A terrifying accident wipes away D'Arc's identity and his evil... leaving behind a loving, innocent being with a child's mind - a being that must die because President Clark, a leader with his own secret agenda, orders his immediate execution. Now, as Babylon 5 physician Dr. Stephen Franklin begs Sheridan to defy Clark's law, the captain faces the greatest test of his command - and a far greater test of his manhood, which may end his career in shame or become a shining reminder of what being human truly means....


Babylon 5 Book #5 The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name
Written by Neil Barrett, Jr.
Boxtree, 1996
ISBN: 0-7522-0158-1
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The Enemy Within

Babylon 5, designed to be a place of peace in a troubled universe, has erupted with riots as visiting cultures clash and passions explode. Security chief Garibaldi must use all his skills to quell the violence between races. But the troubles escalate as terrifying nightmares plague everyone on board from Captain Sheridan to Vorlon Ambassador Kosh. It seems as if some "force" is touching them all...

The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name

Then an alien presence appears. A long, twisting band of green light nine million miles long stretches out against the darkness of space on a collision course with Babylon 5. Since it remains invisible to computer sensors, some are calling it an illusion, others are calling it an evil life force. Still others are calling it God. Now it is up to Captain Sheridan and Garibaldi to find out, risking there lives, and perhaps their souls, to venture forth among the stars to meet the unknown...

 Book1 : Voices Book2: Accusations Book 3: Blood Oath Book 4: Clarks Law Book 5: The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name
 Book 6: Betrayals Book 7: The Shadow Within Book 8: Personal Agendas  Book 9: To Dream In The City of Sorrows  Dark Genesis - The Birth of the PSI Corp

Babylon 5 Book #6 Betrayals
Written by S. M. Stirling
Boxtree, 1996
ISBN: 0-7522-0163-8
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By Any Means Necessary...

When diplomats from the universe's two warring superpowers come to Babylon 5 for a peace summit, Captain Sheridan and the Earthforce Personnel know that security is paramount. But a brilliant con woman is making plans of her own - plans for the ambassadors of both Centauri and Narn - and in the belly of B5 the seeds of rebellion are being sewn....


A twin brother and sister, equally committed to their cause but divided by strategy, seek liberation for the planet, T'll. Then a T'llin exile is murdered, and violence erupts on Babylon 5, its internal communications hopelessly scrambled. With rebels threatening to bathe the peace conference in blood, and hostile warships approaching, Garibaldi must plot a rescue of Sheridan and the diplomats. But it may be too late. The T'llin have learned the art of destruction from masters, and for them freedom is worth any price: even self-annihilation.


Babylon 5 Book #7 The Shadow Within
Written by Jeanne Cavelos
ISBN: 0-7522-2339-9
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The Darkening Light

Anna Sheridan has two passions-- her husband, John, and the mystery surrounding some intriguing artifacts found during a mission on a distant planet called Z'Ha'dum. Now she gets orders to become the science officer on the follow-up mission scheduled for the spaceship Icarus. Happy, young, beloved, and brilliant, never has a woman had so much to live for. Or so much to lose.

The Shadow Within

While John, recently promoted to the rank of captain, struggles with his new command on the Agamemnon, Anna begins to assemble her science crew... and makes her first mistake. She signs on Dr. Morden, a highly credentialed translator whose heart hides a weakness that can cost Anna her life... or her soul. Her second mistake is to underestimate the danger on Z'ha'dum. What is awaiting the Icarus near the rim of known space is an unimaginable horror. What is awaiting Anna Sheridan is an explosive destiny... and a dark future that can crush her husband's dreams and a terror that can come back to haunt us all.


Babylon 5 Book #8 Personal Agendas
Written by Al Sarrantonio
Boxtree, 1997
ISBN: 0-7522-2344-5
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Links in the Chain

G'Kar, once the Narn ambassador to Babylon 5, is a warrior's warrior. Now, with his homeworld enslaved by the Centauri, he is a prisoner on his enemy's planet. Despite the chains that bind him, he keeps the one freedom that fate allows - to choose to live, or die, with courage. But a secret alliance with his nemesis, the Centauri Londo, will test his strength to the limit.

Personal Agendas

The agreement is simple: G'Kar will help kill the mad emperor Cartagia. In exchange, Londo will end the Centauri rule of the Narn world. No one foresees a deadly complication - a band of fierce Narns, determined to rescue G'Kar, takes Londo hostage. Suddenly, Londo's life and the liberation of the Narn homeworld rest on a razor's edge. It will take a hero to convince the Narns that G'Kar must stay in prison... to rescue Londo... to help the Narns escape. It will take... Vir? With all their hopes pinned on Londo's meek, nervous assistant, Londo a G'Kar have something else in common... a snowball's chance in hell.

 Book1 : Voices Book2: Accusations Book 3: Blood Oath Book 4: Clarks Law Book 5: The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name
 Book 6: Betrayals Book 7: The Shadow Within Book 8: Personal Agendas  Book 9: To Dream In The City of Sorrows  Dark Genesis - The Birth of the PSI Corp

Babylon 5 Book #9 To Dream In The City of Sorrows
Written by Kathryn Drennan
ISBN: 0-7522-2354-2
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They called them the first line of defence. They called them Rangers

Ambassador to the alien world of Minbar, former Babylon 5 commander, Jeffrey Sinclair, is one of the first to learn the truth about the Shadows, the ancient race pursuing the destruction of the galaxy. Sinclair also discovers a startling secret: he is the linchpin in the legendary Minbari warrior group, the Rangers. But it may cost him his one chance to love... and his life.

To Dream in the City of Sorrows

Catherine Sakai, commercial pilot and planetary surveyor, has lost her heart to Jeffrey Sinclair. Not even an attack by the Shadows can stop her from getting to Minbar to join him... and the Rangers. As she trains with other pilots, including the mysterious Marcus Cole, the time is coming when their skills will be tested on their first mission. Led by Sinclair, they will venture into deepest space, into a battle of stealth and might, and toward a fate none but the bravest can face... and none but the luckiest will survive...


Babylon 5: Dark Genesis - The Birth of the PSI Corp
Written by J. Gregory Keyes
Boxtree, 1998
ISBN: 0-7522-2112-4
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Long before the Babylon 5 space station brought Humans face-to-face with alien races, they discovered an extraordinary breed among their very own...

The year is 2115. Shock waves follow in the wake of astonishing news: science has proven the existence of telepaths. Amid media frenzy, panic, and bloodshed, Earth's government steps in to restore order -- and establish tight control over the newfound special any means necessary.

Ambitious senator Lee Crawford spearheads the effort, overseeing the creation of the Psi Corps -- an elite unit charged with tagging and monitoring all telepaths "for their own protection." But the real agenda behind the crackdown is one of government control. Many question the telepaths' origins, while others view them as a coveted weapon. As the Corps tightens its iron grip, the stage is set for a cataclysmic confrontation -- one in which the future of Earth will be decided.

Beginning a gripping new epic trilogy that will uncover the secret history of the Psi Corps.


Babylon 5: Deadly Relations - Bester Ascendant
Written by J . Gregory Keyes
Boxtree, 1999
ISBN: 0-7522-2113-2
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The son of their greatest heroes - he was destined to become their greatest enemy...

Born in the fire and teror of the twenty-second century, the Psi Corps - a group of elite telepaths used to control their own kind - became a finely tuned instrument of oppression. Only the underground, under the determined leadership of Matthew and Fiona Dexter, held out any hope for freedom.

But in 2195, the underground was shattered. The Dexters were killed, and their only son - the brightest hope for the future - was claimed by the Psi Corps. To sever all connections with the past, the child was given a new name: Al Bester.
From that moment forth, to Bester, "the Corps was mother, the Corps was father."

Bester was a telepath of excepitional ability. Ambition drove him to be the Psi Corps' most ruthless operative and to seek to become its master. To attain that goal, he would pay any price, betraying love, friendships, and humanity. And one day he would step into the void beyond death, to confront his own soul - or what remained of it...

Book Two in the gripping new epic trilogy that uncovers the secret history of the Psi Corps.



Babylon 5: Final Reckoning - The Fate of BesterBabylon 5: Final Reckoning - The Fate of Bester
Written by J . Gregory Keyes
Del Rey, 1999
ISBN: 0-345-42717-3
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