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Full Name: The InquisitorThe Inqusitor
Type: self-repairing Simulant
Age: Infinity +1
Origin: Earth (probably)
Likes: Erasing all those who have wasted their lives
Dislikes: Those who have wasted there lifes
Skills: Can wipe a person from history at 30 paces.
Alto egos(kind of): Everyone, as everyone is judged by their own self (only fair way, and stops cheating)

What and how is The Inquisitor (nicked directly from Kryten)
Well, the legend tells of a droid -- a self-repairing Simulant, who survives till the end of eternity; to the end of time itself.
After millions of years alone, he finally reaches the conclusion that there is no god, no afterlife, and the only purpose of existence is to
lead a worthwhile life. And so the 'droid constructs a time machine, and roams eternity, visiting every single soul in history, and
assessing each one. He erases all those who have wasted their lives and replaces them with those who never had a chance of life -- the
unfertilised eggs, the sperms that never made it. THAT is the Inquisitor -- he prunes away the wastrels, expunges the wretched, and
deletes the worthless!


About his time with the Crew
The first person to feel the effect of The Inquisitor is Lister, when he takes possession of Lister's body and tells the others that: their vessel is under his control and will return them to their mother ship where they will all face judgment after presenting a case to justify their existence, if they fail they will be erased from history.

After Starbug returns to Red Dwarf the crew are met by The Inquisitor.
Rimmer is the first to be Judged and blames his failure on his parents.
The Cat is next and makes an excellent case for his existence.
Kryten follows next and ends with " But I am not human, and neither are you. And it is not our place to judge them. I wonder why you do?", as The Inquisitor closes his mask and proceeds to Lister.
Lister doesn't even try to justify his existence and tell him to "Spin on it!"
The Inquisitor reaches his verdict and deletes Kryten and Lister from history, but before he can delete their physical form a second Kryten appears behind him and cuts The Inquisitor gauntlet off with a Chain-saw.
The 2nd Kryten then says a few words and kicks the gauntlet over to them.
After crushing the 2nd Kryten head into a wall and regrowing a gauntlet., The Inquisitor goes in search of Kryten and Lister.
When he catches up with Lister and Kryten he find them with the replacement Lister and Kryten who he soon Kills.
Lister and Kryten run off toward the transport decks with the aim of escaping in one of the Starbugs, after getting pass a door with the help partly of the 2nd Lister (one hand anyway :) ).
After reaching Starbug the two start to examine the gauntlet. and after decoding it go in search of the Inquisitor with the aim of killing him, and are joined by Rimmer and Cat who are quickly killed when The Inquisitor ambushes them.
After a showdown with Inquisitor, Lister ends up a number of years older than before and after a quick distraction Lister manages to freeze the Inquisitor.
Kryten takes one of the gauntlets and goes back in time (so he can repeat the earlier events) and Lister sets everything up for the final match.
The Inquisitor finds himself dangling from a rope when he unfreezes with Lister at the top with a lighter, Lister then sets fire to the rope and saves The Inquisitor at the last minute, after helping him back up to the gantry Lister points out he is now safe as he has just saved his life and returns the gauntlet.
The inquisitor then points out that if he Kills Lister he will never of existed to threaten his the first place.
Of course the Inquisitor then tries to erase Lister but end up erasing him self after finding his gauntlet reprogrammed.