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Holly Holly - Male and female

Full Name: Holly
Type: Tenth generation A1 hologrammatic Computer
Rank: Red Dwarf's Computer
Status: Active, although a little senile (possibly a Lot but he/she still kicks bottom)
I.Q: 6,000 (originally), the same as 12,000 PE Teachers.
Likes: Clean VDU
Favourite Books: Agatha Christie novels, The Junior Colour Encyclopaedia of Space.(for reference only you understand)
Dislikes: Static Electricity
First Love: Sinclair ZX81
Skills: Collector of Singing Potatoes and complier of the A-Z to the Universe, keen player of charades, does a brilliant impression of a Moon .
Achievements: Navigating Red Dwarf at above light speed, Reading everything ever written, Inventing Hol Rock (with two new notes, H and J)
Ambitions: To get his/her former IQ back and to be able to count without banging his/her head on the screen, and to finish that game of Chess with Gordon.

Played by: Norman Lovett (Male Version) (B.D. 31 October 1946),

Hattie Hayridge (Female Version) (B.D. 17 December 19??)

Major Events

Taking over Red Dwarf after the whole Crew(minus one) were killed in a Radiation Leak, Holly ejected the Black Box and took Rd out of the Solar system to protect other ships etc.
The Black Box splashed down in the South Pacific with the information that Rimmer would be the Ships Hologram, thus allowing Rimmers son to grow up think his father was a military genius. :)

Meeting Hilly in Parallel Universe

Start of Season 3, Holly, the increasingly erratic computer,performs a head sex change operation on himself. He bases his new face on Hilly, a female computer(Hilly) with whom he'd fallen madly in love with.

Navigating a ship the size of a city at lightspeed (Brown trousers time)

Killing the Despair Squid with Limpet mines, turning it into enough fried Calamari to feed the whole of Italy.

The nanobots fixing Holly's core program, and then decided they'd be better off him.

Being left on a planetoid created by Kryten's nanobots from all the bits of Red Dwarf they didn't want, after they decided they didn't like him.

Being out smarted by his smarter self on the improved Red Dwarf.


Noteable facts about Holly

Likes playing tricks on the crew, especially Rimmer.

Once Mutinied in the form of Queeg 500, the Red Dwarf backup computer, who takes over the ship after Holly has been judged incompetent. Holly challenges him for control of Red Dwarf, but loses and is erased. However, it turns out that Holly and Queeg are one and the same.

Once turned Kryten into a Human.

Also turned Lister into A SUPERHUMAN (pity it was a foot tall Superhuman)

Can't tell difference between grit and Black Holes.

Can be a Watch.

Managed to break into the prison computer and get a look at the ships stores manefest, found stuff that would make your hair stand on end.


Why did Holly Bring back Rimmer?

When Holly had determined that the radiation levels had fallen sufficiently to allow Lister emerge from stasis, he knew that the last human alive would need companionship, but there was no-one left alive. He decided to revive one of the dead crew as a hologram, and settled on Rimmer as the one most likely to prevent Lister from going insane.