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Red Dwarf Files

The Genesis of Red Dwarf
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Win95 stuff  Red Dwarf Scripts zips Sounds - Realaudio Format  Videos - Realplayer and Avi's

Win95 stuff (Originally from Crapola, Inc's)

 Size (KB)  Description  116 Replacement Logo.sys, LogoS.sys, LogoW.sys (Ace Rimmer) with instruction on how to install them.  85 Replacement Logo.sys, LogoS.sys, LogoW.sys (Quegg) with instruction on how to install them.

Players - The mp3 resource on the internet Players for most platform for mp3 files - Player for Realaudio(.ra) files



Red Dwarf script files

 Filename  Size (KB)  Description  81  Season I Scripts  77  Season II Scripts  78  Season III Scripts  82  Season IV Scripts  86  Season V Scripts  90  Season VI Scripts

Red Dwarf sounds and vids

(Click on the X in play column to play from webserver and Shift-Right click on the filenames to save out the files)

 Sounds - all in Realplayer Format


 Size (KB)  Description
 Toaster.ra   X  22  Talkie after Kryten Repaired Him in White Hole (11 secs)
 tied.ra  X  396  Version of Tongue Tied (Tongue Tied Lyrics)(2m:23secs)
 shiplog.ra  X  43  Ships Log 1 (Tikka to Ride)(21.7 secs)
 rimmer-future.ra  X  51   Rimmer in Future Echoes (25.6 secs)
 rd1.ra  X  198  Series 1 theme tune (1m:35.8secs)
 rd2.ra  X  180  Series 2 theme tune (1m:31.9secs)
 rd3.ra  X  158 Series 3 theme tune taken from Polymorph(1m:16secs)
 Pipes.ra  X  582  Kochanski vs Pipes (4m:58secs)
 overbite.ra  X  21  Cat meets Duane Dibbley (10.5secs)
 Lister.ra  X  94  Lister + dispenser with a Lisp (47.9secs)
 inq.ra  X  77  Rimmer getting worried (Inquisitor) (39.2secs)
 holly1.ra  X  57  Holly going wrong (outtake)(38.6secs)
 holly2.ra  X  19  Holly going wrong (outtake)(9.3secs)
 april.ra  X  343  Holly after loosing to Queeg(2m:46.6secs)
 15.ra  X  162  Give me 5 (Inquisitor)(1m:22secs)
organ.ra X 134 End theme tune Hammond Organ style (1m5secs)
 Blue.ra  X  173  Full Rimmer song from Blue (1m23secs)
(thanks to Manic Harmonics for this file)
Kryten.ra X 70 Rimmer and Kryten on weather the Nova 5 crew are dead or not (1m07secs)



 Size (KB)  Description
















 a very cross Mr Flibble (Quarantine)

Full intro to season 3

Zombie attack from Epideme

Chris Barrie in an early performance

Robert Llwelyne in the Joeys

More coming soon I hope.

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