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David Lister The Inqusitor The PolyMorph Kryten Arnold Rimmer The Skutters Talkie Toaster Camille in blob Form Kochanski The Cat Holly (female) The Red dwarf crew plus extras

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Red Dwarf has also had many people make Notable Guest Appearances: Here are a few of them with link to the Internet Movie Database.

Emile Charles  Young Lister  "Timeslides" (ep. #3.5)  1989
Adolf Hitler  Himself  "
Koo Stark  Lady Sabrina Mulholland-Jjones  "
Ruby Wax  American Presenter  "
Jenny Agutter  Professor Mamet  "Psirens"  10/7/1993
Sarah Alexander  Queen of Camelot  "Stoke Me a Clipper"  1/24/1997
Elizabeth Anson  Siren  "Psirens"  10/7/1993
Robert Bathurst  Todhunter  "End, The"  1988
Suzanne Bertish  Arlene Rimmer 
Paul Bradley (II)  Chen  "End, The"  1988
Lucy Briers  Harrison  "Holoship"  1992
Angela Bruce  Deb Lister  "Parallel Universe (Tongue Tied)" 
Lee Cornes  Paranoia  "Confidence & Paranoia"  1988
Simon Day  Number Two  "Holoship"  1992
Craig Ferguson  Confidence  "Confidence & Paranoia"  1988

Tony Hawks  Caligula  "Meltdown"  1991
Tony Hawks  compere  "Backwards"  1989
Tony Hawks  dispensing machine  "Future Echoes"  1988
Tony Hawks  dispensing machine  "Waiting for God"  1988
Tony Hawks  the guide  "Better Than Life"  1988
Tony Hawks  the suitcase  "Stasis Leak"  1988
Hattie Hayridge  Hilly  "Parallel universe"  1988
Zoe Hilson  Temptress  "Psirens"  10/7/1993
Jane Horrocks  Nirvanah Crane  "Holoship"  1992
John Lenahan  Talkie Toaster  "Future Echoes"  1988
John Lenahan  Talkie Toaster  "Waiting for God"  1988
Denis Lill  Simulant Captain/Death  "Gunmen of the Apocalypse"  1993
Matthew Marsh  Captain Platini  "Holoship"  1992
Forbes Masson  Stan Laurel  "Meltdown"  1991
Mac McDonald  Captain Hollister  "End, The"  1988
Mac McDonald  Captain Hollister  "Stasis Leak"  1988
Hugh Quarshie  Computer  "Emohawk"  1993
David Ross (I)  Kryten  "Kryten"  6/9/1988
David Ross (I)  Talkie Toaster  "White Hole"  1991
Michael Shannon (I)  John F. Kennedy  "Tikka to Ride"  1997
Tony Slattery  Brooke  "Andriods"  1988
Arthur Smith (VI)  pub manager  "Backwards"  1989
Timothy Spall  Andy  "Back to Reality"  1992
Maggie Steed  Dr. Hildegarde Lanstrom  "Quarantine"  1992
Sara Stockbridge  hand maiden  "Terrorform"  1992
Don Warrington  Commander Binks  "Holoship"  1992
Mark Williams (I)  Peterson  "End, The"  1988
Mark Williams (I)  Peterson  "Stasis Leak"  1988
Lenny von Dohlen  police officer  "Back to Reality"  1992
Guest Appearance also :

PolyMorph as his or her self

Dave Ross as Kryten in season II and the Voice of Talkie Toaster

And Finally

Mr "Game over Boys" Flibble as Himself