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What is the Full Motty?

-Nicked from Radio times TV guide --
The Full Motty
10:25pm BBC1

Commentator and cult celebrity ]ohn Motson has his football knowledge put to the test in a programme that celebrates his 25 years in the
gantry for Match of the Day. Naturally , Motty has his sheepskin coat handy as a bevy of page three girls threatens to bring a fresh slant to football strips. But he has no protection from a barrage of testing questions from the likes of Gary Lineker ,]ohnny Vaughan, ]immy Tarbuck, Ainsley Harriott and sports minister Tony Banks.
Red Dwarf's Craig Charles pays a poetic tribute and displays his footballing skills while Vinnie ]ones turns singer, with support from
Bradley Walsh and Chas 'n' Dave. There are also some classic Motty-style moments with the help of impressionists Alistair McGowan and Kevin Connolly.

If you want to listen to Craig Charles tribute, I have put up 2 files of it. (click on the links to hear them)