Map: ???

Me winning again (loads of ------ killed by me's broomstick).


I was impressed by this match










Map: ???
Even I was impressed by this one, even with coming in a bit later than the rest I still won.

Not even DC.Moose2000 or MM_EVIL GOBLIN could stop me.











Map: DM4

Didn't win but beat Meandy always good fun

PLUS A PING OF 188 (Nice Gatesnet connection)


Always fun to play against Tyco and Meandy

Tyco - RTW
Meandy - ACME

Shame TYCO played under DOOM team or I would of done better (TYCO very good at killing me)

I think he liked killing me, can't think why. ;)






Map: DM2

Didn't win but he/she had a 1 minute head start.

A very good match against some tough compertion

Phase2 (no idea who Phase2 is) made good use of the quad mostly in connection to a RL and me.