Full Name: Christine Kochanski
Type: Human
Rank: Console officer/Navigation Officer
Former Occupation: Unknown.
Origins: Brought up in the trendiest part of Glasgow.  Had rich parents, good school, and a pony named Trumper.  Comes from an alternative dimension where she was put into stasis during the "great accident" for having a unquarantined cat.(sound familiar)
Education: Higher Education, including eleven years in Cyberschool --Perfect computer-generated setting with perfect computer-generated teachers and perfect computer-generated friends.
Further Education: Studied Astro-glaciers in the Space Corps.
Skills: Navigating  "Red Dwarf"  and "Starbug", putting down the other crew members; is a recognised expert on Venezuelan coastal rainfall and also skilled in the art of Pipe banging.
Likes: Cottage Cheese with Pineapple Chunks and reading Jane Austen novels
Musical Tastes: Classical, especially Mozart's "The Magic Flute" and "The Bird catcher's Song"
Dislikes: Being on a ship without Cottage cheese and those dam pipes
Heroes: "My Dave"
Aim: To get back to her own universe and her Holographic Dave Lister aka  "My Dave"
Status: Single
Children: One, Dave Lister(?)

Played by: Chloë Annett (B.D. 25 July 19??) from Season VII (Ouroboros) onwards.

Originally played by C P Grogan

Transcript of a chat with Chloë Annett aka Christine Kochanski at the Beeb

Major Events

Not Disintergrating that poor ever so cute black cat that Lister tried to smuggle onto Red Dwarf after she dumped him.

Getting caught for having a Cat onboard (they didn't get the Cat tho).

Meeting the non-hologram version of her Dave.

Getting trapped with the alternative version of her Dave

Being shot with a harpoon gun by an alternative version of her Dave whilst falling into a bottomless


How Did Kochanski end up on Red Dwarf

Kochanski was orginally one of the Red Dwarf crew, Lister and her had a short romance which ended after she dumped him and started going out with Tim who is one of the chefs.
Lister goes on shore leave to forget about Kochanski and her wonderful smile, and brings back a very cute little black cat from Mimas.
In Listers Universe he manages to smuggle in an unquarantined animal but in the alternative universe, Kochanski finds the cat and but rather than disintergate it, she keeps it and gets caught eventually.
She is then put into supended animaition much the same way that Lister did in his universe and therefore survives the radiation leak.

Noteable facts about Kochanski

After leaving cyber school she bacame a retro-punk.

Could be compared to a rusty gate.

Was nearly driven insane by those clapped-out old pipes, 'Nurieek'ing and 'rotut'ing, and just when you expect them to 'nurieek' again, they 'sqweloookle'!

Is trying hard to fit in, even trying to learn what off-side is.

Has a teddy bear called Booboo.