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The Cat

Full Name: Cat
Rank: Most Handsome Guy Aboard This Ship
Type: Super evolved Feline, Felis Sapiens -- bred from the domestic house cat and about half as smart. (Frankenstein (Lister's cat) is the Holy mother of the cat race)
Occupation: Does not do the 'w' word.
Education: Instructed in the Seven Cat Commandments. Learnt of the Holy Mother, Frankenstein, and the true father of Catkind, Cloister the stupid who would return to lead them to the promised land Fuchal. Also taught how to read Catstyle by 'sniffing' the pages.
Rimmer taught him how to use the vending machines on Red Dwarf as A bribe to hand over Listers cigarettes. Can also pilot Starbug
Likes: Milk, clothes, shiny things and Wilma Flintstone (even Lister agrees on Wilma)
Dislikes: Creases and the fact that Wilma will never leave Fred :(
First Love: Himself followed by Fish!
Skills: Being the king of cool, flying Starbug (He can even make it dance).
Ego: Large
Alto Ego: Duane Dibbley in Emohawk and Polymorph, the Riviera Kid and a Priest.

Played By: Danny John-Jules (B.D. 16 September 1960)

For Parallel Universe, the Red Dwarf crew performed `Tongue Tied"

In the fall of 1993, "Tongue Tied" was released as a single in England and rose to #17 in the Gallup UK Top 40. The artist was listed simply as "The Cat." A music video of "Tongue Tied" was reportedly shown on the TOP OF THE POPS show in England and on MTV in the States. (a Full version is on the Smeg Outs Tape, although there are many version around)

=+=+= Tongue Tied Lyrics (for the version I have)=+=+=

Major Events

Cat is probably the last of the Cat People after the remaining members left in two arcs to look for Fushall aka Fiji. Cat was born from the two of the cats that had to stay when the arcs left.

One of the most major events in Cat's life is when he meets himself in Camille and falls in love.

Cat's body was once stolen by Rimmer

Finding out that the meal Kryten prepared whilst in Dallas, was Eric.


How Did Cat end up on Red Dwarf

Cat was born in the Cargo hold of Red Dwarf and is the last of the cat people (The cargo hold was sealed off during the Radiation Leak, the seals were not opened till the background radiation levels were safe)
His parents were two of the Cats left on Red Dwarf when the other left on the arcs, he was born from a cripple(mother) and idiot(he ate his own feet) and bought himself up which is why he doesn't know anything.

Noteable facts about the Cat

The Cat has 6 nipples, which tingle when he's excited.

Has more suits than Brain cells.(a lot more suits).

Can Smell trouble miles away.

Has extremely good hearing (as in Duct Soup)

Likes Kochanski (Officer BB)

Cat had a strange education as he had to teach himself but as he knew nothing lessons were long and boring especially when he had double nothing.

He also likes been cruel to small animals (he is a cat after all).

Cat perms his leg hairs (Only as an aid to the natural curl)

Does not like Lister's cooking and especially the way it is served (see Polymorph for reason why).

Involved in the assassination of JFK along with Lister, Kryten and Rimmer.

Is entertained by women's underwear spin drying.

Cat has a stange Heartbeat, not your dorky human heartbeat also his pulse sounds different too. (Listen).

Can make Blue Midget dance and play the Air Guitar.

Becomes smarter when made of plasticene.

Was once attacked by Archie (Kryten's Penis).