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The PolymorphFull Name: The Polymorph
Type: A genetic experiment to create the ultimate warrior that went wrong, its insane.
Age: n/a
Origin: Earth
Likes: to suck negative emotions ie. fear, guilt etc.
Dislikes: Own appearance
Skills: Can change shape to suit its terrain and deceive its enemies, can change its shape to provoke a negative emotion then suck out that emotion leaving the victim emotionally wrecked.
Alto egos(kind of): Anything from a Basketball to a fluffy bunny.
Appeared in: Polymorph

How did it end up on Red Dwarf
The Polymorph ended up on Red Dwarf when the pod that contained it, came near Red Dwarf and the Polymorph escape from it pod and rips its way into Red Dwarf and into the cargo bays.

About his time with the Crew
The first victim of the Polymorph is Lister, who was in the middle of his meal when one of his kebabs turns nasty and attempt to kill him, after this doesn't work it shoots off under some boxes and vanishes, Lister then puts on his boxers and gets a shock as they change size resulting in a scene that has to be seen to be believed, The Polymorph then changes into a snake (Listers second worst fear), then into a eight-foot-tall, amour-plated alien killing machine which takes Lister to his maximum level of fear at which time the Polymorph suck out all of Lister's fear.

The remaining crew go down to hunt for the Polymorph in the Cargo bay with bazookoids set to heat-seek, after a mistake on Rimmers part the Cat ends up been chased though the cargo bay followed by two heat-seekers. Cat finally manages to trap the two heat-seekers in a airlock where they float around looking for a target.

The Cat is the next victim, loosing his Vanity after he meets the Polymorph in the form of Genny who?.

Kryten who has rushed to the Cat rescue, is the next victim of the Polymorph loosing his Guilt after the Polymorph impersonates Rimmer and makes Kryten feel guilty about what had happened to the Cat.

Rimmer doesn't loss any emotion until the emotionally crippled Cat and Kryten return to the Medi-bay where they left Lister to recover.
The crew find Lister layed on a bed with Rimmer's Mum, who provokes Rimmer with stories of pistons in an ocean liner engine room and Alphabetti Spaghetti.
This brings Rimmer to the limit of his Anger at which point the Polymorph relieves Rimmer of his Anger.

The Polymorph then goes down to the Cargo bays to sleep off its feast of emotions, after deciding on a name for there Group the now emotional crippled 4 go down to the Cargo bays to try to kill the Polymorph. The Polymorph continues wandering around the aisles. The foursome stand looking down an aisle as the creature stands to its full height behind them, unnoticed. LISTER uses his baseball bat to open the door, and the energy balls fired earlier zoom out. The foursome duck, and the balls fly to and detonate on the Polymorph. Bits of the Polymorph fall on the foursome, returning their missing emotions.