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Full Name: Camille
Type Pleasure G.E.L.F. (Genetically Engineered Life Form):
Age: n/a
Origin: Kryten found Camille in a crashed ship
Likes: To please
Dislikes: been seen in her normal state
Skills: Able to appears to everyone as their perfect fantasy partner.
Alto egos(kind of): a Female four thousand series GTI  Droid, a female 2nd Technician (who look like Rimmer's sister-in-law Jannine), a female human who bares a striking resemblance to Kochanski, and as The Cat.
Status: Married to Hector (also a blob)

How did she end up on Red Dwarf
Camille was found by Kryten when he was taking Rimmer asteroid spotting and Holly noticed a distress beacon and Kryten took Starbug to investigate (much to Rimmer's annoyance after waving a banana in  front of Rimmer and calling it a female aardvark)
Kryten while on Board slips and is helped up by a female droid (Camille).

About her time with the Crew
Camille first encounters the Red Dwarf crew through Kryten who sees her as a female Mechanoid, with whom he falls instantly in love with a ninety-three point seven five compatibility factor.
When Kryten and Camille return to Starbug, Rimmer sees her as a beautiful female hologram who is also a 2nd Technician, the same as Rimmer.
Rimmer also falls instantly in love with her.
On Starbug return to Red Dwarf after a conversation about spark plugs between Rimmer and Kryten, Lister meets Camille and sees her as a human female who looks a bit like Kochanski.
Lister catches onto Camille being a pleasure Gelf when the answers Camille gives Rimmer sound different to Lister's ears than they do to Rimmer.
The Cat sees  some gorgeous chunk of loveliness aka Himself.
Finally Camille breaks the news to the crew.
Kryten, however, declares that no matter what Camille looks like,  he would still love her, when she changes into a huge green blob which is her natural form.
Kryten goes on a date with Camille but after a while Hector, Camille's husband turns up wanting to speak to Camille.
Kryten finally persuades Camille to leave with Hector.