I had loads of luck on this level but not enough to get 1st place.

But then "God" had a lower ping and a 8 minute head start.












Those dam LPB preventing my from getting 1st.

Although I think it would of been a second coz "Panther.mod" was having a major killing spree.











Map: 2fort4

Not bad for a engineer, although I had a good Sentry gun position to keep those nasty blues away from the flag.,

Second highest score and highest score for red team (but then I had on the server the longest)











The Blues stormed this map (Think it's chaos)

i was an engineer as usual.

Even Fragmeister did well, 65 in 1 min.

BTW, Frag is my mate and an ex RTW member like me :), he only rediscovered Team fortress recently.










Another good game for me and the red team.

The game had more than the normal number of engineers leading to near impassable defences leading to the need for real organised team work rather than one player attacks.


Spies also came in handy, nothing like a spy to cause chaos.




Another good TF game for me.