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Full Name: Arnold J. Rimmer BSc SSc
Type/species: Was Human then softlight Hologram - class-1 hologram, became a hardlight hologram thanks to Legion )
Age: 31 (Physical age only 30, due to boothing)
IQ: unknown
Origin: Born on Io, one of Jupiters moons.Refers to mother as 'bitch queen from Hell'; father used to put him and his brothers on a rack so they would be tall enough to enter the Space Corps Academy.
Has 3 Brothers (John, Frank, and Howard) was also in the Space Scouts.(Nearly got eaten by fellow scouts)
Rank: Second Technician (Promoted to First Officer in Stoke me a Clipper because of his success in keeping Lister Sane over the years.) Been with JMC for 15 years.
Hobbies: Morris Dancing, Holidaying in the diesel decks, Owns a collection of photographs of Twentieth Century Telegath Poles, Playing Risk (has kept a record of every game played since Cadet School), Leads the skutters in Hammond Organ Recital Night.
Likes: Reggie Wilson and his Hammond Organ music
Dislikes: Gazpacho Soup (it's served COLD) and Himself
First Love(maybe): Yvonne McGruder "Red Dwarf boxing Champion", alos has a Son in a Alternave Reality who is a Space Core Marine!
Best Friend: Rachel (but she has a puncture)
Skills: Disciplined, organised, dedicated to his career. Always has a pen. (Has little or no skills in astrophysics or mending drive plates)
Heroes: Napoleon Bonaparte General George S. Patton, whose sinal fluid he owned (He gave it to Kryten as a present).
Alter Egos: William Doyle (half brother of Sebastian), Ace Rimmer (what a guy), Dangerous Dan McGrew.(bare fist fighter)

Played by: Chris Barrie (B.D. 28 March 1960)

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Why/How does Rimmer Exist

When they signed aboard Red Dwarf, everyone was required to have their personality imprinted on a computer chip/disc, which could be used to revive them, in the event of their death, as a computer simulation, ie. a hologram.
The Hologram is generated by a Light-Bee thats flies around very quickly to generate Rimmer.
Up until the crew met Legion, Rimmer was a soft light Hologram ie. couldn't touch anything but Legion rewired Rimmer and gave him a Hard Light drive so he can now eat and drink like the rest but is nearly indestructable. (He is a still a Coward tho)


Rimmer's Life (Extracts probaly taken from somewhere, i'll post credits when I find where parts came from)

Rimmer's father was a bit mad (I don't think he had one screw fully tightened), when Rimmer and his brothers were young he bought a traction machine so that he could stretch them, every morning he would measure his sons to see if they had grown overnight. If they hadn't, then they would go on the traction machine This was due to their father's irrational fear that his four sons would miss out on joining the Space Corps by failing to reach the regulation minimum height, as he himself had done. by the time Frank (one of Rimmer's brothers) was eleven he was six foot five.

He also tested his sons on astro-navigation and engineering theory before they were allowed to be fed: no correct answers,no food. Arnold nearly died of malnutrition!

At the age of 14 Rimmer divorced them, he took them to court and got paid maintenance until employment age and access every fourth weekend to the family dog.

When he is old enough, Arnold joins the crew of the Jupiter Mining Corporation vessel, Red Dwarf, in the hope that he can sit the exams independently and become a officer and a test pilot for the space corps.

Rimmer eventually ends up in charge of Z-shift, which essentially means that he and his ilk check vending machines around the huge vessel and ensure they don't run out of chocolate bars or chicken soup! Dave Lister, was part of his Z Shift.

The reason Rimmer fails all his exams is that he spends so much time in the run-up to his exams devising a revision chart, complete with symbols for rest periods, cram periods and so forth, that by the time he is finished making the chart it is nearly time to take the exam.
Rimmer usally spends he remaining time buying a lot of good alarm clocks so he doesn't miss the exam and devising another table to cram 3 months of revison into a couple of days.

Rimmer as he has no friends (exept Rachel (but she has a puncture)) spends most of his free time bothing ie. Spending free time not existing in the stasis booths, with Rimmer's boothing he has managed to snatch back a year so according to his birth certificate he should be 31, but with not-existing a body of a 30 year old.

With Lister stuck in stasis for bringing a cat aboard Rimmer somehow ends up repairing the driveplate, which Rimmer does to his normal standards (a bit later Rimmer and the Crew met a nulcar blast from the cadmium core going critical after a drive plate was not repaiured correctly)

Rimmer still blames Lister for not being there to help him seal the drive plate that allowed the lethal radiation to escape and poison the ship, even after 3million years.

Major Events

After only 12 years with the Company JMC (ie. Jupiter Mining Corporation) he was invited to eat at the captains table, they ate Gazpacho Soup.

Rimmer once put Lister on report for mutiny!, beacause Lister jumped on his foot, thereby impairing his ability to perform his duties, thereby clearly putting the ship at risk and thereby clearly mutiny! (Rimmer is quite mad)

Quite Major Event: Getting hit by Nuclear Blast (from the cadmium II core reaching Critical mass) in the face. Rimmers last words were Gazpacho Soup (servered Cold BTW)

In past life was Alexander the Great's chief eunuch. (according to Donald the hypnotherapist )

Rimmer lost his virginity to Sandra who he met at Cadet College, in the back of his brothers car.(Bentley convertible V8 turbo,Walnut veneer panelling. Marvellous machine).

Rimmer also managed to wipe out the entire population a planet where wax driods are fighting each other, in an attempt to stop the deranged menace that once threatened this world, this doesn't happen til Lister swallows Rimmer's light-bee and goes back to Red Dwarf for a vindaloo.


Noteable facts about Rimmer

Died age 31 (effective age: 30)

Has three brothers John, Frank, and Howard. ("The Four Musketeers," we used to call ourselves. Well, "The Three Musketeers," actually -- they always let me be the Queen of Spain.)

Has been trying to learn Esperanto for eight years. (Still useless)

Rimmer has failed his astronavigation exam on no less than 13 occasions

Used learning drug to help him with exams (still failed)

Managed to fall out with himself in Me ².

Once compared Lister's Buttocks to two badly-parked Volkswagens

Though he had discovered an alien race, which he named the `Quagaar`.(They looked like Roast Chickens :) )

Rimmer was found Guilty of second-degree murder on One thousand, one hundred and sixty-seven counts. which carried a total sentence of nine thousand, three hundred and twenty-eight years, Rimmer was latter aquitid after Kryten mounts a defense the grounds that Rimmer is a half-witted incompetent buffoon. (Not hard to see why the defence worked is it :) )

Was once compared to being like a Japanese meal: small portions, but 'so' many courses.

Also involved in the assination of JFK along with Cat, Kryten, Lister and this bloke :)

Left Starbug and the others to take a job opening. (wig included)

Was found guilty of using classified information from the crew's confidential files to his own ends and sentenced to 2 years in 'The Tank'.
Rimmer was found out after he walked into the Cpt. Hollisters office and began acting incredibly smart and knowledgeable. (What a giveaway.)

Recieves letter from Readers digest while in 'The Tank', apparently he is one of the special few selected for their Lucky Dip' draw, discovers he has won a Holiday in Maurisous, also finds he has won the lottery jackpot of $£4 million, and needs to collect his jackpot from Lottery House,24 Argyle Street. (No luck, thats his problem)

Was sentenced to 2 week Spud Duty along with Rimmer after inserting a capsule of truth serum, into Ackerman' asthma inhaler which is why Ackerman rushed onto the bridge, apologised for being late, saying he'd been having 'jiggy-jiggy' with the Science Officer's wife, and hadn't allowed enough time to change out of his Batman outfit.

Captain's Comments from the crew's confidential reports

Arnold Rimmer, Technician, 2nd Class.
Captain's remarks: "There's a saying amongst the officers: If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. If it's not worth doing, give it to Rimmer.
"He aches for responsibility but constantly fails the engineering exam."
Astoundingly zealous. Possibly mad. Probably has more teeth than brain cells.
Promotion prospects: comical.

* Bronze Swimming certificate, Silver Swimming certificate,