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Full Name: Kryten 2X4B-523P
Type: Series 4000 Mechanoid
Rank: Service android; duties include cooking, cleaning and general dogsbody
First Love: Camille
Origin: Manufactured by Diva-Droid International. Learns to override his programming with help from Lister.
Education: Went to Toilet university.
Hobbies: Work, Watching androids, having funny feeling while asleep.
Skills: Has learnt to pilot Starbug and passed pilot's examination. Speaks fluent Esperanto. Excellent sandwich maker (uses a set square). Taught to play the piano by Ace Rimmer Can attach various extensions to his groinal socket. (these include a buzz saw, egg whisk, vacuum cleaner attachment )
Ambitions: To find a planet with a suitable atmosphere and grow flowers and trees in his own garden. Failing that he would love to get that really stubborn stain from Listers long-johns, or to become human but didn't like it much as the zoom function was terrible.
Alter Egos: Jake Bullet, Sammy the Squid, Bongo. Human for a little while.
Gender: Classified as a Women and forced to shower with the girls 3 times a week, the shame.
First Appeared in Kryten (strange that)

Played by: Robert Llewellyn (B.D. 10 March 1956) from Season 3 onwards.
Robert Llewellyn's Home Page

Originally played by David Ross in Kryten

The transcript of chat Robert Llewellyn did on is up at:

Major Events

Kryten was on the SS Augustus where the crew all died of old age!

The Crash of the Nova 5 which happened after Kryten cleaned the computer (with soapy water)

The arrival of the Red Dwarf Crew in Kryten's life has changed him considerably from a plain service Mechanoid to a essential member of the crew.

Kryten, the service mechanoid, who had left the ship after being rescued from his own crashed vessel, the Nova 5, is found in pieces after his space bike crashed into an asteroid. Lister rebuilds the 'noid, but is unable to recapture his former personality.

Kryten took his test in Starbug 1 at 10:30 and promptly ended up on Earth in 3991 where Time was running backwards.

The discovery of Camille by Kryten in a crashed ship on a disintegrating planet while off Moon hopping with Rimmer, and the occurrence of Love at first Sight.

The loss of Camille with the arrival of Hector (Camille's mate)

The discovery of the contence of the file in his CPU (in Beyond a Joke.); the one he had never been able to access
(The password was '4X2C') The file was about his creator Dr. Mammett.

Becomes a rich, feared and respected ruthless entrepreneur after being reprogrammed by Kill Crazy. (in Krytie Tv)

Kryten after being classified as a Women, built herself a penis called Archie out of an old electron board, a loo roll, some sticky-backed plastic and an Action Man's polo-neck jumper.


How did Kryten end up on Red Dwarf?

Kryten ended up on Red Dwarf after Holly picked up the Nova 5's distress signal, and the crew went to rescue them, Kryten at this time was still looking after the (dead) crew of Nova 5.
The Nova 5 crashed due to computer failure, although the computer was very clean when it crashed (Kryten cleaned it with soapy water and waxed it!, which caused it to crash taking the ship with it).

Notable Facts about Kryten

Has many spare heads in various conditions.

Can pick up Jazz FM using his Left Nipple. The left one controls body temperature.

Was given General George S. Patton sinal fluid by Rimmer in The Last Day

Defeated Hudzen (Kryten's replacement from Diva Droid) by telling him Silicon Heaven doesn't exist and that Calculators just die.

Once got his wish to be human, but was unable to cope.

Involved in the assassination of JFK along with Cat, Kryten and Rimmer.

Blew his Neg-a-drive in Beyond a Joke, Kryten also met Able in this episode.

Once used the Heimlich Manoeuvre on Kochanski to stop her crying (it worked).

Responsable for the massive hit 'Girls Shower Night'

Once turn a dead sparrow called Pete into a T-rex.