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 Welcome to the Red Dwarf Picture Gallery

(Click on Pic for larger version of picture, BTW the larger pics are usally very much larger)

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 Picture  Size (KB)  Comment / description and size
Ace Rimmers ship  103  Ace Rimmer's ship from Dimenion Jump on launch pad (1024x570x16million)
 Kochanski looking upset


 Kochanski (1024x1311x16million)
The alternative crew 12   The Alternative dimension RD crew in the tear (from Ouroboros) (299x221x16million)
Kryten examining Camille 43   Camille in droid form with Kryten (1024x579x16million)
 Kryten and Camille (as blob) 23  Camille in her true form with Kryten in Parrots bar on Red Dwarf (358x437x16million) 
 Ships log 1  9 Lister at start of Tikka to Ride (298x225x16million)  (X)
(Not sure where this image orginally came from)

 Red Dwarf itself


The Red Dwarf model (before falling off a shelf) (1024x684x16million)
 Starbug on the move


Starbug, Peter Wragg's finest achievment on Red Dwarf (970x760x16million)

Blue Midget

 41  Blue Midget in all its Blue glory (1024x470x16million)

 The series 7 crew 52

The Series 8 crew (Taken from my Rd Calander) (1024x745x16million)

RD Calander and Posters can be ordered from

 The crew in Duct soup  9  The Crew in Duct soup after there express water powered trip (300x181x16million)
(Not sure where this image orginally came from)
 The crew and JFK  The people behind the assination of JFK (297x221x16million)
(Not sure where this image orginally came from)
 Kochanski eating her cottagecheese Kochanski after Revenge of the pipes (298x221x16million)
(Not sure where this image orginally came from)
 Kochanski in Medi lab  10 Nice picture of Kochanski after recovering from being shot (299x221x16million) 
(Not sure where this image orginally came from)

 Lister of Smeg  8 Lister and Kryten in A.R. Machine ( 300x222x16million)
(Not sure where this image orginally came from)
 Lister of Smeg and Prize


Lister of Smeg with his prize (1024x714x16million) 
 Rimmer and Kochanski


Rimmer and new Kochanski (954x692x16miilion)
 A Scutter  15  One of the Skutters (425x510x16million)
Starbug   101 Starbug - the ultimate sports utility vehicle (1024x692x16million)

 Kochanski dressed for VR game 224  Kochanski in Pride and Prejudice world (1024x1216x16million)
 The Inquisitor 35   The Inquisitor (549x897x16million)
 Lister on a lead ?  51 Lister - a new dog (978x658x16million) 
 Rimmer with Mr Flibble - Game over boys  53 Mr flibble with Rimmer (1024x608x16million)
 One of the Starbug Models 69  The Starbug model in all its glory (848x904x16million)

 Cat with a very nice blue suit  176k   The Cat in one of his lovely Blue sparkly suits (taken from 10th anniversary calendar)(
 Cat al la zebra    
 Lister merts pot of paint  121 Lister painting Red Dwarf (taken from 10th anniversary calendar) - 1024x745x16 million
 Series 8 crew


 Series 8 crew shot - (from Official Web site)
 Kochanski again


 A nice shot of Chloë Annett aka Kockanski from series 8 - (from Official Web site)
 Poor Yorich, I knew him well  48 Rimmer aka Chris Barrie doing a Hamlet - (from Official Web site)
 3 of series 8 crew  75 3 of the series 8 crew - (from Official Web site)
A worried looking Kryten  56  A quite worried looking Kryten may he has lost Arc***y again - (from Official Web site)
umm...  57 Kryten and Lister doing something quite werid - (from Official Web site)
 Yet another series 8 photo  75 The series 8 crew from series 8 - (from Official Web site)
 Yet another pic of Chloë Annett  70 Chloë Annett looking cute again - (from Official Web site)
 Rimmer smoking?  65   Rimmer with a Cigar - (from Official Web site)